Officials Say that FEMA will Soon be Fixing Their Distribution Mistakes

A Federal Emergency Management Agency official Thursday defended the agency’s handling of millions of dollars worth of supplies meant for survivors of the 2005 hurricanes, but pledged to check with states before any future giveaways. FEMA had given away more than $18 million in household …continue reading

Senator Ted Stevens Enters Not Guilty Plea to Federal Corruption Charges

Sen. Ted Stevens pleaded not guilty on Thursday to federal corruption charges that allege he falsified Senate documents to cover up roughly $250,000 gifts from a powerful Alaska oil contractor. Stevens is the Senate’s longest-serving Republican, and was indicted this week on seven counts of …continue reading

Project Mojave Comes To Fruition

As the Microsoft Mojave project comes into the public light, I cannot help but feel like there are still some unanswered questions.

What are the specific features that the tested users were so taken in by? As it turns out, after viewing the initial …continue reading

Ten Dollar Laptops?

As I stumbled upon this article, I honestly beleived I must be misreading it. Ten dollar notebooks? Come on, what is the catch? With the immense challenge of producing a hundred dollar notebook, the very idea of a seemed to be completely ridiculous as …continue reading

California judge rules early cell phone termination fees illegal

One of the big money makers for cell phone companies is the early termination fee.  If a user terminates a contract before it expires, they get charged a good chunk of money.  I have experienced this with Alltel in the past.  I was 30 days …continue reading

Congress Bans In-Flight Cell Phone Calls

It is going to be a bit confusing for the international traveller. In Europe, cell phone use in flight is allowed. The United States Congress, however, has banned similar cell phone use:

“…the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved by voice vote a bill …continue reading

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Review

One of the first game that I got when I got my PSP Slim is Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Now this game is pretty old but since I’m a big fan of classic Mega Man X games I decided to pick it up. My …continue reading

The $6,000 Cell Phone Bill

It’s becoming more common. People using their cell phone outside of the country and getting hit with a cell phone bill that’s in the thousands. The problem is so bad that recently an iPhone user decided to sue AT&T over a $2,000 bill. It …continue reading

Windows Vista Vs. Windows XP

Windows XP VS Vista. This battle has been going for about 2 years now. Which is better? From my own personal experiences I would have to say… thay are about equal. What I look for in an Operating System (OS) is speed, convenience, and a …continue reading

Honda’s ASIMO Humanoid Robot Conducts The Detroit Symphony Orchestra

The ASIMO Robot is an amazing humanoid robot prototype designed by the Honda company. I stumbled upon a video of the robot conducting an orchestra. This is one of the most amazing robot “acts” I have seen.

You can get your own ASIMO for less …continue reading

Save up to 70% on College T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Hats

While supplies last, and for a limited, time, you can save up to 70% on select College Sweatshirts and Hoodies, College T-Shirts, and College Hats.

Choose from fleece hoodies to sweatshirts and even hoodie and t-shirt combos printed with your favorite college …continue reading

FaceBreaker Demo Available Today

Want to break some faces? The FaceBreaker Demo is now available on Xbox Live, and will follow on the PlayStation Network on August 7th.

The demo features characters Sparrow, Ice and Steve going at it in the fast-paced boxer, as well as the game’s …continue reading

Vista 64-Bit Gaining Steam

Over at the Windows Vista Team Blog, seems that their statistics are showing that Vista 64 bit is gaining users. According to Chris Flores, Microsoft has noticed an increase in 64 bit machines connecting to Windows update. In fact the number of machines using 64 …continue reading

Microsoft’s plans for post-Windows OS revealed

Microsoft’s plans for post-Windows OS revealed – Software Development Times On The Web Microsoft is incubating a componentized non-Windows operating system known as Midori, which is being architected from the ground up to tackle challenges that Redmond has determined cannot be met by simply …continue reading

iPhone 3G Unboxing!

Here is the unboxing video for my iPhone! Unfortunately, the fine folks at AT&T had to put the SIM card in, so it wasn’t quite as exciting.

Free Games and Consoles With Prizerebel!


PrizeRebel is a very nice site where you can go and get free games and consoles. That’s right, free games and consoles.

Prizerebel has a huge selection of games you can get available for just about everything out there, XBox 360, Wii, PS3, and …continue reading

Pet Factoids from a Soon-To-Be Veterinarian

With Megan Watland’s kind permission, I am linking to her post about some pet factoids for your cats and dogs. Megan is a student and ‘soon-to-be-terrific-veterinarian’. She includes information such as the following:

“…Pennies minted after 1983 are made primarily of zinc, which can be …continue reading

Nintendo DS

Here is what I would like to see in the next edition of the Nintendo DS.   It is not a lot, 3 things actually, but they would make the DS take over the PSP’s market share.

1. Bigger screens: You might have seen the …continue reading

Manny Ramirez and Joe Torre: A Match Made in Hollywood

Manny Ramirez has played his last game as a member of the Boston Red Sox. He is going west – far west – to Hollywood:

“…The Red Sox finally parted ways with their disgruntled slugger, sending him to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a startling, …continue reading

Direct & Dish Network Offering 1080p Broadcasts

It seems that both DirectTV and Dish Network will be offering true 1080p broadcasts, but it will cost you. Both satellite companies are expanding their offerings of HD channels with DirectTV offering 130 channels and Dish Network hitting 100 channels by tomorrow. Currently both companies …continue reading

New Delicious Open For Business

Well there seems to have been some improvements over at, that according to their blog, should make the site more useful and faster. The Delicious team invites everyone over for a look at their new site, and I did just thought. I like the …continue reading


By no means am I obsessed with making notes, but I do have a few documents and online services that I use to record bits and pieces of various thoughts and ideas that I have. It’s important to jot this information down for future reference, …continue reading

Songbird v0.6.1

Songbird is a media browser and Web player built from Firefox, VLC Player, and SQLite. Songbird is open source and supports user contributed, cross-platform extensions.

Version 0.6 adds better support for large libraries, smoother scrolling through libraries, faster filtering, speedier search, improvement memory …continue reading

Windows Vista Tuning Guide

I especially appreciated the Mojave Experiment that Microsoft recently shared with the world (where Vista-negative opinions were tested with a “new” version of Windows, code-named Mojave; it was then revealed to the participants after seeing the new version that what they were looking at was …continue reading

1.3 Megapixel USB Digital Microscope Review

Absolutely amazing quality on this USB microscope.

I’ve put everything from a fly to hairs from my head under this thing. It’s powerful and lightweight… and the clarity is just astounding.

Full video at Expo TV.

Pardon me Dell, can you build me a computer out of LEGO?

Have you ever thought of replacing your computer case with something else? Some of us really lazy geeks don’t even bother with a case, we just have it all laying out and about. Well this guy decided to forgo the case go with Lego …continue reading

Identify Source Of Linked Information In Word 2003

Word lets you link information from other sources in your document. When you receive a document that has linked information from other application, you may want to identify the source of the link to view the information in that application.

You can easily identify …continue reading

Exercise In A Pill

Trying to reap the health benefits of exercise? Forget treadmills and spin classes, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies may have found a way around the sweat and pain. They identified two signaling pathways that are activated in response to exercise and converge …continue reading

The Tales of Beedle the Bard By J.K. Rowling Available for Pre-order

Amazon is thrilled to offer The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling, available for pre-order now. This book of fairy tales was written to supplement the Harry Potter series and will be published in two new editions on December 4, …continue reading

Visualizing Open Source Software Development

A UC Davis graduate student has created short, colorful movies that show the development of open source software. With dancing points of light, rings of color and a soundtrack, the Code_swarm animations show how software such as the Python scripting language and the Apache Web …continue reading