Star Wars 3D: Will We See Episodes II and III?


Since 1977, George Lucas’ Star Wars saga has raked in billions of revenue and merchandising profit. There’s really no stopping to it, with an ongoing onslaught of video games, the Clone Wars cartoon series, 3D re-releases, and an upcoming comedy series titled …continue reading

How Do I Get the Best Gadgets?

dollar wallpaper

Being a technology enthusiast often comes with an impulse to buy the latest and greatest hardware as soon as it becomes available. You might hear about it on a podcast, or read about it on a blog. The end result is pretty much the same. …continue reading

Preying for Senior Love Online


Does Hell have a special place for scammers who bilk widows out of their savings by offering online romance? Normally I am pleased to get a new senior client, but last week a senior widow who could hardly talk through her emotions called to engage …continue reading

Fleischer’s Superman Vs. Today’s Cartoons!


When I was just a wee Candice, maybe about 10 or 11, VHS tapes were starting to become widespread sources of home entertainment. While I was showered in the usual Disney movies like most children were, my mother also purchased collections of animation that didn’t …continue reading

Real-time Hurricane Path Tracking Resources

All-Hazard Weather Radio

Hurricanes are a big deal down here in the South where our coastline is subject to abuse on an annual basis during the second half of summer. I grew up near the Gulf of Mexico, and can remember several storms hitting my area during my …continue reading

Suicide: Will a Nasal Spray Keep Army Soldiers from Killing Themselves?

US Army

Suicide in our military ranks has become more common than any of us want to admit. The cause could be PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), depression, or failure to readjust to civilian life.

The fact is that suicide among our returning soldiers is occurring at …continue reading

How to Change Your Apple ID (and Why)

Apple ID

I’ve had a somewhat well-documented history with my Apple account as far as security is involved. An incident that took place last year resulted in almost $500 being taken out of my bank accounts, a month of spontaneous account lockouts, and some media …continue reading

Bing Maps Vs. Google Maps


Bing has just completed a two-year project to dramatically improve the clarity and accuracy of its aerial mapping data. By utilizing multiple imaging resources (including images captured by plane during a fly-over) Bing Maps has just completed a mapping quality that is consistent across the …continue reading

Microsoft Tells Me a Password Isn’t Enough – What Do I Do?


Last night, my wife received a call from a relative who received a strange pop-up after logging into her Hotmail account. It was a notice from Microsoft stating, “A Password Isn’t Enough.” This notice requested additional information from her including: her phone number, an alternate …continue reading

How to Get Windows 8 (and More) Running Great on a Mac


This post is being run to help Parallels, our sponsor, promote its new release. Editorial has not been crafted or modified by Parallels; All views are 100% my own.

You know, Windows 8 is starting to grow on me — despite a …continue reading

FreshBooks Vs. QuickBooks


If you are in the accounting profession like me, then you have probably heard of FreshBooks. You think of invoicing and you think of FreshBooks. For someone with a simple, service-based business that does not have many expenses, this has proven to be a great …continue reading

Apple Vs. Google: Who’s the King of Advertising Now?


No, this isn’t an article pitting Android and iOS together. It also isn’t an analysis of Apple’s iAds vs. Google’s AdWords/AdSense products. Instead, I thought I’d take things a bit closer to home and see how the latest advertising efforts by Apple and Google might …continue reading

Dog Training Tips (with Technology)

Potty Patch

I love my dogs. Rocky and Apollo (obvious Rocky movie references) have been a part of our lives for some time, and despite their rambunctious attitudes and tendency to steal things from the coffee table, they’re a couple of lovable mutts I couldn’t imagine my …continue reading

Google Glasses: Could Glasses Plus Augmented Contacted Lenses Be a Replacement?


Just when the world is going bonkers over the Google Glasses of the future, up steps another, even better idea.

To do this, let me first explain that Google Glasses are designed to project an image onto one lens of a pair of wearable glasses. …continue reading

How I Got Apple to Replace My Old MacBook Pro for a New Model


Let’s get this out of the way first: This is not a post that endeavors to tell you how to scam Apple. Rather, it’s one person’s story about how excellent customer service as a reaction to technical difficulties served to alleviate consumer hardship by going …continue reading

What Happens to Shared Online Accounts in a Divorce?


If your family is like mine, then you share pretty much everything. My wife is using my iTunes account for both her iPhone and iPad, we both enjoy a single Netflix account, and we each have our own playlists on Spotify. When you make the …continue reading

How I Fell in Love with Google Chrome Apps


When a new browser came out, I was always right there. I was reading dev logs and peering over the new details of bug fixes and what modifications we’d see in future releases. To me, an Internet browser was the window to our digital life …continue reading

Windows 8 Start Menu? Kind of – from Samsung


Since the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, this has been an oft-discussed and heated subject: the omission of the Start button. Even though many users across the Internet also recognize this as the demise of the Start menu, this is not true. It has merely …continue reading

Google Search: Are Consumers Tired of Technology?


There are times in our lives when we draw odd conclusions from the information to which we are privy. This could span a whole gamut of different issues from politics to which car we decide to buy. The same is true when the issue is …continue reading

Grant Your Instagrams Freedom with I Am CC


According to the I Am CC manifesto, Instagram gets about five million new photos every day. It has become a breeding ground for great creativity, a growing community of photographers, and those who like sharing their daily lives. All in all, it’s …continue reading

A Secure Password Today Keeps the Hackers Away


It seems like we hear about a new security breach every few weeks. You don’t have to stay that on top of the news to hear that some company is announcing that it’s been hacked, that customer passwords were compromised, and what the company is …continue reading

Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine Makes Digitizing Notes Easier


Even in this technologically advanced world, there is no real substitute for taking notes by hand. Doodling, sketching, making quick notations, and mapping out information in a way that’s easy for you to understand are just a few things that are still remarkably easy to …continue reading

A Long-term Review of the iPhone 4


With 30 million plus users (and still counting), the iPhone 4 is one of the most popular phones not only here in the United States, but in the world. Despite being mass produced in such sheer numbers, Apple definitely did not skimp on its fit …continue reading

What is Twitter Thinking?


It appears that you can hardly check Twitter these days without someone tweeting about how terrible Twitter’s decisions to bring in the reigns on third-party app developers taking advantage of its robust API. Twitter has always come across as a platform for other platforms. I …continue reading

Why Can’t YouTube Eliminate Flash Entirely?


YouTube has been testing HTML5 for several years now. For those of us who are opposed to installing Flash on our desktops or devices, we’ve been able to enjoy YouTube sans Flash. Unfortunately, not all videos will play without Flash. Why is that?

If it …continue reading

It’s Not Just a Tablet Computer – It’s a TV!

television logo

Our tablet computers are not only changing the way we communicate with each other and surf the Internet, but they are also changing the way that we watch television. This fact was pointed out in a recent article found in the PopSci online magazine. The …continue reading

Want to Increase Your Dropbox Security?


There’s always a weakest link: your email. If someone gains access, you’ll likely face serious damage. Your Dropbox account is number two — especially if you have private files synced with your account — so we’re glad to hear that two-step authentication is available as …continue reading

Geek Gum: Which One is Best?

Gum for Geeks

Chewing gum is a long-celebrated pastime of the geek. It’s a stress reliever, breath freshener, appetite suppressant, and a welcome substitute for less appealing habits like nail biting and desk tapping. If you sit at a desk all day, the benefits of having some physical …continue reading

Would You Turn Your Cellphone off to Receive a Discount?

old cell phones

It has happened to all of us. We are in a restaurant, a movie theater, or other public gathering when a cellphone rings. What happens next is enough to send anyone over the edge of sanity. Some loud mouth, inconsiderate person decides to share their …continue reading

Peanut Butter and the Geek


In response to Ryan Matthew Pierson’s Bacon: Why Do Geeks Love It? piece, here is my homage to peanut butter, the breakfast of those who you might not trust completely. Peanut butter is the essence of a good life, but one must …continue reading