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Whining & Self Pity Are Not Comcastic!

Normally, I wouldn’t write much about a cable company getting whiny about an FCC ruling, but with the upcoming net neutrality legislation, it seems as though the people at Comcast are making a bit too much of the matter, in order to highlight the argument.

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Red Panther Solid State Drives – Bringing Goodness to the Disaffected

Many people are aching to get their hands on a solid state drive. The extreme access speeds and the lack of moving parts makes the choice a good one for those who have laptops and aren’t especially careful with them.

It is also nice for …continue reading

Are You Bothered By the Lack Of A Proper Menu With Windows 7? Solution Follows

I know I was. After attending a couple of Microsoft seminars, two things became abundantly clear – those people don’t think as I do, nor do they use their computers in the same way; and  they also cannot produce anyone who was a part of …continue reading

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2- Use The Game and Return It For A Refund – Will This Work?

GameStop is offering gamers an unusual offer that could get you Call Of Duty  Modern Warfare 2 for as little as $20. On their web site they states that if you pre-order the game, for either the Xbox 360 or PS3 and pay full retail …continue reading

Kentucky Natural Gas Bills To Shrink By 40% This Winter – Another Reason To Stop Speculators!

This morning I was reading an article about natural gas prices being lower this winter season by about 40% in Kentucky. The article also stated that these prices are the lowest they have been in six years. I am going to guess that these lower …continue reading

Microsoft Security Essentials – Really the Best?

Over at independent comparator and evaluator, AV-Comparatives, we see that in one of their latest tests, Microsoft Security Essentials is rated at the top of  all the free antivirus products and very high when the paid versions are thrown in.

I don’t debate the …continue reading

Microsoft Discontinues Accounting Software – Express Version Is Still Free

Microsoft has had a rough year when it comes to its line of financial software. In June it stopped producing its MS Money product and now it is discontinuing its MS Office Accounting software as well. Though the product may be in the process of …continue reading

Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

There is an unfinished feature built into Windows 7 that allows a laptop to become a hotspot. Microsoft originally was going to include the feature, but during development dropped it from the final version. Now a company is beta testing its software, which is free …continue reading

HP Gets Custom Backgrounds On Windows 7 Starter Edition

Do you remember when many people we stating that one of the really nasty things about the Starter Edition of Windows 7 was that the user was stuck with one rather nasty background, and no way to change it? I remember seeing a certain site …continue reading

Ads Are Not All Bad – Just Watch How They Are Used

This article provides us with an advertiser’s perspective as to how it affects them in their eyes when people use add-ons such as AdBlock Plus. But what Mr. Smith does not seem to realize is the big reason why AdBlock Plus is so popular …continue reading

Microsoft Discontinues Office Accounting

Deciding to get out of the accounting business, the Office Accounting product will be discontinued on November 16, 2009. All of the features that are on-line for that program will disappear soon after.

This includes the Office Accounting Express 2009 program, which I’m told by …continue reading


Some time ago I ran across some of Robert Llewellyn’s YouTube videos.  If you don’t know, he is the actor that played Kryton on Red Dwarf, hosted Junk Yard Wars, and narrated numerous How Do They Do It shows.  Recently he has begun a rather …continue reading

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Halloween With Zombie Tycoon

Beware of living deads around Halloween… Frima Studio’s Zombie Tycoon is launching today as a PSP (PlayStation Portable) mini title in North America, Europe and Asia. The hilarious zombie horde has been released to contaminate and infest the PlayStation Network.

Zombie Tycoon was specifically …continue reading

How Reliable Is Your Windows 7 Installation? Here’s How To Check It

Microsoft has built into Windows 7 a tool in which users can check the reliability of their Windows 7 installation. The reliability feature uses a graph that a user can use to determine if any problems have been reported and if there is a possible …continue reading

Should I Get Droid or Wait For the Hero?

There has been a fury over this new Motorola Droid which is set to be released by Verizon on November 6th. The Android OS will only get better, and with the news about the new GPS app that Google released for free, I’m …continue reading

Concert Streaming – A New Trend?

It might be the beginning of a great new change in the way things work. After the U2 concert last Sunday, apparently the Foo Fighters decided that they wanted in on part of that world-wide adulation.

From PC Magazine

On Friday, the Foo Fighters …continue reading

Dell Is Selling The Nintendo Wii For $179 + Free Shipping

Just a quick note. Dell is offering the Nintendo Wii for $179.99 plus free shipping.

Check the link below:

Dell Nintendo Wii Sale


If you’re involved in a business, then you’re almost definitely talking to people on a continual basis. For a lot of people, their job description means that they can basically talk on the phone with or send e-mails to a variety of people for the …continue reading

64-Bit Windows 7 Pros & Cons

Q: 64-bit Windows (7) is a must for me as I bought a quad core PC for its power, only to discover that this power is limited by having a 32 bit OS. Do I need to buy the full version, or can I buy …continue reading

Hello From Switzerland; My Windows 7 Thoughts

Swiss Gnomie Bruno Fiems writes:

Hello Chris,

First of all, my mother tongue is French, so please excuse me for my English mistakes! I do live in Switzerland and you got some fans here. My girlfriend thinks you are a little bit crazy to share …continue reading

New Windows Apps For October 30th, 2009

Platform: Windows – New Apps

PDF Decrypter Pro 3.0

Do you have such kind of experience that a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file Can not be printed, copied, or edited ? If yes, This is because PDF file has had password security and other …continue reading

You’re Not Wasting Time Online; You’re ‘Brain Training’

If you are reading this, it is likely that you have heard from family and friends that you spend too much time online. Perhaps your significant other has questioned whether you have a life that doesn’t involve keyboard entries and mouse clicks.

If that is …continue reading

QuickBooks 2010: The Missing Manual

With QuickBooks 2010: The Missing Manual, you don’t just learn how to use this popular program, you learn why and when to use specific features. You also get basic accounting advice so that everything makes sense along the way. Get more out of …continue reading

QuickBooks 2010: The Missing Manual

With QuickBooks 2010: The Missing Manual, you don’t just learn how to use this popular program, you learn why and when to use specific features. You also get basic accounting advice so that everything makes sense along the way. Get more out of …continue reading

Work More Efficiently With Outlook Appointments

Given that I spend a significant amount of time in Outlook and use it to organize my time, I’m always looking for application shortcuts. A Lockergnome reader recently alerted me to a few more Outlook shortcuts.

Often times I receive information about an event through …continue reading

Microsoft Branded Stores – Long On Looks, Short On Substance

Everyone I know has been wondering how successful the new Microsoft branded stores would be, and if they might offer a place to gain insight on products that are new, or have not been fully investigated by the computer press.

I know I did not …continue reading

Hundreds of Millions (More) Just Went to Pakistan

Next time you have to decide if you can afford a luxury (or a necessity), or healthcare, remember that hundreds of millions of dollars just magically flew our coop and landed in Pakistan.  This was just the most recent spate of hundreds of million …continue reading

Windows 7 – Microsoft Clarifies What An Upgrade Is, Contrary To What Any Hack Says

Microsoft is clarifying what the company says is a LEGAL upgrade process is for upgarding to Windows 7, contrary to the opinions expressed by some on the Internet. This is not a new situation, in that we seem to run into this brick wall with …continue reading

Ancient ‘Monster’ Insect Offers Halloween Inspiration

Just in time for Halloween, researchers have announced the discovery of a new, real-world “monster” — what they are calling a “unicorn” fly that lived about 100 million years ago and is being described as a new family, genus and species of fly never before …continue reading

New Games For October 30th, 2009

Category: Games – New Apps

Byzantine Circular Chess 2.1

Byzantine Circular Chess is a computer game that develops human intellect with a new approach to a traditional chess game. Play circular chess against computer or your friend, find new chess strategies or make …continue reading