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Roku Vs Boxee

I have been a very satisfied user of both the Roku box (original version) and running Boxee software on a computer attached to my TV set. Remember, I don’t have cable or satellite TV any longer. So these are my primary sources of TV/movie content. The beauty …continue reading

How To Back Up Your DVD Collection

So you’re sitting there staring at a perfectly good stack of DVDs. Then you look at the other stack. You know the ones. Those DVDs that met with an untimely demise during to be scratched or messed up by other means. Clearly the logical course …continue reading

Why Macs Cost More Than PCs

Every time I hear the same argument about Macs costing so much more than a Windows PC, part of me wants to break out the calculator and explain exactly why there is a price difference. Believe it or not, you’re not paying for a “brand” …continue reading

How To Use Google Page Speed Online To Speed Up Your Web Site

Google quietly launched another lab today following yesterday’s release of the new Google +1 button, which allows Google users to share and recommend search results. To help blog owners and Web masters understand their own search rankings, Google now features a new lab called Page …continue reading

Cat Allergy Relief Thanks To New Vaccine

My fellow cat allergy sufferers can relate to how much a sneezing fit can ruin a perfectly good day. Looking through an itchy haze of watery eyes is no picnic, either. My cat allergy relief of choice is a generic form of Zyrtec (cetirizine), which …continue reading

Do You Think That Facebook Can Be The Cause Of Your Anxiety?

There you are on your Facebook page when all of a sudden you can’t do anything. You click here, there and everywhere and nothing happens. Now you are frustrated and getting angry when, just as suddenly, the page starts working again. Is it an Internet …continue reading

Get Rid of Bloatware with PC Decrapifier for Windows

If there is one thing that drives new PC owners crazy, it’s bloatware. If you’re not familiar with the term, bloatware is a name given to software that is pre-installed on computers sold by manufacturers like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, etc. This digital bloat …continue reading

Android Malware Alert: Anti-piracy Malware Publicly Shames Mobile App Users

A new Android malware threat is floating around the Internet right now, and this one will make sure every one of your contacts knows that you pirate apps. Walk and Text is an app that lets you see out of your phone’s camera while …continue reading

Microsoft Accuses Google Of Antitrust Violations

The Microsoft Corporation will be launching an antitrust complaint against Google in Brussels Tuesday, alleging that Google is using its search engine to unfairly promote its products.

For Google this is nothing new; the European Commission has already opened an antitrust investigation against the company …continue reading

How to Remove Yourself From a Facebook Group

Last year, Facebook launched a new version of Facebook Groups, which previously functioned like Facebook Fan pages. Now, Facebook users can create and join Facebook Groups, which still look somewhat like Fan pages, but have more privacy options, and allow users in groups to communicate …continue reading