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28 Great Windows Programs and Apps for Professionals

Windows is an excellent operating system for professionals. Apple itself admitted this throughout its Get a Mac campaign that spanned several years and featured two friends, Mac and PC, which pointed out some of the useful advantages to owning a Mac. PC, played by …continue reading

Best OS X Downloads for Any New Mac

That new Macintosh that you have is probably looking lonely without its fair share of applications. At some point we all get a new computer and, if it’s a Mac, it will come bare-boned and ready for all types of applications to suit your needs …continue reading

How to Find a Successful Freelancer

If you’re a project manager, you may have thought about outsourcing a project that your team no longer has the resources for, either because the project requires skills you do not have or time that is better spent elsewhere. Temporarily hiring a freelancer can help …continue reading

How Not to Screw Up Your PC with Windows Optimization Tools

Those of us here at LockerGnome have all heard this story before. One of our relatives, friends, neighbors, associates, co-workers, or acquaintances tells us they saw an advertisement on TV — or maybe an advertisement on the Internet — claiming that [fill in the name …continue reading

Secret Facebook Timeline Tips

It’s official: Facebook is now rolling out Timeline to all of its nearly one billion users, and will shortly make it the one and only option for profile designs. If you’ve already jumped the shark and tried creating a developer account to …continue reading

Cellphone Deal That Won’t Break the Bank

I recently wrote an article comparing paid cellphone plans to pre-paid plans, in which I mentioned an exclusive pre-paid plan from Walmart that offered a 4G phone and used the T-Mobile network. In the article, I told readers that I would be …continue reading

How to Send a Letter Without Going to the Post Office Using NotesToFriends

Every day I dread waking up to check my inbox, which is usually littered with spam, to-do lists, and other dreaded emails. Part of my routine while working from home is checking our PO box late in the morning, which is where I can usually …continue reading

How to Install Windows 8 Developer Preview on a Mac

The Windows 8 Developer Preview is just that: a preview of what the OS is expected to look and feel like once development is complete. While we may be months, or even a year away from seeing the release version of Windows 8, you can …continue reading

Best Windows Downloads for Any New Computer

It’s hard to believe that, just over a month ago, the holidays rolled around and it was time to exchange presents with friends and family. If you were among the lucky ones, you may have gotten a new computer. If so, chances are that you …continue reading

Five Web Technologies You Should Be Using

I’ve been developing Web applications for a few years now, and the pace at which things are evolving recently is mindblowing. All these new technologies, like HTML5 and WebGL, completely rewrite the book in how and what we can use the Web for.

Developers …continue reading