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Professional Podcasting: How to Connect with Your Audience

Traditional media thrived on a one-way conversation with its audience. Viewers would tune in to their favorite radio or television shows, enjoy the content, and move on with their daily lives. Today, media just doesn’t work that way. It isn’t uncommon to see hashtags overlaid …continue reading

How Does Data Get Hacked?

Many of my clients worry about getting various types of infections on their computers. More than simply having their performance degrade, they are concerned about the dangers of ID theft and compromising their passwords. These are certainly valid concerns, but how real are the risks …continue reading

Amazon Did Not Build Its Kindle Fire Tablet to Be an iPad Killer

Amazon didn’t disappoint anyone when it introduced its new tablet computer for two reasons:

It is priced right. It is not an iPad clone.

As soon as Amazon released the information about its new tablet computer it calls the Kindle Fire, writers everywhere wanted to …continue reading

Five Ways Linux Impacts Our Daily Lives

Linux is more than a family of operating systems that has limited popularity in the consumer market. It’s a lot more than that, actually. Did you know this very Web page is likely hosted on a machine that is running off Linux? Your television, phone, …continue reading

Professional Podcasting: Maintain Attention from Start to Finish

The big secret of online media is that most viewers only tune in to the first 7-14 seconds of any given video before making the decision to move on. Encouraging your viewers to watch your content in its entirety is an important way to engage …continue reading

How to Make Music Using Floppy Drives

One of the more popular projects circulating the DIY community right now is related to the idea of turning old hardware including floppy drives and hard disk drives into musical instruments thanks to the moving parts associated with each device. The sound of a floppy …continue reading

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Working from home is the ideal situation for many Americans. A recent study by Skype revealed that 34% of Americans work from home at least part time. While working from home offers more flexibility in your daily schedule, extra comfort, and the ability to …continue reading

Five Reasons to Use Twitter

Whether you’re finally fed up with Facebook, can’t get a grasp on the functionality of Google+, or want to follow the latest in news and gossip without bookmarking dozens of Web sites, Twitter is the best social network you aren’t using yet. With Twitter, you …continue reading

Plan Your Next Vacation with Plan My Next Trip

I’m huge proponent of mental vacations, jetsetting off to another city for a weekend to clear my mind, seeing some friends, and checking out a different part of the country. Sometimes I spend part of this time alone, resigned to recommendations from friends and Yelp …continue reading

Google Bookmarks is a Free Alternative to Delicious

Earlier this year, Yahoo! made the shocking decision to shut down Delicious, the popular bookmarking site that also helped users discover other content as well. Delicious was then bought by AVOS, which has now completely revamped Delicious and changed the entire concept of the service. …continue reading