Google Content Farm Algorithm Not What It Seems

By now most of you have heard about Google’s big crackdown on content farms and poorly done content from some fairly big sites out there like eHow, etc. Well I have a news flash for you. Despite lists like this cropping up, the changes …continue reading

Selling On eBay Vs. Etsy

All too often I see folks trying to sell some fairly amazing things on eBay and I ask myself: what are they thinking? No one is bidding, buying, or even caring. Let’s face it, the eBay of today is simply not a great place for …continue reading

Must Have iPhone 4 Apps

When you do any kind of searching for the top must have iPhone 4 apps, you’re likely to discover there really isn’t a definitive set. Why? Simply because what is a must have for me might be a complete failing for you instead. So there …continue reading

Linux For The Blind

First thing I want to make clear is why I say Linux for the blind vs Linux for the visually impaired. As my blind cousin used to say; “I’m blind dummy, so obviously I’m visually impaired.” She also pointed out that she’s short, not vertically challenged. …continue reading

Sorry, Charlie Sheen – It’s Over

I will freely admit, and you can search this blog’s archives to confirm it, that I idolize Charlie Sheen.  The man positively has it all.

But enough is enough, Charlie.  And Silvio.  And Galliano.

It was bad enough when you were simply bad boys: men …continue reading

U.S. Army Apple iPhone App – Will It Be Enough To Attract New Recruits?

The United States Army is introducing a new smart phone application that will allow recruits, and one would assume all soldiers, to blog, tweet, and be more social. The new application will be designed for the Apple iPhone, but BlackBerry, Android, Web OS, and Windows …continue reading

How Verizon Tricked Me Into Buying an iPhone

I love sleeping in – up until the point when I wake up over an hour late because my Samsung Fascinate froze overnight, rendering the alarm clock useless. On top of that, the phone switched permanently into airplane mode for the fifth time since I …continue reading

Privacy Concerns Do Not Stop at the Internet

Many of my PC clients express concerns about Internet privacy. To some extent, this concern is justified, but in most cases is not consistent with the rest of their lives.

If privacy is your concern, instead of obsessing on the Internet, consider other aspects of …continue reading

Mac OS X Trojan Gains Ground

It is widely known among Mac OS X users that they have a very tiny window of being infected with malware due to the nature of the operating system and how it is developed. As Apple reduces and makes Macs less expensive, it attracts a …continue reading

Exascale Systems Boggle Minds and Budgets

Can the Department of Energy create a supercomputer so massive that even it cannot fathom it?

The human mind boggles (well, this human’s mind boggles, anyway) at how high numbers can go. When trying to wrap my head around how “super” existing supercomputers are and …continue reading

Windows 7 SP1 Just Delivered, And They’re Anxiously Talking About Windows 8

I’m not certain what that shows, except that no matter what happens, Microsoft neatly steers the conversation away from the problems of the present, and on to the future. Unfortunately, like the John Fogerty song, Someday Never Comes.

The things we are promised, like specific …continue reading

Keep Your Pictures And Captions Together In Word

If you work with pictures and captions in Microsoft Word 2007, you’ll love this tip!

Typically when you insert an image into your Word document, you create a caption for the image. If you need to move the image to another section of the Word …continue reading

Google Chrome OS Cr-48 Notebook Computer – What Teenagers Think Of It

It has been just a little over two months since I received the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 computer to beta test for the folks at Google. The mini-laptop thus far has functioned very well and I use it daily for a few hours to surf …continue reading

Three Alternative Uses for a Nettop PC

It might be hard to imagine that these extremely cheap little PCs are useful in any meaningful way. I mean, they’re vastly underpowered and cheap so there isn’t a lot they can do, right? What if I were to tell you that these little guys …continue reading

How To Lend eBooks On Kindle

Excited about lending out your eBooks with the Amazon Kindle? I know my wife sure was! Well that is until she discovered that she really needed to have other friends who owned Kindles themselves to participate in the fun. Yeah, it was a bit of …continue reading

OS X Dock Replacement

You have to admit, there is just something about using the dock in OS X that makes life a little easier. Heck, I’ve been known to duplicate dock usage on my Linux computers simply because it just makes everything easier to work with. Rather than …continue reading

Some Answers to Previous Puzzles

In the last post, I presented some practical puzzles. That is, practical a few thousand years ago — mostly for fun now.

The first was to determine the cardinal compass points to within a degree or so with no tool more complicated than a stick. …continue reading

Mac OS 10.7 Lion Developer Preview Video Walkthrough

I got my hands on the Developer Preview of Mac OS 10.7 Lion, and in addition to writing up my thoughts on the new features, I also made this 5 minute video. In the video I bring you a closer look at Mac OS …continue reading

Avoid Bad Games by Taking Advantage of Demos

You’ve done it, I’ve done it, we’ve all been burned by a bad game we paid our cold hard cash on. Either through direct download or retail, bad game purchases can leave a lasting sour taste in your mouth. Often, gamers go through response targeting …continue reading

Sound Card Not Detected With Ubuntu

It’s a common problem I hear about often. New Ubuntu users get the Linux distro installed just fine, only to suffer problems with video or audio later. The most common is a perceived issue with getting the sound card to be detected. Here’s the rub: …continue reading

Is The Decline Of IT Employment The Fault Of The Educational System?

As someone who has seen more than a few years since high school and college days, I look around at the generations that have come along and wonder what is happening to our educational system.

I have had my own travails with the educational system …continue reading

Is Technology Isolation Syndrome a Myth?

In 2006, Lancaster University Professor Tony McEnery did a study suggesting U.K. teens had a vocabulary of 12,600 words, compared with the 21,400 word vocabulary of the average 24-35 year old. The study concluded this was the result of something dubbed “technology isolation syndrome,” a …continue reading

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Sneak Peak Preview

The Mac OS X 10.7 Lion developer preview was released along with new MacBook Pros on Thursday. I had the chance to download Mac OS X 10.7 and play around with some of the new features that Lion brings to the table. Apple said in …continue reading

Apple, Verizon – Too Much In A Hurry?

An article that appeared yesterday speaks of a problem that the new Verizon CDMA model iPhones have, which may be one reason why some have stayed away – they were waiting to see if any problems appeared. (Of course, for current customers, there was also …continue reading

Best Android and iPhone Travel Apps

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a traveller’s best friend. Between apps that help you make travel plans, to apps that help you find what to do when you get there, there’s little these devices can’t do to help make your trip easier. Today, we’re …continue reading

How Wi-Fi Helps Dramatically Cut Small Business Costs

It seems that no matter where you go these days, there is Wi-Fi available. Connecting to the web has become a part of our daily lives and being able to do so where you eat, shop, and mingle is part of what makes social networking …continue reading

You Can Get a 32GB iPad for $479.99 Today

It looks like is helping someone clear out a lot of first generation iPads in a hurry. iPad 2 coming soon, anyone? Refurbished 32GB iPads are available today for $479.99.

Woot is a site that comes out with one deal each day …continue reading

Future Of Web Apps Remains Foggy

Today when we think of Web apps, we think of Zoho, Google, and Microsoft among others providing Web-based software that allows us to do much of what we used to do — with locally installed software — from our Web browser. Some might even say …continue reading

How to Add a Windows 7 Start Menu Folder

The Windows 7 Start menu has a number of differences that may make it harder to find the folders you use on a regular basis. You may have noticed the Videos or My Videos folder is absent from the Start menu folder list. The Videos …continue reading

iOS Gaming For The Mentally Challenged

This will probably be more personal than most articles I write, as it’s based off of a moving experience within my family. My reason for writing it is to help people with mental disabilities and their parents to improve their lives and make them happier. …continue reading