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Apple Promo Shows iPad With Flash Installed

Apple has finally fixed a problem it had in initial promotional videos for the iPad. According to, the first releases of these videos showed Flash applications properly loading within the Safari browser rather than showing the blue “no flash” button. This sparked up some conversation …continue reading

Electronic Frontier Foundation Shows How Little Privacy There Is Online

After the story concerning the possibility of speeding the DNS lookup earlier today, I happened to see a story concerning the tracks that a browser can leave across the internet, and a tool from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Have you ever wondered why so many …continue reading

Google Asks For Ways To Speed Internet, But Privacy May Suffer

In an effort to make the act of getting to an IP address faster, Google would like a method of DNS lookup to change, saving some of the time as the various requests make their hops across the different nodes.

The parties against  the changes …continue reading

Apple’s Steve Jobs – Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra is ‘Bulls**t,’ Adobe Is Lazy

Steve Jobs appear to be getting more grumpy as he ages, or is it that he may be suffering from health issues, that has caused him to sling mud towards Google and Adobe. After his introduction of his newest table computer called the iPad, he …continue reading

99% Of Torrent Files Infringe On Copyrights

So says a student that did an analysis from Princeton University. Though the sample he chose was small, and could be argued as not truly representative, many of us know that the figure would be high, if not anywhere near 99%.

What might be interesting …continue reading

Intel + Micron = Cheaper SSD By Q4

Intel and Micron have a joint venture in which the companies are promising us cheaper SSD in the fourth quarter of the year. The companies have reduced the size of the transistors to an unbelievable 25nm with the hope of being able to produce drives …continue reading

The Future Is Wild

The other day I was sitting with my nephew watching a children’s computer generated show called The Future Is Wild and it got me intrigued.  The show tells the story of a girl from 10,000 years in the future.  As an ice age threatens humanity …continue reading

Is There Less Than Harmony In e-Reader Land?

One of the problems I pointed out immediately, when the second e-reader broke, was the problem with the constriction of DRM. It was not unreasonable to expect DRM to be found on these devices, however unwelcome, and might not have been a problem had any …continue reading

Look For A New Revision Of Chrome Soon

Though there are some of the best security features already found in Google Chrome, the Chrome blog tells of new additions on the way that will make the security tighter still. Some of the add-ons are stated to be in other browsers such as Internet …continue reading

Remember When Apple Cut The Price Of The iPhone? Will The Same Happen With The iPad?

When Apple originally introduced their 8GB model iPhone, it was priced at $599. Sixty days later, Apple reduced the price by $200 to $399. I recall when this happened there was an outcry by the first early adopters who had paid full price. Apple gave …continue reading

Why I’d Like an iPad

The iPad announcement didn’t seem to live up to the type it generated for over a year when the news of an Apple tablet device originally hit the news. Unlike others, I was impressed and wanted one immediately. I can understand the value of …continue reading

6′ HDMI Cables – Amazon Basic – Only $6.95

Can you really buy a 6′ HDMI cable for only $6.25? At Amazon they have their own in store brand for this price and the cables are shielded and have gold plated connectors.

Amazon describes the cable as:

Product Features Ships in Amazon Frustration-Free …continue reading

Apple Has Already Redefined Multitasking

Multitasking is one “feature” I have surely been taking for granted. Multitasking has been one of the greatest personal computing innovations since the graphic user interface. Sitting at your Mac or PC right now, try to imagine only being able to do one thing at …continue reading

Microsoft Claims 60 Million Copies Of Windows 7 Sold

While the figures are somewhat more believable than the outlandish numbers claimed every time someone wanted a tally on the number of copies of Vista sold, one still must remember that when Microsoft states sold, the number is an amalgam of multiple revenue streams, and …continue reading

iPad vs A Rock – Now This Is Funny

Now this is funny. I found this posted over at TechCrunch and thought I would share this.

Comments as always are welcome.


Google To Pull Plug On Internet Explorer 6 Support From March 1 After Attacks

Google has said that from March 1 some of its applications will fail to operate “properly” for those who are browsing the site using Internet Explorer 6.

The company has said that the first services which the company will no longer support will be Google …continue reading

The Psychology Of Voting

I have wondered my entire life why it is that many people do just the opposite of what you might think and vote against their own interests. Up until now, my reading, and speaking with others has usually revealed that the reasons are varied, but …continue reading

IE 6 No Longer Supported With Google Docs

I honestly found the news of Google Docs pulling IE6 support amusing considering how many enterprise environments are still using IE6 due to legacy apps that require it. Sure seems like Google might be shooting itself in the foot if it is trying …continue reading

Can Blocking A Frown Keep Bad Feelings At Bay?

Your facial expression may tell the world what you are thinking or feeling. But it also affects your ability to understand written language related to emotions, according to research that was presented today to the Society for Personal and Social Psychology in Las Vegas, …continue reading

Smokers At Risk From Their Own 'Second-Hand' Smoke

It is well known that smokers damage their health by directly inhaling cigarette smoke. Now, research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Environmental Health has shown that they are at additional risk from breathing environmental tobacco smoke, contrary to the prevailing assumption that …continue reading

Seabed Biodiversity Of The Straits Of Magellan And Drake Passage

A study of animals visible to the naked eye and living in and on the seabed – the ‘macrobenthos’ – of the Straits of Magellan and Drake Passage will help scientists understand the biodiversity, biogeography and ecology of the Magellanic region.

“The biodiversity data …continue reading

Should Punxsutawney Phil Be Replaced By A Robotic Groundhog?

The lunacy in our country continues as the group PETA wants to have Punxsutawney Phil replaced by a robotic groundhog. The group seems to feel that exploiting the rodent should cease and that Phil needs to retire in style. In his place the group wants …continue reading

Let’s All Get One

With an eye on the most complete palette of display as its reason to exist. the Eizo CG303W is a huge monitor with a huge price. It does however boldly claim to be one of the world’s most color perfect LCD monitors. Eizo, which also …continue reading

Find A Security Bug In Google Chromium or Chrome Browser, Get $500 to $1,337 Reward

In an effort to make their products as secure as possible, Google is launching a reward program. The program will be for both their Google Chromium and Google Chrome browser for any security bug reported. The rewards are from $500 to $1,337 and Google explains …continue reading


It’s one thing to create a lot of content that you push out to the Internet, but keeping track of how that content is performing is an entirely different challenge. When it comes down to it, businesses want to see the results and metrics, and …continue reading

Picking The Right LCD Monitor

Q: Buying a new LCD monitor for my computer is getting very confusing with all the connectors and specs that get thrown at me. What’s should I be looking at to comparison shop? — Adam

A: When it comes to buying a new display for …continue reading

MAKE: Technology On Your Time Volume 21

Enter the world of desktop manufacturing with MAKE! Issue 21 offers the know-how you need to make three-dimensional parts with inexpensive computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. Perfect for individuals and small groups, these detailed how-to articles cover the use of both additive (RepRap, CandyFab) and …continue reading

Create A Custom Motion Path In PowerPoint 2007

In a previous tip, I showed you how to add a motion path to a graphic object in PowerPoint 2007. A motion path is a line, defined by you that a graphic object follows on a slide. For example, a graphic object can move from …continue reading

Question – Would It Be Worth It To Upgrade To An SSD?

I was surfing around this morning when I stumbled onto the Crucial memory site, which was touting the benefits of SSD [Solid-State Drives] vs the traditional mechanical hard drives most of us use. There is no doubt about it. SSD’s are the future and do …continue reading

Comcast Asking for IPv6 Volunteers

Somewhere in the nation, Comcast is signing up so many users that it is running out of IPv4 addresses to assign, and so, in a bit of a exploratory and gutsy move, is going to be amongst the first to roll out IPv6 in limited …continue reading