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The Alarming Confessions of a Pharmageek

Guest blogger Andrew Rosenfeld writes:

In second grade science, I remember that we were taught about how scientists and engineers tried and failed to create perpetual motion machines. After school I immediately went home and began work on my own. I attached a wheel on …continue reading

How to Solve Dropbox Problems Syncing

I am a huge fan of Dropbox, but every once in a while the Dropbox application on my Windows-based PC and Mac gets caught in an endless sync loop in which no files are actually being downloaded or uploaded, but the application …continue reading

Painful Decisions: Should I Cheat?

If you were burned over 7% of your body and needed to have your dressings changed daily, would you rather have the nurse pull the old ones off quickly, causing intense, but short-lived pain, or would you rather have the nurse ease them off, taking …continue reading

How Loud is Too Loud?

DJ Scooby Doo, a member of the LockerGnome community, asked on “I’m always around loud noises. Is there a level where it’s too loud, and what level is it before I start to go deaf?”

This is a great question, and the …continue reading

Zombie Apocalypse: Should You Be Concerned?

Haley Barker of the University of Northern Iowa Tech Writers writes:

Zombies. A word that brings terror to the minds of many and laughter to the skeptics. The idea of zombies has become a cultural trend that, whether you’re a believer or not, you cannot …continue reading

10 Simple Steps to Operating Microsoft’s System Preparation Tool

Guest blogger D. J. Moore noticed that we’ve not been covering IT content as much as we have in the past, and this saddened him. In an effort to correct our course, he’s submitted these 10 simple steps to operating Microsoft’s System Preparation Tool …continue reading

How to Send Self-Destructing Private Messages Online

Sending a truly private message to someone online can be tricky. Email, instant messages, and even some encryption methods are difficult to truly secure. It would appear that sending or receiving truly private messages can only be done if both people involved are absolutely security …continue reading

Read Free E-books Without an E-reader

It is amazing to me how few people realize that e-books can be viewed without the need to purchase an additional electronic gadget.

This point was driven home to me this past weekend when I was privy to a conversation in which two individuals expressed …continue reading

Why I Don’t Want a Chromebook

As a self-diagnosed tech addict, it’s rare that there’s a gadget creating buzz around the blogosphere that I really don’t want. In this case, my lack of purchasing desire stems not from a disinterest in the product itself, but a combination of price and a …continue reading

Make Your Own Video Game with the Help of Pixaquarium

Ever wanted to make your own video game? Whether you’re paying heed to the idea that you could do better than what’s already out there or answering an inherent calling to customize the experience into something that’s more “you,” I’m willing to bet that the …continue reading