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3 Million MacBooks And 750,000 MacBook Airs To Be Shipped

Shipping three million MacBooks is Apple’s dream for this fall. It is predicted that the shipments will go close to one million per month, which is about 24% of the new MacBook Air. According to the data provided by Digitimes’ sources, the range would see …continue reading

Winamp To Become iTunes For Android Users

A big, lofty goal to be sure, it would seem that the creators of Winamp are edging forward with the idea of Winamp becoming iTunes for the Android platform. Insane at first pass, one could argue that it may be possible if Winamp …continue reading

Bankers With iPads Signals The End For RIM

If I was Research In Motion, I’d be selling the farm. Despite every new phone, every valiant effort they’ve pushed forward to make their phones and devices to look more business friendly that iOS offering, Apple continues to destroy them.

Don’t misunderstand me, I have much love …continue reading

Cholera And Vaccine Experts Urge United States To Stockpile Vaccine

As the cholera epidemic in Haiti continues to rage, public health workers are focusing their efforts on treating the tens of thousands who have already been hospitalized with cholera-like symptoms and providing clean water and adequate sanitation to control the disease’s spread.

Could the United …continue reading

Short, On-Chip Light Pulses Will Enable Ultrafast Data Transfer Within Computers

Electrical engineers generated short, powerful light pulses on a chip — an important step toward the optical interconnects that will likely replace the copper wires that carry information between chips within today’s computers. University of California, San Diego electrical engineers recently developed the first ultra …continue reading

Interpol Seeks WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Interpol, The International Criminal Police Organization, has issued a wanted status for WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange.

Interpol is looking for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, for a sex crimes. According to the wanted post, the International Public Prosecution Office in Gothenburg, Sweden wants to charge …continue reading

First DMCA Conviction For Unlocking Cell Phones

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was one of the two failures I note of the Clinton administration, the other was the burnout of David Koresh and his followers in Waco.

But long after the effects of Waco have left the public’s radar, we …continue reading

LinkedIn Share Button

The social network LinkedIn, which boasts itself as a business-oriented social network has launched a new feature, introducing the LinkedIn Share Button. Just the the Twitter and Facebook share buttons it lets LinkedIn users share content to their connections within LinkedIn. With the LinkedIn Share …continue reading

New Gist Social Profiles for Gmail Make Connecting Faster, Easier

During the past few months, we have seen beta versions of browsers launch (Rockmelt) and announcements of entire new email concepts (Facebook) to resolve one “problem” – our email is not social enough. Email doesn’t need to be social – we just need to be …continue reading

Holland America – Intoxicated Passenger Drops Anchor While Ship Is Moving

A Holland America cruise ship had an unusual experience when one of their passengers dropped the anchor while the ship was in motion. It is also alleged that the intoxicated passenger also released a buoy along with the anchor. According to a report, the actions …continue reading