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How to Trick Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria into Being Harmless

For the better part of a century, antibiotics have been the go-to method for wiping out bacterial infections. It works out pretty well until the bacteria — like any other pest — eventually begins to develop a resistance to the stuff that’s trying to kill …continue reading

Awesome Idea or Epic Fail? Mexican Soccer Team Adds Twitter Handles to Uniforms

If there’s one thing sports fans get more upset about than bad officiating, it’s uniforms. Teams love to use uniforms to get as much attention for the team and their players as possible, whether its the design, color scheme or other tactics. At the University …continue reading

Is Blu-ray Better Than Direct Download?

Is Blu-ray better than direct download? That’s a tough question. Blu-ray certainly has plenty of benefits including extra features and ease of use. You can share a Blu-ray disc with someone by simply handing it to them. With direct download, you have to combat DRM …continue reading

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for OS X Review

Few brands are as instantly recognizable as LEGO. From the giant collection of minifigs to the simple, eight-stud brick, LEGO has remained one of the best-selling brands of collectables and (dare I say) toys for decades. In recent years, LEGO has extended its reach to …continue reading

Hulu Vs. Netflix

Netflix and Hulu have a lot in common. They both deliver streaming video to your home through a variety of devices and software options that include (but are not limited to) the browser. Netflix is known for having an abundance of movies and its TV …continue reading

How to Easily Run a Contest Using Social Media for Free

Everyone loves a good contest, whether it’s a giveaway or competition. The emergence of social media as a primary marketing tool has made it easy for brands, businesses, and celebrities to gain even more fans and customers through the use of contests. While Facebook is …continue reading

Beware of the Facebook Bots

Every day, I get several new friend requests on Facebook, mostly from people I don’t know. This isn’t surprising, considering how accessible I’ve made my Facebook profile to people I connect with via social media, but I never think twice about confirming these requests. I …continue reading

Computer Repair and Good Interactions

A senior client with what I thought was a standard problem surprised me. She lives in another state, but has a house near me that she rents to occasional visitors and keeps for her family to use as a vacation house. In that house, she …continue reading

Magic and Probability

While looking for a topic in statistics and probability, I stumbled on a delightful PDF file available online, Using Magic in the Teaching of Probability and Statistics. The underlying premise is that students can be motivated to understand probability better if they are surprised …continue reading

How to Undo Facebook Timeline Conversion

Update January 11, 2011: There is currently no known way to undo the Facebook Timeline conversion. Any “tricks” you may see are likely a scam and/or an attempt to hack your Facebook account. Do not click on these links!

Be sure to stay up to …continue reading

Facebook Testing New Security Features

Facebook is quickly becoming a prime target for spammers and hackers. Every day, approximately five million Facebook users experience spam that, if clicked on, could compromise the security of their account, and approximately 600,000 of those accounts do become compromised. To help Facebook users recover …continue reading

Curating a Story with Storify Just Got Easier

One of my favorite tools for curating content and assembling it all into a blog post is Storify. While I admittedly don’t use the service as much as I should, it is a beautiful way to gather dozens of different types of media and assemble …continue reading

Google+ Unveils Three Game-Changing New Features

Updated October 31, 2011 to reflect an official statement from Larry Page regarding total number of Google+ users.

Google+ is the hottest new social network with over 40 million users. While Google+ was quickly adopted by many social media power users, as well as …continue reading

Google+ Now Available for Google Apps Users

In what seems like an obvious precursor to Google+ for brands, Google is now allowing users of Google Apps to sign up for a Google+ account. This new option primarily affects businesses and educational institutions who use Google to access their work or school email …continue reading

Looking for a Job? Your Facebook Could Either Help or Hurt

It’s not news that your social media accounts can potentially cause you to get fired or reprimanded at work. Many employees in the US have found themselves without a job after posting inflammatory comments related to their job or coworkers, or even their customers. While …continue reading

Club Penguin Adds New Features for Kids

While many of the world’s adults and teenagers have been glued to Facebook for years, kids have been enjoying their own social network called Club Penguin. Owned by Disney, Club Penguin allows children to socialize and communicate with other kids in a safe and moderated …continue reading

How Many Social Bookmarking Sites Do We Really Need?

First, there was Del.ici.ous, an immensely popular service owned by Yahoo! that allowed users to bookmark any site on the Internet and index them either privately or publicly. Bookmarks could be organized by tags for easy categorical reference and discovered and shared by other users. …continue reading

How to Buy More iCloud Storage

If you’ve upgraded your iDevice to iOS 5, you are probably using iCloud already. If you are using it to make backups of your phone on a regular basis, that 5 GB that’s included free is going to fill up mighty fast. Luckily, Apple has …continue reading

Why You Should Stop Hating Facebook

Over the last few years, Facebook has made a lot of changes. Everything from profile design to privacy features have been overhauled at least once. In the interim, Facebook users have raised their voices in protest, only to acquiesce a few days later and continue …continue reading

How to Use Social Media to Prepare for Any Job Interview

Whether you’re currently unemployed or just looking for a new job, landing a job interview is a critical step in actually getting a job. These job interviews can be stressful, monotonous, drawn out, and peppered with questions meant to test your personality, wit, patience, and …continue reading

Bye Bye, Beluga

Group messaging was one of the hottest products at SXSW this year in Austin, Texas as several apps emerged as incredibly popular ways to keep tabs on friends and come together for sessions, music, parties, and more. Among these apps included Beluga, Fast Society, GroupMe, …continue reading

Google+ Wants You to Get More Spam

It’s long been known that using a scraper to look for [username]@[domain] on Web pages is a known harvesting technique for spammers. Phishing attacks have taken to using valid email addresses for more targeted attacks as well. That’s why you see people doing clever tricks …continue reading

LinkedIn Yields Engagement with Groups

David Suntin of Trending Today writes:

For years, Facebook and Twitter have been excellent gateways for delivering information specific to certain topics. Twitter utilizes the pound symbol to signify topics and permit searchable phrases, while Facebook gives the user the ability to generate both …continue reading

Can Consumers Trust HP?

Last night while dining out I reached over for the Heinz ketchup bottle knowing that the ketchup should be thick, rich, and tasty. I base this expectation on the fact that I have eaten Heinz ketchup before and I know from my previous experience that …continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II – A Smart Phone Fit for a Geek?

Kind Gnomie Amir Hemani knows that we haven’t gotten our hands on a Samsung Galaxy S II at LockerGnome World Headquarters, so he asked if he could tell us about his experiences with it. Does this Android-driven gadget pull its weight in the world of …continue reading

How Did Steve Jobs Get Away With Not Having a License Plate?

Steve Jobs was no stranger to thinking outside the box. Even during his youthful college years, he partnered with engineer (and future Apple co-founder) Steve Wozniak to sell phone hacking tools called “blue boxes” to his fellow college-goers. It should be no surprise that he …continue reading

Redbox Raises One-Day Rental Rate to $1.20

I am a relative newbie to Redbox and have just started using the online rental reservation system. If you are not familiar with how Redbox handles its reservation services, you may find that you enjoy the ease with which you can rent movies or games.

…continue reading

How to Customize Siri Security Settings

When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, few changes made more waves than Siri. Siri is a virtual assistant that utilizes Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia to answer just about any question the user has. It also enables you to schedule reminders, make appointments, set timers, control …continue reading

New ATM Card Scam Lets Thieves Steal Your Card from the ATM

Did you know that thieves are actually stealing ATM cards from the very machines we use to get money from the bank? KnowBe4, a leader in security and fraud prevention through education, has advised everyone to take some additional steps to avoid …continue reading

Five Ways to Make Your Business Card Memorable

The business card has long been the one constant in the business world at meetings and conferences. A relatively small, pocketable card containing all the basic information you need to contact or learn more about the business and/or person you just met is a brilliant …continue reading