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NBC’s Olympics Streaming Failure is Pirate Bay’s Gain

The Pirate Bay has changed its front page banner to reflect itself as a proud source of video content related to the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, England. This change would be laughable if it wasn’t for the wild attention being drawn to ongoing …continue reading

How to View Skype Conversation History

So you’re a Skype user and someone said something a few days ago in an IM or in a voicemail on the service and you need to find it? Believe it or not, finding these old records in Skype is actually quite easy, as long …continue reading

How to Find the Name of a Song on iOS or Android

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that you just couldn’t shake? You know the general tune and a small part of the lyrics, but the name of the song just isn’t coming to you. Believe it or not, there are apps …continue reading

Google Nexus 7 Review (Goodbye, Amazon Kindle Fire)

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was the first 7″ tablet that offered us a reliable device for a reasonable price tag. As a result, I was one of the first to order and on November 15, 2011, I received my Kindle Fire. Since that time, I have …continue reading

The Dark Knight’s Journey

This article is based on the recent Nolan-directed cinematic interpretation of The Dark Knight — the personification of incorruptible justice, more commonly known as Batman — a dark-clothed righter of wrongs who finds absolution through defeating those who harm others. So where does this all …continue reading

Teachers Get Help with Lesson Planning from LearnBoost

Education and technology have always had an interesting relationship. School district representatives want their students to develop good technology skills, but even with the abundance of educational technology tools that are on the market, it seems like there’s a disconnect between wanting …continue reading

World’s Only Undersea Laboratory May Shut Down Admid Funding Concerns

Picture this: an undersea laboratory buried under 60 feet of water and hidden amid a bed of beautiful coral. You might be thinking about a mad scientist conducting experiments and other crazy shenanigans, but the lab is very real. Aquarius is the world’s only operational …continue reading

Olympic Athletes Being Banned from Competition for Insensitive Tweets

The 2012 Olympics in London have just started and already we’re hearing about athletes being outed (and in some cases banned from competition) for making insensitive or otherwise controversial tweets. By themselves, these tweets would be considered little more than lapses in personal judgment, but …continue reading

BookBook for Apple iPad – Deluxe Cover at a Fair Price

Technology, technology: it is all around us and, with the exception of the technically challenged who continue to cling to their paper and pencils, it looks like the tablet computer has achieved its goal. In fact, the tablet’s accomplishments were best demonstrated about a week …continue reading

Travel Social Networking with IMGuest

When you think of social networks for business, you probably think of LinkedIn almost immediately. It’s certainly one of the most familiar ones out there, but a lot of the focus on LinkedIn involves connecting with people who you might not ever get a chance …continue reading