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How Does Google Know Where You Live?

At, DJ Scooby Doo asks: “How does Google know where you live?”

Do you find it a little strange that your phone knows exactly where you live despite never actually telling it? Android 4.1 Jelly Bean introduced the world to Google Now, …continue reading

Nexus 4 Battery Drain Problem

I have been using the Google Nexus 4 smartphone for a few weeks and, over all, I have enjoyed the experience. Using Google Android Jelly Bean has improved the performance of this cellphone, making it function smoothly during the course of all the activities I …continue reading

Why the Surface Sucks

The Microsoft Surface came to market with much hype only to have its actual sales end up slower than expected. The concept was there, and I’m still convinced that the Surface will be a major player after the Surface Pro and second generation devices come …continue reading

Should You Buy AppleCare?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at LockerGnome is whether or not AppleCare is worth buying. Should you buy it for a MacBook? How about an iPhone or iPod touch? What makes AppleCare worth the asking price?

AppleCare is one of the …continue reading

Plasma HDTV: Better Than LED or LCD?

Today’s HDTV market is fairly limited to three distinct types of HDTVs: plasma, CCFL-backlit LCD, and LED-backlit LCD. I have had the opportunity to view all three of these HDTV types and, from my personal experience, have developed an opinion on which technology is the …continue reading

How Disposable Prepaid Phones Save My Family Money

“We don’t carry cases for those throw-away prepaid phones.” — An associate at a big box electronics store to my mother.

Long before I called myself the “Frugal Geek,” I learned a series of valuable lessons from my parents about saving money on things for …continue reading

Robots Can Be Fun and Educational

I have written articles about robots in the past, but many of the robots I have previously written about tended to be high-end products. So it was refreshing to learn of a company called Robotics for Fun, which had contacted Chris with information …continue reading

Canon HF M50 Review

Searching for a great camcorder can take you in any number of directions. For many people, a DSLR serves as an excellent budget camcorder that also takes stunning photos. Unfortunately, this solution also presents a number of difficulties in terms of bag …continue reading

VLC for Windows 8

One would think that introducing a new VLC for Windows 8 would be no huge deal. Over at Kickstarter, a company by the name of VideoLAN is preparing to solve this problem. According to VideoLAN, its software is open source and will run within the …continue reading

Using Baby Monitors as a Security System

Baby monitors have come a long way since I was a kid. They’ve evolved from simple plastic walkie talkies to full-featured video cameras with night-vision and integrated lullabies. That said, I found myself wondering if one of these modern baby monitors might …continue reading