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Memorials And Tributes – 1000Memories

I think we all hope that, when our time comes, we”ll leave behind a legacy of some sort that transcends our limited human lifespan and allows us to last beyond our days — living on in the memories of others is probably the closest anyone …continue reading

Hail a Cab on the Internet with Cabulous

Getting from place to place isn’t always as easy as it could be. While most people seem to drive these days, we’ve all found ourselves, at some point in our lives and for some reason or another, standing on a cold curb in an urban …continue reading

How to Add Family Members to Your Facebook Profile

You may have noticed some of your friends have their family members listed on the sidebar of their Facebook profile pages. This is a great way to help close friends and family find other family members once they’ve located you. It’s also a nice way …continue reading

How to Deal with Trolls in Social Media

Anyone who has contributed anything that has gained a level of attention in the social media realm has experienced the impact that a few trolls can have on the conversation and community as a whole. It seems that as soon as one or two people …continue reading

How Compression and Normalization Affect the Listening Experience

One of my biggest complaints with CDs isn’t a fault in the media; it is the fault of the idiots who master them. It seems there is but one goal for them: to ruin my hearing. Great sound and great music require there to be …continue reading

How to Change RAM on an iMac

The iMac is a very capable system that combines a quality display with a powerful set of hardware. The iMac is used by a wide range of users for everything from everyday home applications to video editing. One of the most common upgrades made to …continue reading

How to Fix Three Finger Swipe in Google Chrome on OS X Lion

Since the release of OS X Lion, Google Chrome users find themselves struggling because their gestures aren’t working with their trackpad. This is because of Lion’s new gesture interface overriding the commands to go back and forth with a three finger gesture. This is fixable …continue reading

How to Get a Job Using YouTube and Social Media

Employers appreciate effort and commitment. Making your resume stand out is definitely something that helps get your foot in the door for an interview. Pink Paper, or sending it in a funny shaped box might have gotten you noticed 10 years ago, but in this …continue reading

Social Media Organization – threadsy

With a constant bombardment of information from all fronts, 21st century life can seem pretty overwhelming. One example: we’re communicating all over the place on the Internet these days. Where generations in the not-too-distant past had the option of telephone or snail mail if they …continue reading

Sidechirp – Twitter Client in Your Windows Sidebar

Some changes made to an operating system over time make it seem like the developers are just trying too hard to “wow” us at the expense of keeping our systems streamlined and smoothly functioning. A company that eschews the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix …continue reading