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Can Internet Relationships Be Real?

For thousands of years, our ancestors drew on cave walls; that was their way of sharing feelings and aspirations. Communication methods have evolved since, but some things never change. Love still is a most complex feeling, and humanity has found more and more sophisticated ways …continue reading

Robo-Graders: How Accurate Are They?

I have always felt that it is grossly unfair that teachers are required to spend their leisure time performing tasks that should be paid on a per hour basis since it stands to reason that these dedicated individuals have lives apart from the school setting. …continue reading

How Google Can Help You Start a Company

Starting a business is no small task, regardless of what it is your business does. Whether you provide a service, product, or a mixture of the two, your business will depend on tools to help you and your team get more done. Google has evolved …continue reading

To Charge or Not to Charge? A Moral Dilemma Averted

This week I barely escaped being forced to make one of those moral decisions that leave you feeling bad no matter which way you go.

It started with a call from a couple of elderly clients who have used my services several times over a …continue reading

Justifying Android’s “Slow” Update Roll-outs, Redux: Who’s Really to Blame?

In my previous article, I gave a few points explaining why I think Android takes more flak than it really needs to in terms of the time it takes to receive updates on its devices. However, after that article was …continue reading

Two Fruits + One Robot = Informed Mobile Consumer

Two fruits and a robot walk into a bar, and…

Gnomie Natasja Atherton’s got a site — Two Fruits One Robot — that focuses on the technological wonders of the Apple, BlackBerry, and Android (two fruits and one robot, …continue reading

Sony Tablet S Receives Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Users of the Sony Tablet S have been eagerly anticipating the eventual release of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Android tablet. That day has finally arrived. You are now able to update to ICS from within the tablet, and the entire process takes about fifteen …continue reading

How to Use Your Smartphone to Control Your Dreams

Imagine being able to control the content of your dreams using your smartphone. On the surface, that sounds like a figment of some science fiction writer’s imagination, but the reality is quite different.

Daniel J. Nadler, a graduate student at Harvard, came up with an …continue reading

Google Easter Egg Evokes Zerg Rush on Search Results

Google has had its share of Easter eggs in celebration of various individuals and events in history. Today, a new Easter egg celebrates Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft series with a spontaneous defense game that you can participate in by searching for the term “Zerg …continue reading

Rent Before You Buy with ybuy

It has always amazed me that people have fallen into the trap offered through the “Rent to Own” TV advertisements. I know that advertisers attempt to present their products as a cheaper alternative to purchasing the same product, from an appliance store, but some consumers …continue reading

Google Drive: What is It and Can Other Cloud Providers Compete?

There is no shortage of cloud service providers; in fact, there are hundreds of them, and often users are left overwhelmed by the number of options available. If you’re one of those people still undecided about which cloud provider you should go with, then don’t …continue reading

Justifying Android’s “Slow” Update Roll-outs

Perhaps one of the most common complaints against Android by haters and lovers alike is that updates seem to take forever to make their way to the devices. Unless, of course, you have the latest Nexus device, which is typically the first to receive the …continue reading

How to Appear More Employable in Social Media

The Internet today has changed quite a bit from the one I became familiar with during the ’90s. Chat rooms are rarely as anonymous as they once were, and the actions you take have a funny way of becoming a part of the public record …continue reading

How to Use Your Smartphone for Geocaching

Geocaching has a been a favorite geek pastime for almost twelve years now. The idea behind geocaching is simply to place a container somewhere in or around a specific set of coordinates, hidden from general view. Some caches are harder to find than others, but …continue reading

Be a Storyteller: How to Write Great Blogs

You want to write enticing blog posts? Think cinematic and learn from the great storytellers. Someone who understands how to make the first few minutes of a film really good is a great person to learn from. Pixar is a good example for great scripting. …continue reading

UK ISPs and Broadband Speeds

It’s not often that LockerGnome gets the opportunity to see things from the perspective of the United Kingdom. I know and completely understand that LockerGnome is based in the United States and can only report on what happens “at home,” but I am extremely pleased …continue reading

Is That Cloud Really Clean?

The cloud — the ultimate solution to computer storage capacity — is becoming more and more a factor of life, but is there a day coming when it, too, will not hold enough data to satisfy the ever-growing needs of our technological society? That could …continue reading

Why LTE Means a Good Outlook for the Mobile Market

A few weeks ago, I convinced my mom to migrate our family plan over to Verizon. We had been with T-Mobile for almost four years, and I had gone through both the G1 and the G2 (both of which I still currently have). There was …continue reading

Do Consumers Care About 3DTV?

Guest blogger Zuhair of MrTechz writes:

Although 3D technology has been around for a long time, it was only a few years ago that 3DTVs first broke onto the scene. Since then, television vendors have been forcefully pushing 3DTVs on consumers and major …continue reading

How to Get Free E-books

E-books have been around for a very long time, though modern E Ink devices like the Kindle and Nook have brought this electronic literature to more than just a few geeks with PDAs. I remember reading e-books on a Handspring Visor, perhaps one of the …continue reading

DNS Malware: Will You Lose Your Internet Connection in July?

Last November, a group of hackers known as Rove Digital were arrested by an assortment of law enforcement agencies from around the world. It appears that, during the course of the FBI’s investigation, it had discovered that Internet users who responded to an online advertising …continue reading

BitLocker Vs. Encrypting File System (EFS)

BitLocker and Encrypting File System (EFS) are both features being made available to Windows 8 Pro users. They each allow you to secure your data by way of encryption, and are both baked right in to the operating system. Their differences, however, make each …continue reading

Six Simple Apps That Could Improve Your Experience with Android

Guest blogger Karl Newark writes:

As a big fan and long time user of Android, it leaves me with a sad feeling in the bottom of my heart every time someone says the Android user interface and general experience to the consumer is …continue reading

Why Google’s Phone First, Carrier Second Model Should Be the Standard

Earlier today, Google announced that it was jumping back into the phone sales game and began offering the HSPA+ Unlocked Galaxy Nexus for sale on the Google Play store. It is compatible with GSM networks like T-Mobile and AT&T, and will cost you $399.00. …continue reading

Windows 8 Vs. Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 is coming soon, with a release candidate scheduled for sometime in June and Microsoft has divulged a little more information about its expected lineup of products including Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT.

Windows 8 is the basic consumer version of …continue reading

Human Responsibilities on the Virtual Frontier

Guest blogger Maximilian Majewski writes:

Technology is not all bad. Just recently in India, a man reunited with his mother when, after a tragic event, they were separated 23 years ago. He found her using Google Earth. With a lot of …continue reading

The Social Web is Distributed – So How Do We Manage It?

As a developer, I often use the Git version control system to retain a history of my projects as they progress. Git has another advantage, though, in the fact that it has a distributed nature. There is no central location from which you push to …continue reading

Top 10 Paid Aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) has a great community around it that’s still active years after its release. If you’re an aspiring pilot and want to try your hand at flying a real aircraft, we’ve compiled a list for you. These paid aircraft are …continue reading

Seven Years Later: A YouTube Special

Guest blogger Zuhair of MrTechz writes:

It may be hard to believe, but YouTube has just turned seven! The first video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2005 and, since then, it has taken off to inconceivable heights. You only have to take …continue reading

Five Cool Features of the Kindle Touch

During my last trip, my Kindle suffered an unfortunate death at the hands of an overstuffed bag. Apparently, that pocket on the front of a carry-on bag is not a good place to put easily bent electronics if the bag itself is stuffed to the …continue reading