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How To Remember To Pay Quarterly Taxes

Remember: quarterly federal income taxes here in the States are a pretty big deal. While some have been known to simply pay them all at the end of the year, it’s been known that the IRS tends to frown on such things. So this means …continue reading

WeatherBug Launches Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Network

When you think of WeatherBug, you likely picture either the Windows application or perhaps one of the mobile apps for the various smart phones out there? However you’ve used WeatherBug in the past for weather, I’d like to take a moment …continue reading

Can Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation Help You Learn More Quickly?

What sounds like science fiction is actually possible: thanks to magnetic stimulation, the activity of certain brain nerve cells can be deliberately influenced. What happens in the brain in this context has been unclear up to now. Medical experts from Bochum under the leadership of …continue reading

Cancer Drug Aids Spinal Cord Regeneration

After a spinal cord injury a number of factors impede the regeneration of nerve cells. Two of the most important of these factors are the destabilization of the cytoskeleton and the development of scar tissue. While the former prevents regrowth of cells, the latter creates …continue reading

Social Networking – Understanding Our Lives In The Social Web

The rise of social media has allowed people to connect and re-connect with friends, colleagues and family from across the world. A new paper by University of Minnesota computer scientists in the College of Science and Engineering provides insights into how the analysis of our …continue reading

Revolution and Privacy

The role of the Internet in the disturbances in both Tunis and Egypt is great. The ability of citizens to rapidly communicate changes the ability of authoritarian governments to control a population. It is no coincidence that when the disturbances continued to grow in Egypt, …continue reading

Medieval Drug Smuggling Tech?

They had to be smoking some of the product while they brainstormed this one. I think it could be a good, uh, what was it? Oh yeah, a “cheek and song” comedy thing…

bubble, bubble, cough, cough…. Cheek: Dude! this is like some massively primoo …continue reading

ISPs Lash Out At YouTube And Netflix

The poor internet service providers. Their networks are always clogged with high internet traffic from YouTube and Netflix, ISPs are struggling and they cannot afford the high traffic anymore. The way ISPs look at it, they have two options, charge customers 21% more for access …continue reading

It’s 2011 and Newspapers Still Don’t “Get” Web 2.0

Today I was reading a post on on the Chicago Tribune when I decided to retweet one of their articles using the Retweet button they provided at the bottom of the page. After waiting about 30 seconds for their custom Retweet system to work, the …continue reading

Post Longer Tweets from Tweetdeck with

Is 140 characters just never quite enough to convey the entire meaning of your Twitter messages? Worry no longer – Tweetdeck has unleashed, a service provided within Tweetdeck’s platform that allows Tweetdeck users to tweet to their heart’s content without character limits. Messages …continue reading