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Is craigslist a Monopoly?

3taps, a company that developed a platform on which apps can utilize information from classified ad sites, responded to a suit filed by craigslist with a counter-suit claiming that the online classifieds giant is a monopoly in violation of anti-trust laws.

This countersuit …continue reading

Entertainment Center: Home Theater Audio Calibration

Many of us have always been concerned about video output, wanting it to be as perfect as we can make it. So, while our main concentration has been on what we see, audio basically took a back seat. For those of us who own a …continue reading

Why White Balance is Important in Video

White balancing can make the difference between a video that looks natural and well-made and one that looks a little off, giving the audience reason to feel as though something isn’t right.

While a bad white balance may be obvious in some cases, even the …continue reading

Make Your Old Graphics Drivers Work in Windows 8

Installing software upgrades can be a frustrating experience, especially if drivers don’t seem to work the way they’re supposed to. In Windows 8, you could be facing challenges if your graphics card is older. This article addresses only AMD hardware.

Windows 8 updated to …continue reading

Hydroelectric Power: Some Say It is Not Worth a Dam

I am of the opinion that some of us believe in green energy, while others of us don’t really care where electricity comes from until we don’t have it. However, no one can deny that the electricity generated by confining and taming wild rivers — …continue reading

How to Add/Remove Sports Teams on Google Now Cards

Android Jelly Bean introduced a number of interesting features to the Android platform, the most noticeable of which is Google Now, an integrated personal assistant (much like Siri) that keeps track of your location and provides you with helpful information when and where it is …continue reading

Tips for Becoming an Independent IT Consultant

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of GoToAssist. All opinions are 100% my own.

I spent a brief time as an IT consultant for a company that had plenty of audio engineers, but no one with any website or internal IT …continue reading

Autographer Wearable Camera Takes Thousands of Photos Per Day

Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have a camera firing off shots of my life all day, every day. What strange situations could I capture if the camera operated on its own without me having to do so much as press a …continue reading

Apple Admits Maps App Falls Short in Open Letter, Offers Alternatives

Tim Cook released a letter to Apple customers on Friday in an attempt to quell outcry over its new Maps application made available to iOS users in iOS 6. The Maps app, which replaced Google Maps on iOS devices, was intended to introduce …continue reading

Does Amazon Make Walmart and Target Nervous?

Let’s face it, folks: We live in an era of Internet commerce. Amazon has paved the way for people to buy and sell goods in massive quantities without leaving the comfort of their homes. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve bought something …continue reading

PCSpecialist PowerGlide Extreme Review

For the purpose of this review, the PowerGlide Extreme PC unit was kindly sent to me via PCSpecialist, a UK-based company that deals with custom-built computers. It delivers to the UK only; sorry in advance to those of you who imagine that …continue reading

Robots: Can They Understand and Learn?

Remember the movie Back to the Future II and all of the special robotic conveniences that would supposedly be in place by the time we peered forward at the year 2015? Well, at Cornell University, researchers are currently developing robots that will be able to …continue reading

Why Windows Phone 8 is Great for Developers

Microsoft Windows has long been considered a good bet for software developers. The majority of the world’s computers run on some version of Windows, and its relatively open environment is an excellent platform for software development of many kinds. Unfortunately, this bet hasn’t extended to …continue reading

California Employers Banned from Requiring Social Network Credentials

In what can only be described as a win for privacy advocates in California, Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills into law that effectively ban the request of social media usernames and passwords by employers and universities. These laws will go into effect on January …continue reading

Streetpong: Traffic Light of the Future

Waiting for the traffic light to turn green can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you’re pressed for time. In Germany, there might be a solution to this problem. Two students from the HAWK technical college in Hildesheim have combined daily life with a classic video …continue reading

Survey: Half of Windows Users Prefer Windows 7

Windows 8 Forums, one of the largest Windows help sites on the Web put together a survey of 50,000 Windows users to determine what the new operating system’s strengths and weaknesses are. In addition, the survey takers were asked what their …continue reading

New Technology Makes Storage of Data for Millions of Years Possible

Sometimes, the most significant advances in technology go without fanfare, special editions of news programs, or an ad campaign intended to draw even the most skeptic consumers. Recently, Hitachi revealed a new way of storing data that could keep it safe for hundreds of millions …continue reading

Has Star Wars: The Clone Wars Become Better?

The answer to the question posed above is a resounding “Yes.” It has evolved from the childish, colorful, and superficial romp of The Clone Wars theatrical film to a grim space saga. There’s action — lots of action — drama, decent characterization, and ever more …continue reading

What is Water? It Could Become the New Commodity

Commodities are shelf-safe items that a consumer purchases, or that are provided by the federal government out of the nation’s surplus, for food pantries. In the United States, this has not commonly included water, however, as the nation has experienced one of the worst droughts …continue reading

What’s Different About the New Furby?

15 years ago, a little, annoying toy took the world by storm and became the most popular toy of the holiday season. The Furby was originally launched in 1998 and featured some fairly impressive AI coupled with an animated body that made it come alive. …continue reading

Parenting: How to Raise a Geek

“Mom? What’s the Wi-Fi password?” my 11-year-old asked and, as my little brother tried to chirp in with his idea that it was a string of numbers on a Post-it somewhere, my daughter simply retorted with, “No, that’s a WEP key and we use WPA …continue reading

Computer Rental Places Forced to Stop Spying on Customers

Imagine having a rental computer in your home and knowing that the company renting you the device has spyware installed on the machine that logs your every keystroke, and even takes photos of you doing whatever it is you’re doing in the room. This is …continue reading

US Government Spies on Citizens’ Twitter Accounts

A biannual transparency report released by Twitter covering the first half of 2012 revealed some enlightening intelligence about government information requests on the social network. In this report, Twitter outlined a number of different information, copyright, and content removal requests received over a six-month span …continue reading

Use the Internet or Smartphone to Control Your Home Thermostat

Some of you who read this can’t wait to have an application monitor and control your home environment, while others among you have no intention of giving up the ability to control your home thermostat. However, for those of you who are interested in saving …continue reading

Cinema Ninjas Improve the Cinema Experience

Rustling candy bags, crispy chips, popcorn, and drinks are all the source of disturbing cacophony during a movie. It’s the most irritating experience after having paid the high ticket prices to enjoy an evening of entertainment. This writer cannot stand moviegoers who forget that they’re …continue reading

720p vs 1080p: Opinion

When someone asks me whether they should release video content in 720p or 1080p, I generally recommend 720p. It’s actually a matter of weighing pros and cons in the current technological environment. There are also several physical benefits that I believe make producing video in …continue reading

Is It Too Late for MySpace?

MySpace has released a video detailing its latest redesign, which intends to bring folks back to the social network that was largely abandoned with the rise of Facebook. MySpace, which was widely known for giving users the freedom to design and decorate their individual profile …continue reading

Five Things You Need on Netflix: Stand-up Specials

I have to be honest, here. I’ve been watching stand-up since I was about three or four; I got my first taste when my grandfather would perch me on his knee and we’d check out Johnny Carson late at night when I couldn’t …continue reading

Got Wi-Fi? You Cannot Be Held Liable for Pirates on Your Network

We are all keenly aware that Wi-Fi connections — from our home network or place of business — leave us vulnerable to hackers compromising our Internet connections. The unfortunate reality is that some of our neighbors may not be aware of this vulnerability and, as …continue reading

YouTube Video Habits to Avoid

Making YouTube videos can be a lot of fun, but are you unknowingly practicing bad habits that could be hurting your subscriber numbers? Believe it or not, the vast majority of folks attempting to gain an audience on YouTube have one or two bad habits …continue reading