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Roku Vs Boxee

I have been a very satisfied user of both the Roku box (original version) and running Boxee software on a computer attached to my TV set. Remember, I don’t have cable or satellite TV any longer. So these are my primary sources of TV/movie content. The beauty …continue reading

How To Back Up Your DVD Collection

So you’re sitting there staring at a perfectly good stack of DVDs. Then you look at the other stack. You know the ones. Those DVDs that met with an untimely demise during to be scratched or messed up by other means. Clearly the logical course …continue reading

Why Macs Cost More Than PCs

Every time I hear the same argument about Macs costing so much more than a Windows PC, part of me wants to break out the calculator and explain exactly why there is a price difference. Believe it or not, you’re not paying for a “brand” …continue reading

How To Use Google Page Speed Online To Speed Up Your Web Site

Google quietly launched another lab today following yesterday’s release of the new Google +1 button, which allows Google users to share and recommend search results. To help blog owners and Web masters understand their own search rankings, Google now features a new lab called Page …continue reading

Cat Allergy Relief Thanks To New Vaccine

My fellow cat allergy sufferers can relate to how much a sneezing fit can ruin a perfectly good day. Looking through an itchy haze of watery eyes is no picnic, either. My cat allergy relief of choice is a generic form of Zyrtec (cetirizine), which …continue reading

Do You Think That Facebook Can Be The Cause Of Your Anxiety?

There you are on your Facebook page when all of a sudden you can’t do anything. You click here, there and everywhere and nothing happens. Now you are frustrated and getting angry when, just as suddenly, the page starts working again. Is it an Internet …continue reading

Get Rid of Bloatware with PC Decrapifier for Windows

If there is one thing that drives new PC owners crazy, it’s bloatware. If you’re not familiar with the term, bloatware is a name given to software that is pre-installed on computers sold by manufacturers like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, etc. This digital bloat …continue reading

Android Malware Alert: Anti-piracy Malware Publicly Shames Mobile App Users

A new Android malware threat is floating around the Internet right now, and this one will make sure every one of your contacts knows that you pirate apps. Walk and Text is an app that lets you see out of your phone’s camera while …continue reading

Microsoft Accuses Google Of Antitrust Violations

The Microsoft Corporation will be launching an antitrust complaint against Google in Brussels Tuesday, alleging that Google is using its search engine to unfairly promote its products.

For Google this is nothing new; the European Commission has already opened an antitrust investigation against the company …continue reading

How to Remove Yourself From a Facebook Group

Last year, Facebook launched a new version of Facebook Groups, which previously functioned like Facebook Fan pages. Now, Facebook users can create and join Facebook Groups, which still look somewhat like Fan pages, but have more privacy options, and allow users in groups to communicate …continue reading

Can The Chrome OS Notebook Computers Compete Against The Tablets On Pricing?

This morning I read with interest some reports that my fellow bloggers have been reporting as to the cost of the new Google Chrome OS computers. They have also spoken about the limited companies that are in the process of manufacturing new notebooks which will …continue reading

Steve Ballmer: Linux Still Like Cancer After All These Years

No soft touches from that guy. No reconsiderations. He is going to go to his grave with those words on his lips, so we might as well get the headstone ready. But he will certainly be having a team look over the Linux code to …continue reading

Computer Program Safety Without the Slowdown

Have you ever noticed that the safer a computer program happens to be, the slower it tends to be, too? Dr. James Tuck of North Carolina State University and his team noticed, as well, and they’ve made it their goal to create software that …continue reading

Word – Keep Text Together in One of Three Ways

By default, Word wraps text and breaks text across pages automatically. Usually Word does a good job of it but there are times when you need to keep text together — when you don’t want Word to wrap the text across lines or break the …continue reading

VIPRE Antivirus Software – Avoid At All Costs

That may sound rather bold, and perhaps a tad overbearing, but any software that puts up notice of a keylogger, with the inclusion of a new directory on a computer is in need of a complete overhaul.

It is as if the inclusion of a …continue reading

Mac OS 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 2 Released, Fixes Bugs, Close to Release Candidate?

Apple developers got a present from Cupertino last night in the form of an updated developer preview of Mac OS 10.7 Lion. The previous build, which we reviewed about a month ago, contained significant issues that developers complained made their Lion systems next to impossible …continue reading

First Chrome OS Netbooks To Be Pricey

At least that is what an early notice of their upcoming release is showing, as the expected pricing is to be between $250 and $600.

At anything above $300, why would anyone want one? That was what I thought when I read that news, for …continue reading

3 Strategies For Work-Life Balance – Which Is Yours?

Juggling the activities we like to do along with the things that we need to do has been a problem ever since there have been people. A neanderthal forager, while gathering food so that his tribe wouldn’t starve, probably had daydreams about relaxing next to …continue reading

Laptop Spyware Removal

In the wise words of Scooby Doo: “Ruh Roh!” Yes, apparently somehow Samsung thought it would be wise to include spyware pre-installed on select Samsung notebooks it offers. Worse, it apparently never saw an issue with this practice! You know it’s funny as people …continue reading

How to Make Video Size Smaller for Free

Thanks to hard drive size increasing at a rapid pace, digital video is beginning to find its way to direct download distributors and consumers are becoming less reliant on those thin round discs that seem to scratch and become useless fairly easily. Even with hard …continue reading

Is The Third Time The Charm For Google?

Update: And by third time, I mean fourth. @sixdeaftaxis points out that Google also previously bombed with Orkut.

With much fanfare, Google announced today its new +1 button — a way to recommend Web sites to friends using Google …continue reading Helps You Friend And Follow All At Once

The guys over at RWW made a great find today – a new and neat little web-based app called that allows you to create a single profile for your social media friends and followers to, well, friend and follow you,  all with one click. …continue reading

Amazon Cloud Player Outsmarts The Music Industry

It’s not even 24 hours after the official release of Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon is immediately being hit by the major music companies saying that this cloud player breaks their copyright holds on the music. It seems that, almost as immediately as these accusations …continue reading

Do All Samsung Laptops Come With A Keylogger Installed By The Company?

Samsung has learned that the report of their computers have a keylogger installed are false. The company states that the security software VIPER actually gave a false-positive and actually tagged a Microsoft program called Microsoft Live Application as the culprit in the keylogger accusation.

As far …continue reading

How to Enable Personalized Google Search Results

With Google’s new +1 button, Google users are able to recommend search results with just the click of a button. When people in your +1 network – which include those in your Gmail & Google Talk chat list, people in your “My Contacts” group in …continue reading

How to Make a Great Twitter Avatar

Twitter is a great place to share and find news, gossip, or updates from your favorite celebrities. It is also a good place to network to find job and internship opportunities. If you are going to use Twitter for professional purposes, it is important that …continue reading

Kansas Has Dorothy, Toto, And Now Google Broadband

In the year 1939, the movie industry released several movies that, over the years, have become classics. Movies such as Stagecoach, Gone With The Wind, Of Mice And Men, Beau Geste, and the Wizard Of Oz. The film the Wizard of Oz featured a young …continue reading

Helping the FCC and Yourself Concurrently

The FCC is actually doing some testing to find out if the service capabilities of the average user’s broadband account is as bad as the consumer magazines would have us believe, and toward that end, is enlisting the aid of certain citizens to help out.

…continue reading

Speed Up Disk Cleanup In Windows XP Using The NTFS File System

I realize that many of us use tools like CCleaner to remove the junk and gunk from our computer systems. However we all have friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances and fellow employees that may not have the expertise to use advanced add-on tools, If you have …continue reading

Comcast Fails to Think Outside the Box With Video On Demand

I have been thankful to have moved to an area with cable provider that is not Comcast. I can watch Netflix or Hulu videos without worrying about eventually paying an extra charge or being shut down for exceeding a bandwidth cap. Comcast however claims to be burdened …continue reading