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Microsoft and Google Hint at a Future Built on Tablet Computers

Microsoft and Google have had some interesting announcements to make at their respective keynotes this month. In addition to introducing the world to the first Microsoft-produced Windows computer, Microsoft has made a bold statement in just how important the tablet market is to its long-term …continue reading

Google: Superhero or Spy?

When you think about Google, the face of Big Brother probably comes to mind. In his seminal work 1984, George Orwell created a vision of the future reflecting on the grim outlook people had in 1948. The renowned science fiction novel presents a globalized …continue reading

Nexus 7 Vs. Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Tablet

Google announced a slew of new products and updates to the Android operating system including the Nexus 7, a joint collaboration between Google and Asus. In addition to the new tablet, Google also introduced the world to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which includes a number …continue reading

Own a Kindle or Nook? Get Free E-books from Your Library

If you own a Nook or a Kindle device, it is expected that you can access every genre of written material from biographies to science fiction from your respective libraries. These libraries are at your fingertips when you visit the Barnes & Noble or Amazon …continue reading

Are You Antisocial if You Do Not Tweet?

Do we decide how to behave?

Maybe I have decided to be an antisocial misfit, or simply a stuck-in-the-rut, crusty old man. Today for the first time I logged onto my Facebook account and scrolled through a few interesting, and mostly uninteresting entries. Eons ago …continue reading

A Robot Has a 100% Win Rate at Rock-Paper-Scissors

Rock-paper-scissors has always been one of those games that you play with the notion in mind that the victor is the luckier of the two. A long-time settler of disputes, rock-paper-scissors has been the deciding factor in many impasses where two (or more) individuals felt …continue reading

Google Unveils $199 Quad-core Nexus 7 Android Tablet

Wednesday, Google announced a brand-new Android tablet that not only features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but a quad-core Tegra 3 processor wrapped into a compact tablet that costs just $199.

So, what’s the twist? At 7″, the Nexus 7 is being promoted strictly as a …continue reading

How to Stop Annoying Google+ Event Email Notifications

Google announced a new feature to Google+ during the Google I/O keynote on Wednesday: Events. This is a clever addition to the Google+ service that allows you to schedule events that invitees can add to their Google Calendars and share photos with the rest of …continue reading

Android Ice Cream Sandwich: 10 Tips, Tricks, and New Features

There has been a lot of talk around the Internet about Google and questions as to why it hasn’t yet provided an upgrade for Android users in the latest release of its Ice Cream Sandwich. In general, the complaints revolve around companies being slow …continue reading

What to Expect in Android Jelly Bean with Project Butter

Google had a lot to say about Jelly Bean, the next big update to Android expected to roll out sometime in the coming months. In addition to Project Butter, there are a number of changes coming to the platform with Jelly Bean.

Android 4.1 Jelly …continue reading

10 Things I Find Distracting

As I mentioned in 10 things to think about when writing articles, I have been writing here at LockerGnome for the past two months or so. During that time I’ve written articles about a wide variety of subjects that are both directly …continue reading

Pondering Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

Warning: If you haven’t seen the movie Prometheus yet, don’t read this! Many spoilers ahead.

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was perhaps the most fiercely anticipated sci-fi film in recent memory. For many it would be the long-awaited prequel to the Alien saga, with an explanation to …continue reading

Tutoring Seniors in a YouTube Age

Over the last two weeks, I presented three short courses to classes of senior students on computer applications (LibreOffice, Excel, and Inkscape). Not until I was well into planning for the third course did I realize that an important change had happened almost overnight in …continue reading

Should Your IT Department Embrace the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Era?

One of the fastest growing trends in technology is that of bringing your own devices to work. These devices could be phones, laptops, or even complete home offices that you use to telecommute to work. In many ways, it’s a trend that makes CFOs cheer, …continue reading

Should You Use 4G over a Wired Broadband Connection?

Most of us who are fortunate enough to have access to 4G services have already surmised that 4G is a lot quicker than 3G or older connections. Some of us have discovered that, for surfing the Internet or checking email, 4G speeds may suffice and …continue reading

10 Things to Think About when Writing Articles

I’ve been writing articles for LockerGnome for around two months now and I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. The experience has been amazing and it’s a great way for me to do business, as it were. I had only been writing for about …continue reading

How to Use Dropbox to Host and Stream Videos

Guest blogger Greg Young writes:

Dropbox has become synonymous with online file sharing. It is platform agnostic and, with its desktop tools, dragging-and-dropping a file is as simple as… well, dragging and dropping it.

What’s not as commonly known is …continue reading

How to Install Android on a Nook Color

We live in a world where we can’t just have a device; we need to hack it and force it to do things that it may not have been designed to do. One really good example is the Nook Color. Not only has it been …continue reading

Three Free Ways to Clone Windows XP in 2012: Follow-up

Like many other technology junkies I know, I have this habit of playing with operating systems. There’s always a new or improved modified Linux distribution coming down the pipe, so on any given day you might find me replacing my Windows desktop with an Ubuntu …continue reading

Without Emurse, Where Can You Host Your Resume?

Emurse has long been one of my personal favorite suggested sites for anyone in search of a new job. I was surprised and saddened last week to discover that AOL is shutting the service down on July 15, 2012. That leaves a lot of happy …continue reading

10 Things to Remember when You Complain

This article does hit close to home. I’ve both been on the receiving end of complaints and I’ve made a fair few as well. Complaints come in two forms: The complaint that’s well-written and makes some good points, and the complaint that is nothing but …continue reading

iPad Vs. Surface Tablets in the Enterprise

This past week we technology geeks have been teased with some new toys that many of us can’t wait to get our hands on. Microsoft took top spot with its new Surface tablet computers in two distinct flavors: RT for the ARM crowd and regular …continue reading

Is Cyber Vigilantism Ever Justified?

How do we decide if a cyber action is good or bad? If hackers attack a major site like Visa or MasterCard as part of an extortion attempt, most people would consider that to be an evil act — maybe even the people who do …continue reading

What’s the Best Computer for Your Parents?

This post doesn’t apply to all parents, obviously. But if you’ve been living out of the house for a couple of decades or more, you might find this situation familiar. (Or, if you’re younger, you might substitute “grandparents” for “parents.”)

Computers and parents don’t always …continue reading

Are Desktop Tower PCs Dead?

Dead is a harsh phrase to use when considering the fate of the desktop tower. After all, there are still plenty of them to be found at your local electronics store. Many gamers still swear by them, but it could be argued that the fate …continue reading

Is the Internet an Arbiter of Peace?

World peace is a complicated construct. It’s shaped by what we think we have learned from history. It’s a noble aim for anyone who tries to achieve it. We know that human nature will always stand in the way of those who want to make …continue reading

Who Are Today’s Tablet Users and Why Have They Become So Important?

Are you one of the millions who did not know, a mere three years ago, the impact that tablet computers were destined to have on the entire computing world? If you fit into this category, then you are in for yet another unexpected technological change …continue reading

How to Keep Your Kickstarter Backers Happy

Starting a project on Kickstarter sounds like easy money to entrepreneurs and inventors hoping to get their product to market without having a debt looming overhead from banks and/or investors. Kickstarter backers are essentially investing in your project for one of two reasons. Either they …continue reading

10 Things I Dislike About iOS

This article is a counterpoint to my 10 things I like about iOS. I have used iOS since iPhone OS 1.1 and as much as I have — for the most part — enjoyed the updates that Apple has brought to the OS, there …continue reading

10 Things I Like About iOS

This is going to be a two-part article. This first part will talk about the 10 things I like about Apple’s iOS. The second part will talk about 10 things that I dislike about Apple’s iOS. I have to say one thing before …continue reading