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Apple Promo Shows iPad With Flash Installed

Apple has finally fixed a problem it had in initial promotional videos for the iPad. According to, the first releases of these videos showed Flash applications properly loading within the Safari browser rather than showing the blue “no flash” button. This sparked up some conversation …continue reading

Electronic Frontier Foundation Shows How Little Privacy There Is Online

After the story concerning the possibility of speeding the DNS lookup earlier today, I happened to see a story concerning the tracks that a browser can leave across the internet, and a tool from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Have you ever wondered why so many …continue reading

Google Asks For Ways To Speed Internet, But Privacy May Suffer

In an effort to make the act of getting to an IP address faster, Google would like a method of DNS lookup to change, saving some of the time as the various requests make their hops across the different nodes.

The parties against  the changes …continue reading

Apple’s Steve Jobs – Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra is ‘Bulls**t,’ Adobe Is Lazy

Steve Jobs appear to be getting more grumpy as he ages, or is it that he may be suffering from health issues, that has caused him to sling mud towards Google and Adobe. After his introduction of his newest table computer called the iPad, he …continue reading

99% Of Torrent Files Infringe On Copyrights

So says a student that did an analysis from Princeton University. Though the sample he chose was small, and could be argued as not truly representative, many of us know that the figure would be high, if not anywhere near 99%.

What might be interesting …continue reading

Intel + Micron = Cheaper SSD By Q4

Intel and Micron have a joint venture in which the companies are promising us cheaper SSD in the fourth quarter of the year. The companies have reduced the size of the transistors to an unbelievable 25nm with the hope of being able to produce drives …continue reading

The Future Is Wild

The other day I was sitting with my nephew watching a children’s computer generated show called The Future Is Wild and it got me intrigued.  The show tells the story of a girl from 10,000 years in the future.  As an ice age threatens humanity …continue reading

Is There Less Than Harmony In e-Reader Land?

One of the problems I pointed out immediately, when the second e-reader broke, was the problem with the constriction of DRM. It was not unreasonable to expect DRM to be found on these devices, however unwelcome, and might not have been a problem had any …continue reading

Look For A New Revision Of Chrome Soon

Though there are some of the best security features already found in Google Chrome, the Chrome blog tells of new additions on the way that will make the security tighter still. Some of the add-ons are stated to be in other browsers such as Internet …continue reading

Remember When Apple Cut The Price Of The iPhone? Will The Same Happen With The iPad?

When Apple originally introduced their 8GB model iPhone, it was priced at $599. Sixty days later, Apple reduced the price by $200 to $399. I recall when this happened there was an outcry by the first early adopters who had paid full price. Apple gave …continue reading