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Jeans Made for Geeks

WTFjeans is at it again with a new pair that boasts superior protection for your smartphone. Not only do these jeans come with a specially designed pocket lined with microfiber cloth for your phone, but also one for your USB thumb drive, and plenty of …continue reading

Induction Charging Bonsai Tree Using Solar Power

Induction charging is about to take center stage as more products like the Nexus 4, Lumia 920, and Droid DNA offer wireless charging capabilities. A new product over at Kickstarter is about to offer induction charging via a novel bonsai tree configuration that appears to …continue reading

Bluetooth Vs. Wireless USB Receivers

Buying a wireless keyboard and/or mouse doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get a Bluetooth device. Even with the majority of today’s laptops being built with Bluetooth integration, there are still a great many people who have systems which don’t support the standard.

…continue reading

You 2.0

One of the things about being a geek is that when it comes to new gadgets we like to be on the cutting edge. If I could I would be walking around with Google Glass strapped to my head, flexible solar paneling in my clothing …continue reading

Surface Pro: Twice the Price, Half the Battery Life

It hasn’t been long since the Microsoft Surface hit stores and started being picked apart by every technology pundit and reviewer out there. The dream of a Microsoft-produced computer that ran Windows has been in the back of the minds of many a Windows user …continue reading

WSU Researchers Develop Method for 3D Printing Using Moon Rocks

Imagine being an astronaut on the moon and something comes up. A vital component of the lander or shuttle is in need of replacement, but you don’t have the spare part on hand. Granted, this is a somewhat unlikely scenario, but it could come up …continue reading

The Sony Xperia J: Cute But Very Flawed

Sony had this idea that it needed to concentrate on a select few handsets to be able to come out with worthy devices. Now, it seems the company is again releasing model after model, one Android after the next. One of the more recent offerings …continue reading

Should You Get a Wii?

With the Wii U and recent release of a $99 Wii Mini in Canada, it seems like Nintendo is doing everything it can to boost sales going into the holidays. The Wii U sold over 400,000 units in the first week, and …continue reading

ATOMS Express Toys Could Inspire a New Generation of Makers

If there is one thing the world needs more of in the next generation, it’s engineers. People that look at problems not as obstacles, but as challenges. Inspiring the next generation to face the challenges of tomorrow can be a real challenge when so much …continue reading

Extended Warranty: Do You Really Need One?

Whether or not you choose to get an extended warranty to accompany a major purchase is subjective and always a matter for discussion. What I want to share with you, our valued readers here at LockerGnome, are some of my experiences in purchasing extended warranties. …continue reading