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Money Trumps Intelligence, Most of The Time

This is going to be one of those posts where I show what an irascible guy I can be, and that I just don’t get the new mindset of some.

I must ask if you have been to the new ZDNet website?

Someone has …continue reading

Answers to Two Puzzles

Answers to the two puzzles: (1) two bars — one a magnet, (2) sphere with a hole in it.

If you have not seen the post with two puzzles, I suggest you look at it first before seeing the answers.

Two bars: Since …continue reading

Surviving Halloween: It’s Cold But I Have Candy!

For some strange reason, Halloween is my wife’s favorite holiday.  I used to believe it was because I was not involved but that turned out to be a misunderstanding.

The house becomes all Halloweened up, (more) things start springing up on the lawn, and still …continue reading

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The 1973 Movie ‘The Exorcist’

The 1973 horror film ‘The Exorcist’ tells the story of an innocent 12-year-old girl who is experiencing increasing episodes of extreme behavior and violence. As the film progresses we are taken on a journey in which the girl becomes so violent that she needs to …continue reading

Turkish Users Regain Access To YouTube After Two Year Ban

Over the last few years, YouTube has gained a negative reputation with governments whose track records in freedom of speech and expression are not the most impressive. However, it is not any particular action of YouTube itself which helps to build this reputation – it …continue reading

Windows XP–Irreplaceable!

That is what nearly half of the companies in one survey have said. The statements include words about using Windows XP after the end-of-life date of April 2014.

That may seem like posturing right now, but what does it really tell us about the things …continue reading

Scanning Basics

I think most people who have a computer today have a multi-function printer, that is a printer that also scans, copies, etc.  The scanner portion of my printer is something I rarely use.  I have a digital camera and a cell phone that I use …continue reading

Oracle Gets Litigious

When Oracle decides to sue people sit up and take notice. That is because the company has the money available to take a case through the court system, instead of running out part way through and having to settle.

If the point is worth …continue reading

FileHippo Update Checker – Give It A Try

I installed and tried FileHippo Update Checker, and the software located 7 software products on my computer that were in need of upgrades. In addition FileHippo Update Checker found 3 other upgrades that were for beta software. FileHippo Update Checker is simple to use and …continue reading

Apple Sues Motorola Over Multi-Touch

Apple is going after yet another company for apparently using their patented multi-touch technology. reported today that Apple is going after various divisions of Motorola for infringing on Apple’s much sought after technology.

Apple is claiming that Motorola Inc. and Motorola Mobility Inc’s  devices have all or …continue reading