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Einstein’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches


Universal Studios’ new studio re-do: Harrison console powered by Linux.  Wow…

Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Alpha 5

Video: Ted Ts’o on Ext4, BtrFS, First Steps with Linux

Thunderbird 3, Beta 2 available.

Dog, missing 9 years, returned to …continue reading

Time to Look North

This country is so busy usually telling the rest of the world how to live, yet somehow we aren’t always doing the best at setting the example. A look at the Wall Street meltdown might serve as a primer of what not to do.

Our …continue reading

NIMH AA Batteries

While I’m a big fan of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries, I’ve noticed something odd (and quite honestly, disappointing) in the last few months. A bunch of the NiMH AA batteries here at ranchero indebto are draining awfully quickly. This problem  cropped up with the NiMHs …continue reading

Toward Better Speech

Poor speech has become something that is on the mind of many. Perhaps it is because we just finished eight years of having a president that couldn’t string five coherent sentences together at one time to save his life. Perhaps it is because we have …continue reading

Using Double Quoted Identifiers In Linked Servers

The other day I was trying to obtain connection information from master.dbo.sysprocesses via a linked server call using SQL Server 2005. So the statement I was running looked like this: INSERT INTO connection SELECT DISTINCT [name], hostname, program_name, loginame, nt_username, net_address, last_batch,  getdate() FROM OPENQUERY(“SQL1V01″, ‘SELECT d.[name], p.hostname, p.program_name, p.loginame, p.nt_username, p.net_address, …continue reading

Hearst To Launch Wireless E-Reader

We have all read recently of some of this countries largest and most famous newspapers going under. Lack of revenues have forced some of the oldest, Colorado Rockies since the 1860’s, to close shop. The Heart publishing giant has also come under the gun and …continue reading

Vista Wins Another Award

Microsoft must be very proud. Its Vista operating system is winning international awards now. Who would have thought that this scrappy little operating system that gets no respect in the United States would rise to be honored in the international arena?

from Scientific American

It’s …continue reading

Can Someone Steal Your Car With Another Remote?

Most newer vehicles now come with key less remotes that at a click of a button open up your vehicle. So I found it interesting over the weekend when someone asked whether another remote could open their car? You see, once you have been labeled …continue reading

2-28: Sword Swallowers Awareness Day


New XFCE release is out (4.6.0)

updated desktop, panel, rewritten multiple display+clock setup, kill unresponsive windows, faster session manager – take the tour….

Making NetworkManager work with suspend/resume

VMware, Novell hatch virtual appliance scheme

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Are Japanese Mobile Devices Cooler Than The iPhone?

From the perspective of available applications and abilities, the iPhone is impressive to be sure. But as it turns out, rumor has it that collectively speaking, the Japanese are less than impressed with the famed Apple Mobile phone. So unimpressed in fact, that …continue reading