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How to Avoid Being Ripped Off at an Electronics Sale

It’s the time of year once again for sales and bargains aplenty. Unfortunately, many retailers out there are making rather lackluster deals look like something they’re not. It’s not that these retailers are being dishonest, but not everything is as good as it seems.

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Why Your Desktop Anti-Malware May Be Flawed

As computer users these days, we have been bombarded by companies that claim to be able to keep our computers free from malware. However, this may not be the case.

The majority of anti-malware software uses traditional, signature-based techniques in order to detect malware. It …continue reading

How to Troubleshoot PC Problems on Vacation

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Citrix. All opinions are 100% my own.

Going on vacation is hard when you work in IT. It’s even more difficult when you work for a small company and you’re the only person the …continue reading

New Devices for Children: Are These Tablets for Kids Just Toys?

Our three-year-old granddaughter is a proficient user of the original Apple iPad. This is a credit to Apple and its design team at making the iPad extremely user-friendly. When I say that she is proficient, I mean she can play children’s games on the iPad …continue reading

Fitbit One Vs. Fitbit Ultra

Few health products on the market today have come as highly recommended as the Fitbit. Not only does it track your activity levels throughout the day, but it can also help you get a grip on your sleep habits. After all, sleep is a …continue reading

The Real Rundown of the Kindle Fire HD Shows Definite Promise

Ever since Amazon first shook the tablet industry with the announcement of its attempt to make a tablet PC — the first Kindle Fire — it has been in the tablet scene spotlight. This is mainly because the Amazon Kindle …continue reading

How to Extend Your Home Wi-Fi Signal

Wireless networking in our homes and workplaces has become the new normal for the way we connect to the Internet. No longer are we limited to a wired connection and we now enjoy the freedom to roam our homes and offices with the Internet at …continue reading

Why I Downgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7

I remember initially hearing the news about the metro “Modern” UI on Windows 8, and to be honest, I was pumped. Although I have never owned a Windows Phone (the last mobile device I had on a Microsoft OS was an iPAQ h5455), I have …continue reading

Aotum is a Robot That Can Help You Live a Healthier Life

Imagine having a robot at your bedside or in your kitchen that coaches you on your health. It might not be the same as having Jillian Michaels rushing into your bedroom at the crack of dawn and screaming at you to get up and start …continue reading

Three Best Waterproof Cases for Your iPhone

Ever been pushed into a pool with your iPhone in your pants? Wanted to take underwater pictures with your iPhone? Make sure that your pricey Apple smartphone is water-prepared with these cool new cases.

The iPhone Scuba Suit (a.k.a. The driSuit Endurance)

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