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Money Trumps Intelligence, Most of The Time

This is going to be one of those posts where I show what an irascible guy I can be, and that I just don’t get the new mindset of some.

I must ask if you have been to the new ZDNet website?

Someone has …continue reading

Answers to Two Puzzles

Answers to the two puzzles: (1) two bars — one a magnet, (2) sphere with a hole in it.

If you have not seen the post with two puzzles, I suggest you look at it first before seeing the answers.

Two bars: Since …continue reading

Surviving Halloween: It’s Cold But I Have Candy!

For some strange reason, Halloween is my wife’s favorite holiday.  I used to believe it was because I was not involved but that turned out to be a misunderstanding.

The house becomes all Halloweened up, (more) things start springing up on the lawn, and still …continue reading

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The 1973 Movie ‘The Exorcist’

The 1973 horror film ‘The Exorcist’ tells the story of an innocent 12-year-old girl who is experiencing increasing episodes of extreme behavior and violence. As the film progresses we are taken on a journey in which the girl becomes so violent that she needs to …continue reading

Turkish Users Regain Access To YouTube After Two Year Ban

Over the last few years, YouTube has gained a negative reputation with governments whose track records in freedom of speech and expression are not the most impressive. However, it is not any particular action of YouTube itself which helps to build this reputation – it …continue reading

Windows XP–Irreplaceable!

That is what nearly half of the companies in one survey have said. The statements include words about using Windows XP after the end-of-life date of April 2014.

That may seem like posturing right now, but what does it really tell us about the things …continue reading

Scanning Basics

I think most people who have a computer today have a multi-function printer, that is a printer that also scans, copies, etc.  The scanner portion of my printer is something I rarely use.  I have a digital camera and a cell phone that I use …continue reading

Oracle Gets Litigious

When Oracle decides to sue people sit up and take notice. That is because the company has the money available to take a case through the court system, instead of running out part way through and having to settle.

If the point is worth …continue reading

FileHippo Update Checker – Give It A Try

I installed and tried FileHippo Update Checker, and the software located 7 software products on my computer that were in need of upgrades. In addition FileHippo Update Checker found 3 other upgrades that were for beta software. FileHippo Update Checker is simple to use and …continue reading

Apple Sues Motorola Over Multi-Touch

Apple is going after yet another company for apparently using their patented multi-touch technology. reported today that Apple is going after various divisions of Motorola for infringing on Apple’s much sought after technology.

Apple is claiming that Motorola Inc. and Motorola Mobility Inc’s  devices have all or …continue reading

Microsoft Nearing the EOL?

That’s what a column on InformationWeek asserts. Now I think it is not so, and that perhaps it is simply the author of the piece trying to give a wake up call to Microsoft, as there is no way that the company will …continue reading

10 Million Downloads–Could That Many People Be Wrong?

The answer must be yes, since we’re talking about Internet Explorer 9 beta, that has-been browser not yet released. PC World reports that there have been 10 million downloads in just 6 weeks.

If I were the doubting type (wink, wink) I’d ask …continue reading

Wind Turbines Responsible For Increasing Bat Deaths

Just when I was thinking that wind turbines were good for the planet, up pops an article on how the turbines are causing the death of bats. It seems that when a wind turbine turns it causes negative air pressure. When a bat fly’s through …continue reading

Flickr Borrows People You May Know From Facebook

Flickr recently announced a new feature to connect you with people that you may know, called “People You May Know.” Its blog says it is “a powerful new tool to help you find and connect with even more members of the Flickr community.” Within your …continue reading

Age No Refuge Anymore

It used to be that the very old, and the very young, were given a pass on many things that others in the median ages are judged on more harshly. This especially stood up for children under the age of 18, being kept from the …continue reading

Types of Clients

Because I prefer tutoring to computer repair and system maintenance, I now offer tutoring at a lower price than repair where before I simply charged an hourly rate for anything. Most of my clients want to feel more comfortable with their computers, but seem …continue reading

Super Talent Makes You Wait Less

So if you’re a busy person, you should buy their thumbdrives.

Does that sound too much like the start of a 30 second television ad? Well, that is apparently what the new thumbdrives from memory manufacturer Super Talent are designed to do – make …continue reading

One Out of How Many?

When deciding if the probabilities in a situation determine a choice beyond reasonable doubt, many people make the wrong decision by simply overlooking the population.

For instance, we all watch crime shows in which DNA evidence is shown to be overwhelming proof that a …continue reading

New Version Of CCleaner Released

Version 3 of the popular program CCleaner has been released and is now ready of free download. The latest version now contains support for 64 bit systems. On the FileHippo sites CCleaner is described as:

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. …continue reading

Technology Enters The World Of The Himalayas

The latest news in mountain climbing in Asia has little to do with the climb itself. The news of the entrance of 21st century technology is given on the BBC website today,  as there are now no less than eight 3G base stations …continue reading

The Verizon iPhone Will Test The Fabric Of Time And Space

Over and over, we’ve all heard about the ultimately glorious iPhone coming to Verizon, circa early 2011. And for the most part, Verizon users seem fairly anxious to receive the iPhone as a choice, along side a number of fantastic Android based phones. After all, …continue reading

Emergency and Disaster Alert Map

I came across a rather interesting web site earlier by the Havaria Information Service that shows, using icons, current emergencies and disasters throughout the world.  Everything from vehicle accidents, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, epidemic hazards and more are shown.  By clicking on the icons you can …continue reading

Walmart Goes “Groupon” with CrowdSaver

With only weeks left until the holiday shopping season kicks off, Walmart has launched its version of social-driven group buying: CrowdSaver. Powered by Facebook, CrowdSaver is an application that will list a deal on Walmart’s fan page, however, it will only activate once enough people …continue reading

OMG… Terrorism… Explosives… Run and Hide!

Get a grip, people.

There’s a technique called Problem, Reaction, Solution:

Problem: terror!

Reaction: fear

Solution: Give up rights for safety

In practice, it looks like this:

Problem: planes flying into buildings

Reaction: fear, uncertainty, …continue reading

Nearly 25% Of All Sun-Like Stars May Have Earthlike Planets

Nearly one in four stars like the sun could have Earth-size planets, according to a University of California, Berkeley, study of nearby solar-mass stars.

UC Berkeley astronomers Andrew Howard and Geoffrey Marcy chose 166 G and K stars within 80 light years of Earth …continue reading

Small Particles Show Big Promise In Beating Unpleasant Odors

Scientists are reporting development of a new approach for dealing with offensive household and other odors — one that doesn’t simply mask odors like today’s room fresheners, but eliminates them at the source. Their research found that a deodorant made from nanoparticles — hundreds …continue reading

Scientists Issue Call To Action For Archaeological Sites Threatened By Rising Seas

Should global warming cause sea levels to rise as predicted in coming decades, thousands of archaeological sites in coastal areas around the world will be lost to erosion. With no hope of saving all of these sites, archaeologists Torben Rick from the Smithsonian Institution, Leslie …continue reading


I hate having to track down a specific item that can be purchased in a store near me. This is usually a big challenge when something new is released. Back in the day, I remember calling a list of stores in my area day …continue reading

Add Bookmarks In Word 2010

Why do you use bookmarks when reading a book? So you can easily pick up where you left off or jump to a specific part of the book at a later time. The same goes for bookmarks in Microsoft Word. You create bookmarks so …continue reading

Disable IPv6 On All Interfaces Through The Windows Registry

IPv6 is enabled by default starting in Windows Vista. IPv6 is the new computer address protocol that will eventually replace IPv4. At this point, not many have a requirement for IPv6 which means you can safely disable it.

You can disable IPv6 for each …continue reading