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Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s – Review

I recently got to see this release.  I’m used to seeing Jeff Beck from afar, in mid to large sized venues.  Apparently someone approached him about doing a few nights in this intimate little club in England and they decided to tape it.

Good thing, …continue reading

Taxpayer-Sponsored Torture from your Friends at the CIA

Vermont doctor, Robert W. Hyde, was involved in one of the nation’s darkest chapters in medical science: In the 1950s, Hyde conducted drug and psychological experiments at a Boston hospital through funding that apparently originated with the CIA. Later, he became director of …continue reading

You Know it’s Time to Worry When…

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are on their way from the US to India to help in the investigation of Mumbai terror attacks. President George Bush pledged India full support over the Mumbai crisis and the FBI, which is charged with tracking international …continue reading

Trust the FDA – Why Should a few Dead Babies Matter?

Bored?  Let me hit you with this.

The Food and Drug Administration knew for certain that there was melamine in baby food in this country.

So the agency that has been entrusted with our welfare blew the whistle on the companies and now all of …continue reading

Entombed With Marijuana – Centuries Ago

It seems that the effects of marijuana were known centuries ago. The marijuana plant may have been highly regarded and part of a burial ceremonies:

“Researchers say they have located the world’s oldest stash of marijuana, in a tomb in a remote part of China.

…continue reading

More Melamine Found in Infant Formula

Melamine is an industrial chemical. It is not a natural by-product of foods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finding more melamine in infant formula:

“…Thursday, the FDA said two tests of a sample of Nestle’s Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron showed …continue reading

Security Updates As Of November 30, 2008

Make sure your system is up to date and has the latest protections in place.

AVG anti-virus: 11/30/08 Avast: 11/30/08 Norton anti-virus: 11/26/08 McAfee anti-virus: 11/26/08 Lavasoft Ad-Aware: 11/28/08 Spybot Search and Destroy: 11/26/08 Microsoft Windows Defender: 11/26/08 Nod32: 11/26/08

Updates as of November 30.  …continue reading

The New York Knicks Are Running

When one team scores 82 points by half time, it is easy to conclude that there is not much defense being played. The final score of the game between the Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks was 138 – 125. The Knicks added …continue reading

Today’s Pick – Jonathan Coulton

30 November 2008 POD – Jonathan Coulton

JoCo is one of those individuals who has actually quit his day job. You can read how he did it over at his blog. Mr. Coulton is very liberal on sharing his music and …continue reading

Flying Monkey?

Is the Flying Monkey the Best Stocking Stuffer of 2008, as the latest unsolicited commercial email that invaded my inbox ( suggested? Oh, it looks like a barrel full of fun … until someone pokes an eye out, as will inevitably and sadly happen.  (When …continue reading

Yesterday’s Pick of the Day – Ampliphonic

29 November 2008 POD – Ampliphonic

Sorry about yesterday folks. I have a little MIDI composition project going and got so distracted and frustrated by my rustiness at such things I forgot to ever post yesterday’s show. I woke this morning and …continue reading

Microsoft Has Renewed Interest in Yahoo

Microsoft has stated repeatedly that it is no longer interested in Yahoo. However, there have been changes at Yahoo. Jerry Yang has stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer. The stock market has reduced the value of the Yahoo stock significantly. It is …continue reading

FDA Changes Stance on Melamine

Melamine is an industrial chemical. It is the chemical that has been implicated in the deaths of thousands of household pets when the animal food supply was contaminated. Recently, melamine has contaminated the milk supply in China. Thousands of children were made ill by this …continue reading

How Social Media Networks Facilitate Identity Theft and Online Fraud

When most people think about privacy and security online, it’s in the context of protecting children from sexual predators. While this issue is of great concern, it’s not as prevalent a problem as online identity theft and fraud. Younger generations are more susceptible to identity …continue reading

The Logical Extension of ‘I’m A PC’ & Other Things Lame

First, let me be the first to say that people are entitled to their own opinions, no matter how inane or illogical they might be.

That said, I am writing this about the mother of all inane articles, written by a guest on ZDNet. …continue reading

Andrew Bynum Plays and Answers the Lingering Questions

It was reported earlier in the week that, on Tuesday, Andrew Bynum had injured his foot. There was speculation that Andrew Bynum’s services would not be available to the Los Angeles Lakers for an unspecified number of games. Nevertheless, last night, Andrew Bynum played …continue reading

Widescreen YouTube

YouTube wants to be in your living room. The Google video outlet is taking steps to increase its reach:

“YouTube is taking another step in transitioning from computer monitors to television screens by displaying its videos in full widescreen format.

The website, owned by Google …continue reading

And You Call This a BlackBerry?

State of the Art – No Keyboard? And You Call This a BlackBerry? – Here’s a great example of the intelligence that drives R.I.M.: The phones all have simple, memorable, logical names instead of incomprehensible model numbers. There’s the BlackBerry Pearl (with a …continue reading

Make Cancer a Presidential Agenda Item

President John Kennedy set forth the goal of putting a man on the moon. It must have seemed a lofty ambition. However, on July 20, 1969, American astronauts landed on the moon. The American President had set a goal and it was realized.

As President-elect …continue reading

Windows 7 Shows Off Better Battery Life

Vista has overall, been a mixed bag of learning experiences for Microsoft I think. Certainly a Windows release that I myself never wasted much time with, others have opted to remain with XP in hopes that Windows 7 will prove to be the OS that …continue reading

The Injustice of the Julie Amero Case

The legal proceedings of the Julie Amero case have been settled. It remains unfair. The felony charges against Ms Amero have been dropped but she has lost her teaching license:

“A Connecticut substitute teacher arrested four years ago for allegedly showing students porn on a …continue reading

Making Characters with SP Studio South Park Style

If you’re a fan of South Park or if you just enjoy the art style, then you may want to take a look at next time you want to update your avatar. This intuitive character generator has a large assortment of options …continue reading

Carl Icahn Buys More Yahoo

Carl Icahn must think that Yahoo will make money. Even for a wealthy billionaire, spending approximately sixty seven million dollars is significant:

“…Icahn started his buying spree on Monday by purchasing 3.7 million shares. On Tuesday he took home 2.7 million shares, and bought about …continue reading

Ideas for Turkey Leftovers

Now the goal may be to find creative ways to serve all the turkey leftovers. The internet comes to the rescue again with creative ways to disguise that turkey base. Diana Rattray has accumulated a number of delicious recipes that will use up some of …continue reading

35 Chances for you to Boycott DRM

Good Day Readers. For any of you who have been here before, you know how I feel about DRM or, as I call it, "Dumb Retarded Mismanagement". (For those of you who may have been off with Rip Van Wrinkle, it really stands for …continue reading

Chrome Is A Threat To Firefox?

One has to wonder – is Chrome really that big of a threat to the well entrenched Firefox browser? At this stage, perhaps not. But given the right kind of promotion for those who are more interested in speed over how many add-ons can …continue reading

Death on Black Friday

Every once and a while, there are certain events that make us stop and think about what is really important. A man was trampled to death today, during a Walmart store opening. He was a 34 year old night clerk, most likely …continue reading

Stephon Marbury Refuses to Play

Is there anything unforgivable in professional sports? At times, it seems that having athletic ability trumps any egregious behaviour. Sports fans can cite examples of athletes who have had legal problems and scandals. However, Stephon Marbury may have made himself a ‘persona non grata’:

“…Marbury, …continue reading

Black Friday Rage takes a Life

There are times when I can put both of my feet in my mouth about knee deep. Just a few minutes ago, I finished with "Pick of the Day". I had mentioned how sad it is that today, Black Friday, seems to be a …continue reading

Brolax Bones with "Creature Night" for Today’s Pick

28 November 2008 POD – Brolax Bones

Today’s Pick is "Creature Night" by Brolax Bones. I found them over at Podsafe Audio.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Pod Safe Audio …continue reading