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QWERTY Vs. Dvorak Vs. Maltron

With or without knowing it, most of us (native users of the English language, anyway) use a keyboard layout known popularly as QWERTY; if your keyboard’s top row of letters begins with anything but Q, W, E, R, T, and Y, then you probably use …continue reading

LockerGnome Joins Vonage for iPad 2 Giveaway

How would you like a chance to receive an iPad 2 absolutely free? Vonage is teaming up with 75 technology-driven sites, including LockerGnome, to offer opportunities to its readers to receive a 32 GB iPad 2 absolutely free. Why is the company being …continue reading

Targus Versavu Keyboard and Case for iPad 2 Review

It seems that just about every keyboard case for the iPad I’ve seen has suffered from one shortcoming or another. Whether it be clunky keys, ugly case design, short battery life, or any combination thereof, it’s hard to find a keyboard case for the iPad …continue reading

Post Your Resume Online with

If you’re looking for a job, you know how valuable online resume and portfolio social networks and apps like LinkedIn and can be. Traditional resumes take ample time to manage, as they must be carefully revised for each potential employer, as well as formatted …continue reading

Five Power Strip Safety Tips

Do you have a power strip under your desk? Perhaps you have them all around your house, serving a dual purpose of both increasing the number of plugs at a given place and protecting your electronics from sudden surges. Are these power strips …continue reading

How to Use Social Media for Health and Wellness: Find People with Similar Activity Interests

Social media platforms are useful not just for staying in touch with friends and family you already know, but connecting with new people with like-minded interests. By using features of social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can find people with similar activity interests …continue reading

How to Set Custom Text / Notification Tones on iOS 5

One of the nicest “hidden” features in iOS 5 is the ability to set custom tones for text messages, finally. If you are tired of hearing the tri-tone and tired of thinking it’s your iPhone going off when it could just as easily …continue reading

How I Plan on Securing Another HP TouchPad

Last night I showed off my HP TouchPad to a friend of ours who has been considering buying a tablet. She has also tried the Apple iPad we have in our home and fell in love with it. We discussed pricing and I mentioned to …continue reading

Is Brand Important?

Over at LockerGnome’s new YouTube channel, Questions to Answer, Gnomie Frank Angelone asks: “Since branding is extremely important in the online space with getting recognized as a personality or just to establish your company name, if you were to redo it all over again …continue reading

What is Automatic Gain Control?

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is present in a multitude of different electronics and even a few biological applications. Simply put, it is a feature that automatically increases the signal coming out of an output into an input. Whether this is a visual, audio, electronic, or …continue reading