Archives for February 2010

Opera 10.50 Hits RC!

In an amazingly short period of time, Opera 10.50 has gone from pre-alpha (which is something most companies don’t release to the public) to a release candidate, which means that the product is almost finalized, with the greatest majority of bugs worked out.

The …continue reading

Another Second Amendment Assault

Strange… I haven’t seen much about this.  It’s only the Second Amendment, thus not worth covering.

President Giveaway, in a brief diversion from giving away more money than exists, is working on an assault weapons ban.  This shouldn’t be a surprise, as the Powers …continue reading

The View from the Space Station

Looking at these pictures, I can’t help but be filled with wonder and awe.  The view is from the `cupola’ of the International Space Station.

I understand gravity and space well enough to know better, but I still shudder in fear that I was …continue reading

Learn Drupal, Young Man!

In a similar vein to the wisdom attributed to Horace Greeley in the nineteenth century, “Go west, young man”, as a rejoinder to the question “What should I do?”, the word for many interested, and out of work, in the IT field, is to learn …continue reading

Copernicus Honored With Elemental Naming

One of the benefits of being well known in scientific circles is that you can hope that one day, you will be honored with an element formed in a particle accelerator bearing your name.

Quite a few science heavyweights have already been honored, though …continue reading

Nissan Leaf – Another Look At The Electric Car

Nissan Leaf is getting closer to being released and Nissan is posting more pictures of its new car. The company has also concluded a tour of the U.S. demonstrating the benefits of a zero emissions vehicle. The Nissan Leaf should be hitting showroom floors about …continue reading

Are We Losing Freedom Through Social Networking?

Several things we already see today would seem to suggest that it is exactly what is happening to our society.

The fact that we are told in many places to watch what we put out for consumption about ourselves on the internet, due to the …continue reading

Air Force “Boneyard” to Finally Close

Though not an official museum, the Boneyard, located in Tucson, Arizona, holds an amazing share of aviation history. The Boneyard has been featured in several major films in detail, the one that immediately springs to my mind is Iron Eagle II, which featured Lou Gossett, …continue reading

The Linux Distro That Boots in Just 10 Seconds

xPUD may not be the first light weight Linux distribution to take up less than 50MB of disk space. But it’s certainly one of the simplest, fastest Linux distributions I’ve seen. And that’s largely because it’s still in the early stages of development …continue reading

Price Fixing? Nah, It’s Couldn’t Be

Ask anyone that has kept an eye on the optical drive market in the last 8 months if anything fishy was going on, and you would probably get 9 answers yes out of ten. The number of drive models is way down, the number of …continue reading