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Compact Digital Cameras Are Still a Good Investment

Compact digital cameras have received a bad rap in recent years by the tech world. Declared “dead” by some pundits, the compact digital camera may be anything but. In fact, I’ve seen more of these little cameras in the wild this year than I had …continue reading

Technologies That Irritate Us All

From the time that our smartphones, tablets, and alarm clocks wake us in the morning, most of our daily lives are controlled by technology of some type. For the most part, we have embraced technology and have become dependent on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other …continue reading

How to Enable Microsoft Telnet Client in Windows 8

By default, Windows 8 does not come with a Telnet client. This is done as a security precaution, though many dedicated Telnet users are left scratching their heads as their beloved built-in command prompt feature appears to be missing at first glance. Don’t worry, …continue reading

Should Social Media Affect Your Employment Status?

Should social media affect your employment status? Calling this topic “controversial” is, at best, putting it lightly. How many stories have we seen about people being fired because of what they post on Facebook? How many stories have we seen about a potential employee’s privacy …continue reading

How to Clean a Touchscreen Device the Safe Way

Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet, we have all experienced those grimy fingerprints on our touchscreens. Cleaning a touchscreen device is fairly simple and you most likely have everything you need already. But the most important part of cleaning a …continue reading

Could Microsoft’s Project Glass Competitor Pose a Challenge to Google?

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses with an integrated HUD that told you the batting average of a baseball player as he approached home plate, or the amount of touchdowns a certain running back made during the last football season. This could be a reality …continue reading

Nexus 10 Vs. Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are sure to be big sellers during this year’s holiday season. Both of these devices are listed among the biggest and best in their class for both hardware and software, and there aren’t many Android fans who would be …continue reading

Evil Controllers: Ultimate Gaming Controller?

Most aftermarket game controllers have slowly evaporated from the marketplace, leaving few options for those seeking a better gaming experience. Evil Controllers has continued to supply customized controllers by listening to gamers and taking that feedback and employing what the company has learned into new …continue reading

BlackBerry Reconstructing Its App World

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Oh, but where is Angry Birds? And what about YouTube?

RIM (Research In Motion) needs to come up with a lot more than merely clever new features if it wants BlackBerry 10 to be the protagonist of a potentially remarkable revival. …continue reading

Five of the Coolest Winter Technologies for Smartphone Users

It’s time to gear up as the winter season approaches. How do you check your business phone for important calls if your fingers are freezing? How do you keep the snow out of your precious iPhone? Shovel off your winter worries. Smartphone users will find …continue reading