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Comodo Will Help You Manage Your Computer

In the same way that their firewall helps keep your system safe from intruders, and their registry cleaner keeps the inevitable cruft from piling up in your Windows registry, Comodo now brings a way to handle your program installs, uninstalls, and device driver …continue reading

Predictive Text in OS X

Have you ever watched TV with the closed captioning turned on? If you have then you might have wondered how in the world the person on the other end could type the words that fast. Sure there is a bit of a delay with live …continue reading

Electronic Cigarettes Require More Suction Than Conventional Brands

Stronger suction is required to smoke “electronic cigarettes” — marketed as tobacco-free nicotine delivery systems — than conventional brands, with possible adverse effects on human health, researchers at the University of California, Riverside report.

The researchers used a smoking machine to compare the smoking properties …continue reading

Sea Snail Saliva May Become New Treatment For Most Severe Pain

Scientists have developed a new version of a medication, first isolated from the saliva of sea snails, that could be taken in pill form to relieve the most severe forms of pain as effectively as morphine but without risking addiction. An article on the topic …continue reading

Why Fad Diets Work Well For Some, But Not Others

Ever notice some people seem to eat anything they want and never gain a pound, while others seem to gain weight just by looking at fattening foods? You may be seeing things correctly after all. According to research published in the July 2010 issue …continue reading

Miami-Dade Protection Consumer Agency Sues DirectTV For False Advertising & Improper Disclosure

Free HD. Free for 5 months. Free DVR. Free this and free that. Between DirecTV and Dish, these two companies blatantly shade the truth in their advertising. But the people from Miami-Dade are taking on DirecTV and claim the advertisements are false and mislead consumers. …continue reading

OLPC Founder Offers Help To Make $35 Tablet

Now before anyone else, I’ll get the joke out of the way – Mr. Negroponte is going to show them how to turn the $35 tablet into a $70 tablet… ba dum bum.

Seriously, the help of OLPC in getting the thing off the ground …continue reading

Opera 10.61 RC1 Released

The actual release of this was on Wednesday, July 28, but I did not post right away just in case there were problems.

I’m not exactly sure why, but the entire Opera team had taken a well-deserved time off after the run up to 10.60 …continue reading

Divorce Lawyers Love Using Facebook Entries As Evidence

Last week I made comment about why we should watch what we post online, but now there is further evidence how such posts can come back to haunt us. Divorce attorneys use online social networking entries as evidence in divorce cases. Some of what people …continue reading

A Whole New App Store

With the success seen with the iPad and iPhone, there has been quite a push for alternatives to the official App Store as we know it. Different alternatives have been met with various success. Most of them are appearing with jailbroken iPhones.

Today we have …continue reading