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Windows 7 Build 7264 ‘Leaked’

The next available Windows build, number 7264, has been leaked, and no one is calling the plumbers to fix the leak. The 32 and 64 bit versions are to be found, with torrents reportedly only available for short term use, as the keys distributed with …continue reading

iPhone 3G Or The 3GS – Which Is Really Better?

It’s a question that a lot of people are still asking themselves. Should you upgrade to the iPhone 3GS? For personally, this is an easy no as I am not eligible for an upgrade, which means I am stuck with the 3G for a …continue reading

Is Google Better Equipped For Search

As I read through this article, I found myself a bit shocked at what I was reading. While I expect some level of friction between Google and Bing, I found the comments made by Google about Bing to be a bit antagonizing.

Perhaps …continue reading

Firefox Better Than Before?

Even with the latest release of Firefox out for OS X users, Safari and Chrome are still very much something that remains on the radar. And obviously for OS X users, Safari is never far from anyone’s mind when it comes to a …continue reading

Real-time Search Needs More Time In The Oven

I was reading this article of Robert’s today and for the first time in awhile, discovered that he and I agreed on something! Scoble is of the opinion that Twitter has little value in the long-term value arena. I could not agree more.

…continue reading

Macbooks For Everyone – In School

Seems like only yesterday that schools had Apple II computers standard. Not for each child, rather a few computers to a class, as they were obviously quite pricey. Well it looks like some states are flush enough with funds that it’s going to be …continue reading

Akasa Releases Apache Fan

Akasa,  a company not well known to the average computer user, has always been a maker of fans generally mundane in appearance, and standard in their operation. perhaps the best known Akasa series of fans are the ones with golden–colored impellers, and clear plastic housings. …continue reading

Crackberry Swans Spending Crop Circles in Gay Exorcism

Blackberry Saves Skier From Falling Into Crevasse

I knew those things had to be good for something

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth Orders Staff To Count Her Swans

I had to visit the chicken slaughterhouse to get necks for the boss’ pet ocelot.  …continue reading

Monday’s Health News on Tuesday!

Here is an utterly revolting story about mental healthcare in Greece.  They still tie patients down.

Ok, so our system is the second worst.

Daily sex ‘best for good sperm’

Well then, call the wife!  Our motto: “No kids but die trying!

…continue reading

Are We Giving Machines Too Much Control?

Just as I was finally able to stop having nightmares about becoming a slave in the future to my robotic overlords, I discover that Toyota is looking to give us mental control over robots.

Wow, really? Sure this sounds like a fantastic idea …continue reading