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How Does Google Know Where You Live?

At, DJ Scooby Doo asks: “How does Google know where you live?”

Do you find it a little strange that your phone knows exactly where you live despite never actually telling it? Android 4.1 Jelly Bean introduced the world to Google Now, …continue reading

Nexus 4 Battery Drain Problem

I have been using the Google Nexus 4 smartphone for a few weeks and, over all, I have enjoyed the experience. Using Google Android Jelly Bean has improved the performance of this cellphone, making it function smoothly during the course of all the activities I …continue reading

Why the Surface Sucks

The Microsoft Surface came to market with much hype only to have its actual sales end up slower than expected. The concept was there, and I’m still convinced that the Surface will be a major player after the Surface Pro and second generation devices come …continue reading

Should You Buy AppleCare?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at LockerGnome is whether or not AppleCare is worth buying. Should you buy it for a MacBook? How about an iPhone or iPod touch? What makes AppleCare worth the asking price?

AppleCare is one of the …continue reading

Plasma HDTV: Better Than LED or LCD?

Today’s HDTV market is fairly limited to three distinct types of HDTVs: plasma, CCFL-backlit LCD, and LED-backlit LCD. I have had the opportunity to view all three of these HDTV types and, from my personal experience, have developed an opinion on which technology is the …continue reading

How Disposable Prepaid Phones Save My Family Money

“We don’t carry cases for those throw-away prepaid phones.” — An associate at a big box electronics store to my mother.

Long before I called myself the “Frugal Geek,” I learned a series of valuable lessons from my parents about saving money on things for …continue reading

Robots Can Be Fun and Educational

I have written articles about robots in the past, but many of the robots I have previously written about tended to be high-end products. So it was refreshing to learn of a company called Robotics for Fun, which had contacted Chris with information …continue reading

Canon HF M50 Review

Searching for a great camcorder can take you in any number of directions. For many people, a DSLR serves as an excellent budget camcorder that also takes stunning photos. Unfortunately, this solution also presents a number of difficulties in terms of bag …continue reading

VLC for Windows 8

One would think that introducing a new VLC for Windows 8 would be no huge deal. Over at Kickstarter, a company by the name of VideoLAN is preparing to solve this problem. According to VideoLAN, its software is open source and will run within the …continue reading

Using Baby Monitors as a Security System

Baby monitors have come a long way since I was a kid. They’ve evolved from simple plastic walkie talkies to full-featured video cameras with night-vision and integrated lullabies. That said, I found myself wondering if one of these modern baby monitors might …continue reading

Do I Need a New iPad?

Christmas Day was spent with family and friends. One of the presents that drew the attention of some of us geeks was a brand new iPad that was given as a gift from my son-in-law to our daughter. The other highlight of the day was …continue reading

Why I Do Not Buy E-Books

Five reasons why I do not buy e-books:

You cannot buy; you license (although the Amazon page does refer to buying?) Amazon deleted more paid-for books without notice after promising not to do it again DRM They are impermanent They are often tied to a …continue reading

How to Undelete a Lost File (or Two)

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of ReclaiMe. All opinions are 100% my own.

We’ve all lost a file we didn’t intend to delete at one point or another. Either it became mixed in with a group of other files …continue reading

How to Avoid Plagiarism Online

Plagiarism is a serious problem for content creators online. It happens on social networks, blogs, and even traditional static websites. There is so much content online that people seem to believe they can rip someone’s writing off, put their name on it, and no one …continue reading

How to Build Your Own Smartphone Battery Backup

This is an interesting project for those do-it-yourself people who like to tinker. It seems that all of us have become victims of buying everything already made and we no longer get our hands dirty to either built a PC, or in this case, to …continue reading

Electricity Monitoring Devices

Paying the monthly electric bill feels a lot like paying a tax on your technology. The air conditioning you use in the summer, computers, televisions, heating in winter, washer/dryer, and even your refrigerator are a constant cost to you. Some of them have average hourly …continue reading

No Optical Drive for Windows? No Problem

I recall a time when running software and playing video or music from an optical drive was the norm and considered state of the art. In years that have gone by I, like many of you, have found the loud whirring noise of an optical …continue reading

Isn’t It Time We Got Past Comparing Tim Cook to Steve Jobs?

“Steve Jobs wouldn’t have let Apple get away with what it’s doing today.” — Many

That phrase is a trending topic that has even inspired the creation of sites devoted to exploring the public’s fascination with what Steve Jobs would or wouldn’t have …continue reading

Best Beginner Robotics Products

What do you buy for someone aspiring to become a robotics engineer? You could go all out and hit them with all the parts and software they might need to develop their own advanced robotics projects from scratch, but what about someone …continue reading

Mind-Blowing 3D Display

The creative talents at zSpace have introduced a revolutionary way to combine the physical world with the world of virtual reality. This improvement in 3D technology will improve the way we can solve our problems, teach one another, learn from each other, and communicate effectively …continue reading

Yahoo! Toolbar Removal for Firefox

Yep, you read the title correctly. Yahoo! can become your default search engine without your knowledge. After finishing my recent piece on fighting Incredibar, I innocently looked at all the browsers on my computers and was surprised to find that the default search …continue reading

Five Things to Do Before You Launch a Kickstarter Project

Going for crowdfunding to turn your project ideas into actual projects is one of the fastest growing trends in the world of technology today. Projects funded by sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have gone on to become big successes in the consumer market, with more …continue reading

New to the Apple iPad? Start Here

Across the country and around the world, millions of people will be waking this holiday season to open their presents and to find a brand spanking new Apple iPad inside the wrapping paper. After the squeals and hoots subside, where does one start to take …continue reading

Physical Media Vs. Digital Media: iCloud is Not a Backup Solution?

A. Ricardo Marques writes:

Hi, Chris!

You mentioned that you would rather own your TV shows and movies in a digital format vs. physical. Like you, I thought — and in some ways still think — it’s better… until I noticed that 11 movies were …continue reading

How to Find out if Your Twitter Followers Are Real or Fake

Are the majority of your Twitter followers real? It’s hard to tell these days as bot makers work very hard to make their automated accounts seem like average users. Unfortunately, it’s all a ruse and eventually those bots will spam you or sneak in some …continue reading

Buying Your Child an iOS Device? Set a Monthly Apple iTunes Allowance

On Christmas morning, millions of children from around the world will be opening their presents. Among the presents that these children will be opening will be many from Apple and will include iPhones, iPods, and iPads in both standard and mini sizes. These new Apple …continue reading

Why I Switched from Windows Phone Back to Android – for Now

As of last night, I’m back to being an Android phone user. I’m going from a Nokia Lumia 920 to an HTC Droid DNA. I’m no stranger to either operating system (OS), or any mobile OS for that matter. …continue reading

How to Remove Incredibar and IB Installer

How do we get infected computers? Most attacks are thwarted easily, but if you snooze, the bad guys are waiting to pounce. That happened to me recently. A lapse in my attention span got me an infection of the Incredibar hijacker and adware …continue reading

Would You Pay $1 to Message Anyone on Facebook?

Facebook recently posted this statement: “Imposing a financial cost on the sender may be the most effective way to discourage unwanted messages and facilitate delivery of messages that are relevant and useful.” Last year, Facebook made this statement: “a rumor on the Internet caught our …continue reading

Best Gadget Pranks

Office pranks are a pastime enjoyed by geeks the world over. Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer, attributed his electronic pranking devices to preparing him for what would eventually become the first Apple computer. Pulling pranks on someone is easier when you …continue reading