Archives for September 2010

Yahoo! Staff Jumping Ship

Clearly things are getting rocky at the Yahoo! personnel department. Seems that despite their best efforts, the managers at the top of the Yahoo! food chain are poised for moving on. And to be honest, with the results of their efforts being …continue reading

Android Apps Sending Covert GPS Data

Most people are totally fine with approved applications using GPS data. After all, many popular apps on Android rely on GPS data to provide the level of function promised by the app being used at the time. But what about when an application is …continue reading

Google Proposes New Image Format

With all the graphics standards and image formats there are today, you might think that the best format for internet usage would have been found, having the best compromise between quality, size, and compressibility. While JPG has endured, and found much wider usage than the …continue reading

Put GIMPBox Back In The Oven

If you happen to be running OLD versions of GIMP on Linux, fantastic, this concept of GIMPBox will make you a happy camper should you want to keep everything in one window.

Sadly for those of us using GIMP 2.6.8+, it’s a fail. …continue reading

Ubuntu 10.10 Unveiled

I’ve been a very, very content Ubuntu user from the beginning. Having been a Linux user since long before that, my introduction to Ubuntu was actually what got me onboard with GNOME over KDE all those years ago.

Today we have news out that …continue reading

Linux VS OS X

Before even opening my mouth, consider the following. We own a multitude of both Apple products and products powered by Linux. So what I share is not based on one being better than another, rather exploring the differences.

This PCWorld article points out …continue reading

How Mushrooms Can Help Save The World

I have been a proponent of mushrooms for many years. For about 18 years I have hunted and integrated mushrooms into my life. The personal health benefits of mushrooms are astounding. They are not only an incredible aid to the immune system, but also help …continue reading

National Security My Ass – Give Us Baseball!

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that on the news tonight was a big story on a multi-acre shrubbery tribute to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, in the style of a crop circle.

What was completely absent from the news was the press …continue reading

Customizing the Finder Sidebar

Recently, I have been doing videos on the customization of the Finder application on the OS X platform. This week, I am continuing the Finder customization trend. In this video I show you how to customize the sidebar in the left of the Finder. This …continue reading

Use Your Smartphone To Accept Credit Cards

We have all heard that one day we will be a cashless society. But unfortunately we have not arrived at the point where having cash has become obsolete. When we go garage sailing, stop at kids lemonade stand, pay the kid to mow our lawn …continue reading