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Five Tips to Help You Prepare for a Disaster

In the wake of yesterday’s piece on building a proper bug-out bag for emergency situations, a lot of comments mentioned the growth in popularity of shows and content revolving around doomsday prepping. Instead of having just 72 hours worth of supplies in a …continue reading

Old Scams Never Die – at Least Not While They Still Work

Old standard scams seem to be a reliable source of income or perverted fun for those who are inclined to cheat and steal for a living or who simply have too much time on their hands. A client called me this week and said she …continue reading

Asus Transformer Prime Review

It may seem to many of you that this article is passĂ© since the Asus Transformer Prime was released some three months ago. However, when I explained my proposal to Chris, he agreed to let me write it based on my personal change in attitude …continue reading

Five Tips on Operating a Game Server

The running or operating of a game server is rarely as easy as setting up the server in the first place. Many games, like Minecraft, have easy server setup software (and, yes, I do count Bukkit as Minecraft’s server software since Bukkit joined the Mojang …continue reading

How to Build Websites in Windows 7

SnappyTech, a member of the LockerGnome community at large, inquired about Web development software for Windows.

Windows can be an excellent environment for Web development, especially for programmers who enjoy working directly with code. After all, does it really matter what platform you’re …continue reading

Game Publishers Are Obsolete – So Why Haven’t Developers Ditched Them Yet?

Every day, when I hop onto Reddit and scroll through the various happenings and latest meme implementations, I always expect to see some sort of post regarding Electronic Arts (EA) and how it is an evil publisher that is ruining the games it takes ownership …continue reading

Challenges Facing Professional Bloggers

Being a professional blogger sounds like a dream job that requires little actual work and a whole lot of hanging out in the coffee shop down the road. For some, that is exactly the impression they give to anyone who asks how things are. What …continue reading

Top 10 Social Android Apps

Social networking is a growing fad throughout the Internet. Whether you joined Facebook or are looking for a push-to-talk application to keep in constant contact with your friends and family, we have the list of apps for you. All of the apps mentioned in this …continue reading

How to Make a Bug-Out Bag

Being a geek means more than just knowing everything there is to know about your favorite technology. There are racing geeks, car geeks, music geeks, and even survival geeks. Survival geeks pride themselves on knowing what to do in the event of an emergency, or …continue reading

Best Android and iPhone Security Software

Admittedly, I realize that the risk of either the Google Android system or any of the various Apple products becoming infected is slim; it is usually just when we feel all nice and snug in our security virus blanket, with no viruses in sight, that …continue reading

Five Things to Consider Before Starting a Podcast

Starting a podcast can be a great first step towards a rewarding and even profitable hobby. Careers have even been made through podcasting, as this new form of media has changed the dynamic of how we share viewpoints, information, and news forever.

Podcasts come in …continue reading

Top 10 Shopping Android Apps

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or the next technological gadget that you have to have, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 shopping apps that are a must if you’re a frequent shopper or just want to find the best deals. The apps listed …continue reading

Why You Should Simplify Your Tech Lifestyle

Keeping up with the world of technology can be very difficult to do unless you spend every waking hour scouring the Web for the latest news, rumors, and super secret leaked photos to hit the presses. It appears that every day, a new phone is …continue reading

KERS and DRS: Formula One Technology

Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. The technology that is injected into the sport, usually by regulation change, will end up on your car in the near future. The teams spend millions of Pounds, since most teams operate in the UK, on the development …continue reading

Only Spiders and Jerks Don’t Adhere to Web Standards

Reese Matthews writes:

I’ve only seen a few of your videos, so I don’t know if you’ve touched on it, but there is a bigger problem than “Does __________ browser suck?” or “Is __________ secure?” If you haven’t, perhaps you could talk about it.

Back …continue reading

When You Share Your World, the World Shares You

Christopher Hills has something to share:

“I recently made a video called One Switch. One Head. The World. This has inspired me to make some videos on how I interact with my computer and the Internet.”

At first …continue reading

Mozilla Launches BrowserQuest – a Look at Modern Web Technologies

We’ve known for a long time that HTML5 and other modern Web technologies have made it possible to do some remarkable things in a browser. Angry Birds has been available as a Web app, as have productivity apps such as Google Docs. But what about …continue reading

Why I Switched from Rhapsody to Spotify

I have been a huge fan of Rhapsody for quite a while. As a music fan and long-time believer in the idea that music drives an increase in productivity, the integration of at least one of the several big music services into my home office …continue reading

Top 10 Photography Android Apps

Who needs a big, bulky camera anymore? Today’s Android devices are getting to the point where they are comparable to point-and-shoot cameras. If you’re a casual shutterbug, your Android device can take some pretty amazing photos; there are some great applications out there to help …continue reading

Microsoft Censors Pirate Bay Links in Live Messenger

Love it or hate it, The Pirate Bay is one of the largest and most recognizable sources for BitTorrent files on the Web. Essentially acting as a magnet link host rather than a content host itself, the question of The Pirate Bay’s legality has been …continue reading

How Can You Help Clients Protect Themselves when They Will Not Listen?

Yesterday I bought a new hard drive and external backup for a client. Today I installed both and rebuilt her four-year-old system. What happened to her computer?

For years I have strongly advocated that my client, a real estate agent, protect her computer with an …continue reading

Why Web Apps Might Beat out Native Apps on the Mobile Front

In my last article here on LockerGnome, I talked about Boot2Gecko (or Boot to Gecko, if that fits your fancy), Mozilla’s latest endeavor: a mobile operating system using the Gecko layout engine as the application runtime. That is, in Boot2Gecko, every application …continue reading

Why Are Stolen Phones Being Reactivated by Wireless Carriers?

Have you ever had your cellphone stolen? If so, you know the frustration of having lost all your contact information and the general overall inconvenience and expense of having to replace it. Apparently, however, these problems are of little concern to the big corporations that …continue reading

Can Windows 8 Tablets Compete with the iPad?

Microsoft is putting a lot on the table with the upcoming release of Windows 8. Not only will it be the most significant change to the platform’s UI since Windows 95 first appeared almost twenty years ago, but it also signals the latest in a …continue reading

“Better” is Relative

Since the dawn of time, we have argued over which is best. There is no doubt that our ancestors argued over which animal skin was better for keeping you warm or over whether it was better to cook your beef or leave it raw. Now …continue reading

Scotts Snap Spreader for Lawn Gadget Lovers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a love / hate relationship with the great outdoors.

When it came time to buy a house, my first question …continue reading

How to Deal with a Forgotten Windows Password

Nate, a member of the Gnomies community, brought up an interesting question. What do you do when you forget your administrator Windows password?

Forgetting your Windows 7 Administrator password can leave you without access to your system, or worse. This could …continue reading

Can You Use the Internet to Predict an Alien Invasion?

Everyone likes cool things. That is one reason so many people are willing to pay the big bucks for iPhones and iPads — they are way cool. Cooler than Androids, etc. We also like to do cool things, even if they have no obvious purpose. …continue reading

What Tech Do You Use Every Day?

The question comes around almost every single day. What computer do you use? What kind of phone do you have? Do you use a specific camera? These questions are common because folks love to find out what other people work with while making their own …continue reading

Technical Questions: How Should You Respond?

Just 10 years ago, technical questions were fairly simple to answer. Today, that has changed. One must remember that, back then, home consumers had few choices while businesses were more or less tied to their servers that were accessed via either a dumb terminal or …continue reading