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NBC’s Olympics Streaming Failure is Pirate Bay’s Gain

The Pirate Bay has changed its front page banner to reflect itself as a proud source of video content related to the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, England. This change would be laughable if it wasn’t for the wild attention being drawn to ongoing …continue reading

How to View Skype Conversation History

So you’re a Skype user and someone said something a few days ago in an IM or in a voicemail on the service and you need to find it? Believe it or not, finding these old records in Skype is actually quite easy, as long …continue reading

How to Find the Name of a Song on iOS or Android

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you just couldn’t shake? You know the general tune and a small part of the lyrics, but the name of the song just isn’t coming to you. Believe it or not, there are apps …continue reading

Google Nexus 7 Review (Goodbye, Amazon Kindle Fire)

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was the first 7″ tablet that offered us a reliable device for a reasonable price tag. As a result, I was one of the first to order and on November 15, 2011, I received my Kindle Fire. Since that time, I have …continue reading

The Dark Knight’s Journey

This article is based on the recent Nolan-directed cinematic interpretation of The Dark Knight — the personification of incorruptible justice, more commonly known as Batman — a dark-clothed righter of wrongs who finds absolution through defeating those who harm others. So where does this all …continue reading

Teachers Get Help with Lesson Planning from LearnBoost

Education and technology have always had an interesting relationship. School district representatives want their students to develop good technology skills, but even with the abundance of educational technology tools that are on the market, it seems like there’s a disconnect between wanting …continue reading

World’s Only Undersea Laboratory May Shut Down Admid Funding Concerns

Picture this: an undersea laboratory buried under 60 feet of water and hidden amid a bed of beautiful coral. You might be thinking about a mad scientist conducting experiments and other crazy shenanigans, but the lab is very real. Aquarius is the world’s only operational …continue reading

Olympic Athletes Being Banned from Competition for Insensitive Tweets

The 2012 Olympics in London have just started and already we’re hearing about athletes being outed (and in some cases banned from competition) for making insensitive or otherwise controversial tweets. By themselves, these tweets would be considered little more than lapses in personal judgment, but …continue reading

BookBook for Apple iPad – Deluxe Cover at a Fair Price

Technology, technology: it is all around us and, with the exception of the technically challenged who continue to cling to their paper and pencils, it looks like the tablet computer has achieved its goal. In fact, the tablet’s accomplishments were best demonstrated about a week …continue reading

Travel Social Networking with IMGuest

When you think of social networks for business, you probably think of LinkedIn almost immediately. It’s certainly one of the most familiar ones out there, but a lot of the focus on LinkedIn involves connecting with people who you might not ever get a chance …continue reading

Remote Brainstorming Modern Solutions

Brainstorming — whereby a project team attacks a problem by spontaneously thinking up potential solutions (no matter how ridiculous) and seeing what sticks — isn’t as easy as one would think. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult collaborative activities to carry out. What …continue reading

Olympics 2012 Android and iOS Apps

As the Olympics 2012 London Games begin, many of us will be watching delayed broadcasts of the event on our television screens. Folks at work will steal glances at scores and live competitions streaming to their workstation computers. Many more will share and receive the …continue reading

More Malwarebytes: Prevention or Detection?

Which is better: prevention or detection of malware? At the end of my last post, For Computer Security, Can Malwarebytes Do the Job?, a client’s computer was still suffering from a bunch of infections and Malwarebytes was chugging away …continue reading

Humble Music Bundle Brings Geeky Music to the Masses for Charity

Music bundles are nothing new, but when you combine them with a charitable cause and the ability to name your own price for the music you get, the idea becomes much more appealing (And fellow LockerGnome writer Eddie Ringle has written about …continue reading

Can Microsoft Beat Lenovo’s IdeaPad with Docking Station Keyboard for $500?

When Microsoft originally announced its intention to mass produce its Surface tablet computer system, it sent the technology world into a tizzy. However, the one question that the press and technology enthusiasts alike begged to have answered revolved around what could be expected in the …continue reading

Five Great Money-saving Android Apps for the Frugal Geek

I love saving money. If my Galaxy Nexus can help me out in that endeavor, it makes the process even more exciting. Technology is my passion, but I’ve long believed that you don’t have to be rich to enjoy technology. Sure, you might have to …continue reading

Is the Tech Industry Sexist?

Guest blogger Eric Hampton writes:

Technology may have a new boss, but this boss certainly isn’t new to technology. Former Google executive Marissa Mayer has been named the new CEO of Yahoo! — the struggling “premier digital media company,” as it calls itself.

Marissa Mayer …continue reading

How 3D Printing Could Change Our World

When I first read about the future of 3D printing, I was amazed at how far we had come from the days of old. I know that when I purchased my first color printer all those many long years ago, (the early ’90s), it made …continue reading

What Makes Programmers Good?

I’ve spent a long time in IT. In fact, when I started it was called Data Processing, which is a term that hasn’t been in vogue for 20 years. In all that time, I’ve had two kinds of job — development or …continue reading

How Did You Know You Were a Computer Person?

Many of you wrote in to tell me the story of how you discovered that computing was destined to be a part of your life. As promised, I’m going to feature a selection of comments that I received. Sit down, grab yourself a cup of …continue reading

The Most Dedicated Woman I’ve Ever Met

Everything seems to be reviews, news, and help. So when I was thinking about what I want to write about, I thought of a story that always makes people laugh and think “How could a person do that?” So, without further ado, here’s the story.

…continue reading

Hands-on with Verizon’s Droid Razr Maxx

Guest blogger Cliff Miller writes:

I recently switched from the Verizon Apple iPhone 4S 32 GB to the Verizon Droid Razr Maxx, and my initial impression was quite good, especially for the price I paid — $199.99 with a two-year contract from …continue reading

Do You Know How to Drive a Manual Transmission?

I learned how to drive a manual transmission before I learned to drive a car. It was a natural back then, as a much higher percentage of cars sold in America were equipped with manuals. I started out with the lawn tractor and a few …continue reading

A Final Look at the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III

This is a sponsored post written by me on the behalf of T-Mobile. All opinions are 100% my own.

The time has come to pack this Samsung Galaxy S III from T-Mobile back in its box and ship it back …continue reading

Google Nexus 7: How Accurate Are Defect Reports?

Are the reported defects surrounding Google’s new Nexus 7 true, or just something being rehashed for lack of something better to write about? This is the question I posed to Chris last Sunday afternoon when I suggested writing this article. My premise was that, if …continue reading

Forum Apps for Mobile Devices

The LockerGnome community offers access to a wealth of information, and I often tap it as a resource when I’m researching subjects related to technology. Yet sometimes the occasion calls for a visit to a forum that is focused on a very specific subject. When …continue reading

Amazing Alex: as Amazing as It is Addicting?

Amazing Alex is a Rovio game — but is it a great one?

The Short Review

Amazing Alex is heavily cartoon-themed, is clearly aimed for a younger generation, and has graphics that won’t stress any devices on the market. Indeed, it works well enough on …continue reading

Windows 8: Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

Guest blogger Jared Moats writes:

Microsoft will be releasing its newest iteration of the Windows operating system on October 26th to much consumer anticipation. Three years have passed since the release of Windows 7, so Windows fans are itching for a new operating system to …continue reading

Patent Wars: Enough is Enough

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of seeing a patent settlement (or lawsuit) announced as the headline of the day almost every single day for the past several months. This has been going on for years, but suddenly patent suits are …continue reading

For Computer Security, Can Malwarebytes Do the Job?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Malwarebytes. All opinions are 100% mine.

While I am writing this, a sick, but beautiful, custom-built ASUS desktop is running behind me. It belongs to a client and is normally used by his teenage …continue reading