Archives for February 2011

Google Content Farm Algorithm Not What It Seems

By now most of you have heard about Google’s big crackdown on content farms and poorly done content from some fairly big sites out there like eHow, etc. Well I have a news flash for you. Despite lists like this cropping up, the changes …continue reading

Selling On eBay Vs. Etsy

All too often I see folks trying to sell some fairly amazing things on eBay and I ask myself: what are they thinking? No one is bidding, buying, or even caring. Let’s face it, the eBay of today is simply not a great place for …continue reading

Must Have iPhone 4 Apps

When you do any kind of searching for the top must have iPhone 4 apps, you’re likely to discover there really isn’t a definitive set. Why? Simply because what is a must have for me might be a complete failing for you instead. So there …continue reading

Linux For The Blind

First thing I want to make clear is why I say Linux for the blind vs Linux for the visually impaired. As my blind cousin used to say; “I’m blind dummy, so obviously I’m visually impaired.” She also pointed out that she’s short, not vertically challenged. …continue reading

Sorry, Charlie Sheen – It’s Over

I will freely admit, and you can search this blog’s archives to confirm it, that I idolize Charlie Sheen.  The man positively has it all.

But enough is enough, Charlie.  And Silvio.  And Galliano.

It was bad enough when you were simply bad boys: men …continue reading

U.S. Army Apple iPhone App – Will It Be Enough To Attract New Recruits?

The United States Army is introducing a new smart phone application that will allow recruits, and one would assume all soldiers, to blog, tweet, and be more social. The new application will be designed for the Apple iPhone, but BlackBerry, Android, Web OS, and Windows …continue reading

How Verizon Tricked Me Into Buying an iPhone

I love sleeping in – up until the point when I wake up over an hour late because my Samsung Fascinate froze overnight, rendering the alarm clock useless. On top of that, the phone switched permanently into airplane mode for the fifth time since I …continue reading

Privacy Concerns Do Not Stop at the Internet

Many of my PC clients express concerns about Internet privacy. To some extent, this concern is justified, but in most cases is not consistent with the rest of their lives.

If privacy is your concern, instead of obsessing on the Internet, consider other aspects of …continue reading

Mac OS X Trojan Gains Ground

It is widely known among Mac OS X users that they have a very tiny window of being infected with malware due to the nature of the operating system and how it is developed. As Apple reduces and makes Macs less expensive, it attracts a …continue reading

Exascale Systems Boggle Minds and Budgets

Can the Department of Energy create a supercomputer so massive that even it cannot fathom it?

The human mind boggles (well, this human’s mind boggles, anyway) at how high numbers can go. When trying to wrap my head around how “super” existing supercomputers are and …continue reading