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Windows 7 Build 7264 ‘Leaked’

The next available Windows build, number 7264, has been leaked, and no one is calling the plumbers to fix the leak. The 32 and 64 bit versions are to be found, with torrents reportedly only available for short term use, as the keys distributed with …continue reading

iPhone 3G Or The 3GS – Which Is Really Better?

It’s a question that a lot of people are still asking themselves. Should you upgrade to the iPhone 3GS? For personally, this is an easy no as I am not eligible for an upgrade, which means I am stuck with the 3G for a …continue reading

Is Google Better Equipped For Search

As I read through this article, I found myself a bit shocked at what I was reading. While I expect some level of friction between Google and Bing, I found the comments made by Google about Bing to be a bit antagonizing.

Perhaps …continue reading

Firefox Better Than Before?

Even with the latest release of Firefox out for OS X users, Safari and Chrome are still very much something that remains on the radar. And obviously for OS X users, Safari is never far from anyone’s mind when it comes to a …continue reading

Real-time Search Needs More Time In The Oven

I was reading this article of Robert’s today and for the first time in awhile, discovered that he and I agreed on something! Scoble is of the opinion that Twitter has little value in the long-term value arena. I could not agree more.

…continue reading

Macbooks For Everyone – In School

Seems like only yesterday that schools had Apple II computers standard. Not for each child, rather a few computers to a class, as they were obviously quite pricey. Well it looks like some states are flush enough with funds that it’s going to be …continue reading

Akasa Releases Apache Fan

Akasa,  a company not well known to the average computer user, has always been a maker of fans generally mundane in appearance, and standard in their operation. perhaps the best known Akasa series of fans are the ones with golden–colored impellers, and clear plastic housings. …continue reading

Crackberry Swans Spending Crop Circles in Gay Exorcism

Blackberry Saves Skier From Falling Into Crevasse

I knew those things had to be good for something

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth Orders Staff To Count Her Swans

I had to visit the chicken slaughterhouse to get necks for the boss’ pet ocelot.  …continue reading

Monday’s Health News on Tuesday!

Here is an utterly revolting story about mental healthcare in Greece.  They still tie patients down.

Ok, so our system is the second worst.

Daily sex ‘best for good sperm’

Well then, call the wife!  Our motto: “No kids but die trying!

…continue reading

Are We Giving Machines Too Much Control?

Just as I was finally able to stop having nightmares about becoming a slave in the future to my robotic overlords, I discover that Toyota is looking to give us mental control over robots.

Wow, really? Sure this sounds like a fantastic idea …continue reading

Tweet Your Way To Consumer Justice!

Most of us like to believe that we have a fairly strong handle on what we are doing when traveling with our mobile devices. Most notable among these devices are those using talk time or data usage over mobile phone networks. Unfortunately, the reality of …continue reading

Is It Really Worth It To Belittle Windows?

It something that most Linux users struggle with almost daily. To merely point out that you are not a Windows user and instead, use an alternative or instead point out why you dislike Windows. Which is the best approach? Obviously from the standpoint of …continue reading

NVIDIA Resolution Revolution

Nothing more frustrating than installing a new OS, only to find that it is not working as expected. Hey, it happens. In a recent instance, a Lockergnome reader had installed Ubuntu onto his Acer Aspire 4520. As luck would have it, the default resolution …continue reading

What Is In A Sticker?

More often than I might like to admit, I see people frustrated after an attempt to install Linux onto their designed for Windows notebook. And even though 98% of the time it will install fine, there is always that one single show stopping issue …continue reading

Spam That Threatens to Hurt You

It seems that hackers and criminals have a touch of nostalgia. They are re-cycling an old ploy. It has been called ‘hit-man spam’. This old scam has resurfaced:

“…The faux-assassin attempts to extort money by threatening bodily harm if the recipient doesn’t send a payment …continue reading

Franken Finally, Officially, Wins!

Talk about bad sports. Every Republican in the Minnesota government, along with a great many in the rest of the country need to go back to primary school, to learn what ‘being a good sport’ and ‘losing gracefully’ means.

Over eight months ago, Mr. Franken …continue reading

Yelp Clone Gets Paid

Not totally sure I am feeling the value here? How does yet another “localized” search engine help anyone again? Granted, Yahoo Local is pretty lame, but I am just not sure that this is the right approach. Could be wrong, but I have …continue reading

City Of Heroes Launches Issue 15: Anniversary

NCsoft, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today launched Issue 15: Anniversary, the next exciting chapter of City of Heroes, the premier comic-book inspired MMO. Commemorating the game’s recent five-year anniversary celebration, Issue 15: Anniversary brings City of Heroes …continue reading

Rumors Were True – Firefox 3.5 Has Arrived

Last week I had mentioned that the folks at Mozilla were getting ready to release Firefox 3.5 final on today’s date. True to form it did in fact hit the Internet today and I have already downloaded and installed the latest release. Now I could …continue reading

Google Captcha – WTF

Sometimes captcha not only deters bots, but people that want to get into their accounts as well. Somebody please tell me what the heck the letters are here.

Forget Florida or California – New Study Shows 10% of Louisiana May Disappear

When I was growing up, there was a song about the earthquakes in California, and how we would have to ‘tie up the boats in Idaho’ after ‘the big one’. In the last 10 or so years, the rather impressive pictures showing sea life in …continue reading

Spam Increases Along With Security Issues

The unfortunate deaths of a number of celebrities recently has generated an increase in spam. Add political scandals to the news, and the junk mail really spikes upward. There has been (and will continue to be) a significantly higher volume of this junk email directed …continue reading

Gnomie Discount For MailWasher Pro

The unfortunate deaths of a number of celebrities recently has generated an increase in spam. Add political scandals to the news, and the junk mail really spikes upward. There has been (and will continue to be) a significantly higher volume of this junk email directed …continue reading


My attention span has been steadily decreasing ever since I started using the Internet. I used to be a patient person, but now I’m only willing to give something online a few seconds of my attention in order to determine if I’m interested in it. …continue reading

Throwboy Wave


Win $10,000.00 by using your coding skills and creative mind to help make the world a greener place, or teach people how to survive in our current economy.

Uploading videos directly from my iPhone 3G S is an easy (and awesome!) process.

…continue reading

When Franchises are Ruined: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


So the news that Buffy Summers is set to return to the big screen in the coming year or two is roughly a month or so old now, but I was just having a little personal geek time, re-watching old Buffy and …continue reading

Worms 2: Armageddon Hits Xbox Live Arcade

The sequel to one of the top selling Xbox Live titles arrives tomorrow!

Worms has been one of the most successful and consistent Xbox Live titles since its launch in March 2007 and now it’s back, bigger and better than ever for this stunning and …continue reading

Michael Jackson Spammers Are Hard At Work

The crooks, thieves and swindlers wasted no time in setting up spam in order to steal stuff from your computer. The prize theft is to steal your passwords so that the bad buys can get into your banking accounts or other financial institutions. It did …continue reading

Mushkin Branches Out, Again

Long known as one of the purveyors of some of the best, and fastest memory available (does anyone else remember PC150 DRAMs? Mushkin had them when all others only had PC133), Mushkin has decided to move into the video card market.

It was not that …continue reading

Working With Rules In Outlook 2007 Part III

Given that a person can spend quite a bit of time creating rules in Outlook, it is wise that you create a backup of them. Creating a backup will make restoring your computer or moving to a new one much easier and you will be …continue reading