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Can You Trust Any of the Reviews You Read on the Web?

While the Internet provides us with a fantastic way to communicate with people from all around the world, it also allows us to obtain information that we might not be able to glean from other resources. Unfortunately, this opportunity allows for unscrupulous people to express …continue reading

Choose What To Eat with New iPhone App Chewsy

If you’re in a new neighborhood and looking for something to eat, hopefully you have an iPhone and it’s loaded with apps that can help you out. Want to know what’s nearby? Foursquare can tell you what’s nearby. Want to know what’s nearby specific to …continue reading

Is a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Right for You?

Here in the US, typical consumers are in love with their cell phones and Starbucks coffee, which means that we are willing to pay $1k a year plus for a smart phone cell service and another $5 every workday for our jolt of caffeine. In …continue reading

OnyX for OS X

Keeping your Mac running smoothly should be the order of business for everyone. The idea is to make it so that you’re not overlooking performance degradation simply because you were under the impression that somehow the Mac is going to magically do this for you. …continue reading

How to Get Your Credit Score for Free from Quizzle

Your credit score is the gatekeeper to securing many luxuries in life. Whether you want to buy a car, a home, rent a nice apartment, or even be eligible for certain jobs is dependent on your credit score, which is harder and harder to maintain …continue reading

How to Use Group Video Calling for Free with Google+

Google+ is the new social network from Google. The social network is still in invite-only beta, so currently only a limited number of Google users are able to try out the features offered in Google+. Many of the features offered in Google+ are likely  familiar …continue reading

How to Keep Your Applications Folder in OS X Organized

{EAV_BLOG_VER:daa0a89bfdacad8d} With the introduction of the Mac App Store to OS X, it has never been easier to load up your applications folder with a seemingly countless supply of apps. This can cause a nightmare when it comes to finding exactly what you’re looking for. …continue reading

How to Share YouTube Videos with Friends Using Google+

Google+, the new social network from Google, offers many features similar to Facebook, such as the ability to post updates, chat with friends, and share photos. One feature entirely unique to Google+ though is the ability to start a group video chat, or a hangout …continue reading

Must Know iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve found that iTunes can be both wondrous and irritating software,  depending on the context of what is taking place throughout any given day. This being said, I believe to get the most out of your iTunes experience, it’s helpful to know important iTunes shortcuts for the …continue reading

How to Download and Back Up Instagram Photos from Your iPhone

Instagram photos are a fun way to take photos on your iPhone and share them with friends and family. The Instagram API makes it easy to give your photos a title and tag them with your geolocation, pushing the photo out to Foursquare, Facebook, and …continue reading

How to Invite Friends to the Closed Google+ Beta

Citing “insane demand,” Google has temporarily ceased allowing new Google+ invitations to go out to current members’ friends and family. The option to invite new friends disappeared yesterday (June 29, 2011) evening and is expected to return once Google gives the go-ahead. There is …continue reading

How to FTP to Your Web Site from a Command Line

Over the years, I’ve listened to many individuals out there claim there is simply no practical application to using FTP over a command line. I happen to beg to differ and would even go so far as to point out that it can actually be …continue reading

How to Add and Invite Facebook Friends to Google+

Is it possible Google has finally struck its own social networking gold? On Tuesday, Google launched Google+, a social network that integrates everything you do while communicating on the Internet, including status updates, picture  sharing, and group chat in both text and video form. It’s fairly …continue reading

How to Get Your Instagram Photos into Google+

I’ve been playing with Google+ for the past few hours (in between getting “real work” done, of course). I’ve been a little put off by how insular this social networking platform actually is — particularly, in relation to how Google+ is currently not supporting …continue reading

Local Sync with Google Docs

Living in the cloud is all fun and games. It is, at least, until you find yourself falling off the Internet for some strange reason. The fact is, this can happen. And trusting critical documents to a central agency is, to be frank, stupid. This …continue reading

Guide to Ubuntu One Cloud Services

What are Ubuntu Cloud Services and why do you care? In the simplest terms possible, Ubuntu One is like Dropbox. The difference is in the fact that Ubuntu One is also providing users with a music buying option, along with storage. In addition to that, …continue reading

How to Sync Google Tasks with Your iPhone

I’ve been struggling recently to find the best task management software. I’ve tried using apps like Remember the Milk, Evernote, and a few that Chris had stumbled upon until I recently discovered the latest idea: Thoughtboxes. However, none seem to sync between devices very well, …continue reading Measures Useful and Fun Instagram Metrics

Instagram is one of the most popular ways to share photos with friends, with over 2 million users and over 3.6 million new photos a week. Unfortunately Instagram lacks any way to meausre your own Instagram metrics. While you can see how many people liked …continue reading

How to Find Similar Photos Using Google Image Search

If you’re a photographer, blogger, fashionista, designer, or anyone who works with similar colors and style for a living (or even just for fun), you know how important it can be to find similar images to work with. These images can be important in developing …continue reading

UrbanOrca Helps You Meet People to Do Things (But Not Those Kind of Things)

Anyone who has ever moved to a new city — or even to a new neighborhood in their “hometown” — knows how challenging making new friends can be. Even just finding a jogging partner can be a pain, as perusing Craigslist turns every possibility into …continue reading

How to Find Your LinkedIn Profile URL

LinkedIn is the largest social network of professionals. LinkedIn offers a wide network of both employers and potential employees, making it a great place to look for a job. You can create a profile on LinkedIn that can be used to network with future employers, …continue reading

Google’s New Web Site is Called What Do You Love?

Google has introduced a new Web site/service named What do you love? This new Web site was introduced with little fanfare and keeping to the Google tradition of a plain Jane Web page offers nothing more than a Google search box. So what makes this …continue reading

How to Downgrade Back to iOS 4 from iOS 5 Beta

The two iOS 5 betas that have been released to date aren’t exactly the most stable. Bugs, random crashes, phone reboots, and problems with GPS are just a few of the issues that have been reported by users since the beta launched. If you happened …continue reading

Mature Computing?

How do we know when computing has matured? Many years ago, professor Don Norman answered that question for me by looking around his book-cluttered office and saying that computing will have matured when we are surrounded by computers and not aware of it. By comparison, …continue reading

How to Set Up Your Own Short URL with Bitly

Part of personal branding is using a domain name that includes your personal name. This is key in ensuring that your knowledge and strength carries through from project to project, and isn’t harbored within the blog of a single company. In today’s limited world of …continue reading

How to Use MacPorts

When you or I think about software for the Mac, odds are pretty good you’re thinking about boxed software, apps available from the Mac App Store, perhaps from one of the numerous shareware websites out there. But did you know that thanks to OS X’s …continue reading

Fitocracy Turns Fitness into a Fun Social Game (And We’ve Got Invites)

There’s no doubt game mechanics are hot right now. In every new bleeding edge app you can be almost guaranteed to be awarded a badge for checking in to a new store, eating at a new restaurant, trying on new clothes… the list goes on, …continue reading

Why Updating to Firefox 5 is Pointless

If there was ever a browser falling into perpetual catchup mode, it would have to be Firefox. It’s a title once held by the mighty Internet Explorer that, for the most part, was trash until v8 and then later on, v9 of the browser was …continue reading

How to Take a Screen Capture with the Snipping Tool in Windows 7

One of the easiest ways to take a screen capture, or screenshot, with Windows has always been to hit the PrtScrn button and then paste the image in MS Paint. Windows 7 now features a better tool to grab a screen capture, although it takes …continue reading

Running Dual Monitors with an iMac

On a PC, I feel that running dual monitors is a logical step to better productivity. I mean, why not? This way you have twice as much screen space to work with while also being able to view one piece of software running, while reading …continue reading