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‘Quit Facebook Day’ More Popular on Twitter Than Facebook

Well today was the big day, the day that thousands of users said that they would be quitting Facebook. Although my personal beliefs are that very few have followed through, it has brought quite a laugh to other social network users.

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USB Displays – Who Needs Them?

I love a nice, big display for my computer. It’s just going to make everything I work on that day more crisp and easier to see. But when it comes to USB displays, I am not sure whether there is really a market just yet.

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Could The Tesla Electric Car Be The Next DeLorean?

The Tesla is one of the most advanced electric vehicles on the market. Its two-door roadster is an amazing machine that can go from 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The range of the roadster using battery power only is some 244 miles. Unfortunately, this …continue reading

Student Uses Pedal Power To Create Novel Machine

An innovative bicycle-powered water pump, created by a student at the University of Sheffield, has proved a huge success and is now in regular production in Guatemala, transforming the lives of rural residents.

Jon Leary, 24, a MEng student in the University’s Department of Mechanical …continue reading

UBC Researcher Decodes Rembrandt's 'Magic'

A University of British Columbia researcher has uncovered what makes Rembrandt’s masterful portraits so appealing.

In the study, published in the current issue of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s arts and sciences journal Leonardo, UBC researcher Steve DiPaola argues that Rembrandt may have pioneered …continue reading

Experimental Treatment Protects Monkeys From Lethal Ebola Virus Post-Exposure

Scientists using tiny particles of genetic material to interfere in the replication process of the deadly Ebola virus have successfully prevented monkeys exposed to that virus from dying of hemorrhagic fever. The proof-of-concept study, published in this week’s issue of The Lancet, suggests that …continue reading


For many of us, watching movies is something that we enjoy. While there may be certain movies that we absolutely love from beginning to end, more often than not our movie memories consist of certain scenes that we enjoyed. We can all probably name specific …continue reading

Use Alt To Find Shortcuts In Word 2007

With all the shortcuts available in Word 2007, it’s difficult to remember most of them. Fortunately, you don’t need to! Word 2007 makes it simple to access shortcuts when you don’t remember them.

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Stop The Ringing In Your Ears

Tinnitus researcher Geoff Barker writes:

It was about 7 years ago now that I had a serious case of Tinnitus myself. It really drove me nuts and I was determined to find out how to stop the ringing.

I spent thousands of …continue reading

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway

Get your Web security, network perimeter security, and application layer security gateway up and running smoothly. This indispensible, single-volume reference details the features and capabilities of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG). You’ll gain the real-world insights, implementation and configuration best practices, and …continue reading