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Can You Trust Any of the Reviews You Read on the Web?

While the Internet provides us with a fantastic way to communicate with people from all around the world, it also allows us to obtain information that we might not be able to glean from other resources. Unfortunately, this opportunity allows for unscrupulous people to express …continue reading

Choose What To Eat with New iPhone App Chewsy

If you’re in a new neighborhood and looking for something to eat, hopefully you have an iPhone and it’s loaded with apps that can help you out. Want to know what’s nearby? Foursquare can tell you what’s nearby. Want to know what’s nearby specific to …continue reading

Is a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Right for You?

Here in the US, typical consumers are in love with their cell phones and Starbucks coffee, which means that we are willing to pay $1k a year plus for a smart phone cell service and another $5 every workday for our jolt of caffeine. In …continue reading

OnyX for OS X

Keeping your Mac running smoothly should be the order of business for everyone. The idea is to make it so that you’re not overlooking performance degradation simply because you were under the impression that somehow the Mac is going to magically do this for you. …continue reading

How to Get Your Credit Score for Free from Quizzle

Your credit score is the gatekeeper to securing many luxuries in life. Whether you want to buy a car, a home, rent a nice apartment, or even be eligible for certain jobs is dependent on your credit score, which is harder and harder to maintain …continue reading

How to Use Group Video Calling for Free with Google+

Google+ is the new social network from Google. The social network is still in invite-only beta, so currently only a limited number of Google users are able to try out the features offered in Google+. Many of the features offered in Google+ are likely  familiar …continue reading

How to Keep Your Applications Folder in OS X Organized

{EAV_BLOG_VER:daa0a89bfdacad8d} With the introduction of the Mac App Store to OS X, it has never been easier to load up your applications folder with a seemingly countless supply of apps. This can cause a nightmare when it comes to finding exactly what you’re looking for. …continue reading

How to Share YouTube Videos with Friends Using Google+

Google+, the new social network from Google, offers many features similar to Facebook, such as the ability to post updates, chat with friends, and share photos. One feature entirely unique to Google+ though is the ability to start a group video chat, or a hangout …continue reading

Must Know iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve found that iTunes can be both wondrous and irritating software,  depending on the context of what is taking place throughout any given day. This being said, I believe to get the most out of your iTunes experience, it’s helpful to know important iTunes shortcuts for the …continue reading

How to Download and Back Up Instagram Photos from Your iPhone

Instagram photos are a fun way to take photos on your iPhone and share them with friends and family. The Instagram API makes it easy to give your photos a title and tag them with your geolocation, pushing the photo out to Foursquare, Facebook, and …continue reading