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Green Coffee-Growing Practices Buffer Climate-Change Impacts

Chalk up another environmental benefit for shade-grown Latin American coffee: University of Michigan researchers say the technique will provide a buffer against the ravages of climate change in the coming decades.

Over the last three decades, many Latin American coffee farmers have abandoned traditional shade-growing …continue reading

Adobe Flash Coming To iPhone




GeekBrief.TV is reporting that Adobe is working on a Flash player for the iPhone.  Finally!  As soon as we hear more about this, we will post it.

Update Engine For The Mac

Frankly, this reminds me of using Linux software repositories for keeping software up to date on another *nix platform. Wild as it may seem, it I can see OS X making improvements that I have had for a long time elsewhere. But that is …continue reading

Getting Paid For Doing Nothing With Your PC

Recently I received a confusing email asking me about getting paid for idle CPU time. Thinking back a bit, I finally recalled a piece I put together back in 2006 on the subject. Unfortunately, it does look like you will no longer be able …continue reading

Obama vs McCain – Take A Survey

My friend Charlie in California sent this link to me. Take the survey and see who you agree with, either Obama or McCain.

Click here to take the survey.

Comments welcome.

Apple Macs Give Off Benzene?

Over at ZD-Net they are citing a French source that is making a big deal out of the fact that one, yes one, single Mac Pro owner says his computer made him sick. In the article it states that testing has shown that the Mac …continue reading

Save Up To 30% On IT Books And Video Training

Save up to 30% on Cisco Certification Books @

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Save up to 30% on IT Development Books @ …continue reading

Newest Apple iPod Nano 8GB $140 shipped, 16GB $190 shipped!

For a limited time, save $9 on the Apple iPod Nano 8GB (4th Generation), making it as low as $139.94! Or the Apple iPod Nano 16 GB (4th Generation) for as low as $189.94!

These are the latest generations iPod Nano models …continue reading


If it seems like there’s no shortage of project management tools on the Internet, then you’re exactly right, because there isn’t. When the employees of a company work together in an office, it’s not too much of a challenge for all of them to stay …continue reading


The Tenori-on will give you hours of entertainment, and you’ll be addicted to it very quickly!

Full video at Expo TV.

Top 5 Tips For Computer Troubleshooting

Xen from the chat room here. Just thought I should give the community my top five list for computer troubleshooting!

Your computer isn’t turning on? “Oh, no!” You think, “I’d better get a new one!” STOP right there. Before you get too frustrated, be …continue reading

Change Spacing Between Drawing Gridlines In Word 2002

Each page in Word is divided into an invisible grid. When you create an object, it is lined up against the nearest gridlines. By default, the squares in the grid are set to 0.13″ by 0.13″. You can adjust the increment of the squares, up …continue reading

HP Small Business Store’s Deals And Steals

On the lookout for business desktops, printers, notebooks, or accessories? The HP Small Business Store has some more great offers for us to pass on to our fellow Gnomies:

Save $933 When You Buy 3 HP Compaq dc5750 Business Desktops and Get 1 Free …continue reading

Heinz Recalls Baby Cereal

The list of products contaminated with Chinese milk is increasing. Heinz has recalled products:

“…”In order to reassure consumers about the safety of Heinz products, Heinz has made the strategic decision to switch our milk supply in China and Hong Kong to non-Chinese sources,” the …continue reading

Remember MST3K?

Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K)? The premise: A mad scientist stranded a human guinea pig in a satellite orbiting Earth and forced him to watch the worst movies ever made in an attempt to see what would make him crack — potentially …continue reading


I don’t take a lot of pictures with my digital camera because I’m just not into photography in this aspect, however, I do enjoy looking at interesting pictures just like anyone else. The Internet has made accessing and viewing pictures very simple, but most online …continue reading

Microvision RoV Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner

This is probably the most useful gadget I’ve bought in a long time.

Full video at Expo TV.


Startonomics: October 2nd In SF

Calling all geeks, entrepreneurs, startups, angels, VCs, etc.!

Startonomics, Dave McClure’s new conference on startup metrics, takes place this Thursday (October 2nd, 2008) in San Francisco.

Startonomics is a one-day workshop designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs on how to create simple, actionable metrics; …continue reading

Show Drawing Gridlines In Word 2002

Each page in Word is divided into an invisible grid. When you create an object, it is lined up against the nearest gridlines.

If you have a difficult time lining up drawing objects in Word, you can display the drawing gridlines to tweak positioning. The …continue reading

New Coupons From Emitations strives to provide consumers with reproductions of “public domain” designs, or “original” designs that are comparable in quality and/or look to products sold by famous designers/manufacturers. Until November 1st, it’s offering some fine deals, including:

Save $7 off all orders of …continue reading

Bomberman Blast Now Available For Digital Download On Wii

Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for Hudson Soft, has announced the official launch of Bomberman Blast, an all-new Bomberman available for digital download on WiiWare for the Wii. Retaining many of the classic features that fans of the award-winning series have come to …continue reading

Flip Video Camera

The Flip Video Camera is an amazing device. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and has excellent quality.

Full video at Expo TV.


The Missile Launch Souvenir

What does one do with a such a souvenir? Does it go on the coffee table or the fireplace mantel? An Air Force Officer thought that a missile launch control device would be a good souvenir:

“An Air Force supervisor says a Minot Air Force …continue reading

Dell To Offer Paramount Movies

Dell and Paramount Pictures are joining forces to bring digital content to new computers. Consumers will have the option to have preinstalled movies loaded onto their new computers during the ordering process. Currently only Iron Man will be available, but more should be following. Dell …continue reading

City Of Heroes – Issue 13: So Big It Can’t Be Contained In A Single Update!

NCsoft Europe has announced that City of Heroes – Issue 13: Architect is too big to be a single issue, and will now be two issues. Following strong community feedback, the Mission Architect feature has been moved to Issue 14: Architect and Issue 13 has …continue reading

Research Underway To Give Sleep Apnea Sufferers Relief And Rest

For some, a full night’s rest can be anything but restful. That’s because they have sleep apnea, which causes them to struggle for breath in bouts throughout the night. Six percent of the population is affected by the condition — but many don’t even know …continue reading

iPod: The Inferior Music Player

Apple currently owns the entire music player market. They are also moving in on taking the smartphone and TV recorder categories with the iPhone and AppleTV. Anything Apple creates these days seems to be considered cool. The Apple brand represents the opposite of Microsoft. That’s …continue reading

Unilever Recalls a Milk Product

Another manufacturer has recalled a product connected with the Chinese milk scandal.

“Unilever is recalling four batches of Lipton Milk Tea sold in Hong Kong and Macau after finding traces of the chemical melamine in the product, the company said Tuesday.”

link: Manufacturing …continue reading

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Truth

It seems that the Republican pundits’ love affair with La Palin is wilting like a 3-day violet.  There have been several rather overtly uncomplimentary remarks amongst the press and conservative bloggers in general.

Most recently, there was Kathleen Parker’s blockbuster in the New …continue reading

A Million Laptops Bought for Children – Not OLPC

Venezuela has taken a major step towards improving education for the country’s children. It has bought a million cost efficient laptops for educational purposes. And the laptop is not the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) model which has generated so much publicity:

“…Portugal is …continue reading