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Rock Band 2 has been officially announced

Earlier today Harmonix announced on the Rock Band website that they are releasing Rock Band 2 later this year. Now a lot of gaming sites already talked about that there were making Rock Band 2 but they haven’t officially announced it until now. Now this …continue reading

PS3 Firmware Update 2.40

Earlier Sony on there Playstation Blog talked about the new firmware update and all of the things that was going to be included. If you want to know what they talked about you can go check out there blog by clicking here. Now one …continue reading

Is Apple Ripping You Off?

If you were to take the article seen here at face value, my article’s title may very well be the reader’s conclusion. Once you get past the rabid Mac fans who have made their perspective clear in the comments, there is finally one comment …continue reading

Will your body be on display after you pass?

One of the most spectacular anatomy exhibits that I have ever seen in my life has been the Body Worlds exhibit in Phoenix Arizona.  Body Worlds is an exhibit that shows real humans, who have been preserved through a process called plastination.  Each exhibit showcases …continue reading

Nikon Releases New Gear!

This evening, Nikon released the anticipated FX full frame sensor DSLR, the D700.  Its basically a lighter version of the D3 workhorse.  They also released two PC-E Micro lenses and the SB-900 AF Speedlight.  You can see the details of the release at the  …continue reading

Doctors in a Small Community

In a theatre of war, there is a term that is known universally to all military personnel. That term is “the golden hour”. Simply it means that the first sixty minutes after a trauma are critical. It means life or death.

People living in cities …continue reading

Writer’s Block – How to get over it?

I’m not sure what happens.  Everything is going along fine one minute and the next I’ve completely lost the words.  I thought that maybe if I read a bunch of interesting articles from other authors that it might bring me to the point where I …continue reading

Fido, A Pleasant Suprise

There are very few decades as ripe for satire as the 1950’s. Director Andrew Currie takes note of this and delivers something truly unique in his oddball comedy, Fido. In a decade full of fears, fear of communism, fear of falling behind the Jones’s, Currie …continue reading

Headplay Personal Cinema System Now Available

The Headplay Personal Cinema System combines its revolutionary design with proprietary, high-performance optical technologies to deliver a portable, personal viewing experience not currently available in the market. Connecting directly to game consoles, DVD players, iPods, PCs and cell phones, the Personal Cinema System is …continue reading

Summer Footwear Linked to Problems

Choice of footwear is important for many reasons. Now it appears that a bad choice may have further reaching implications than previously known.

from Popular Science

For non-metrosexual men, they’re one of three pairs of shoes on the closet floor. Between the dusty brown loafers …continue reading

Closed Captioning For Internet Video

A new bill before Congress would add some new features to the Americans With Disabilities Act, to insure that all Americans have equal access to TV and the Internet. But the one feature that stands out is providing close captioning for Internet videos. The bill …continue reading

eBay Fined $61 Million

Even for an internet giant like eBay, a sixty one million dollar fine makes for a rough way to begin the week. A French court has ruled against eBay:

“A French court has fined eBay Inc. $61 million for allowing the sale of Louis Vuitton …continue reading

Rock Band 2 Debuts On Xbox 360 This September

Harmonix, the world’s premier music video game company in the world, and MTV Games, a part of Viacom’s MTV Networks, along with marketing and distribution partner Electronic Arts Inc., are taking the groundbreaking music platform that forever changed the face of music video games to …continue reading

Rhapsody – Making Noise

Earlier today I read about the efforts from Rhapsody to get lots of users on its ‘music without limits’ bandwagon – in effect, stating that no longer will music from the download service have any form of DRM.

Certainly an effort to be applauded, the …continue reading

The Swimsuit Controversy at the U.S. Olympic Trials

In Omaha, swimming records are being re-written as swimmers compete for spots on the U.S. Olympic swim team. The men’s and women’s records may be attributed to having better conditioned athletes and new training methods. It may be attributed to new swimsuit technology.

Both TYR …continue reading

New Evolutionary Theory Identifies Humor’s Mechanism And Function

Research identifies the reason humor is common to all human societies, its fundamental role in the evolution of homo sapiens and its continuing importance in the cognitive development of infants

A new publication answers centuries’ old questions regarding the mechanism and function of humor, identifying …continue reading

Have a Credit Card? You’re entitled to a Settlement

Sam Glover on Caveat Emptor is reporting that nearly everyone that had a credit card, loan or credit account, or an open line of credit at any point from January 1, 1987 to May 28, 2008 you maybe entitled to a settlement from a class …continue reading


Whenever you create something that is to be used and enjoyed by other people, it’s always important to get their input on what you’re doing. Although you may at least be partially doing something for yourself, you’re also doing it for your community, so it’s …continue reading

Group Cooking for Dogs

A group in Pittsburgh has a very unique way of managing the issue of security of their pet food. They cook for their pets. The way that it is arranged is a tribute to community enterprise. In the area, there are nine families involved in …continue reading

Montgomery Ward Kept Data Breach As a Secret

Montgomery Ward had a data breach. Hackers accessed the company’s data base and over fifty thousand (50,000) customers had their personal, confidential information compromised. Montgomery Ward compounded the problem by not informing their customers of this breach of security:

“NEW YORK (AP) — An old …continue reading

Migraines and Magnetic Pulses

Anyone who has had a severe migraine headache will describe an excruciating pain.  This pain may be accompanied by sensitivity to light and to sound, as well as feeling of nausea and weakness.  Sometimes, medication will alleviate the symptoms.  Mostly it is just waiting for the …continue reading

Securing Folders And Files In Vista Part VI

Setting folder and file permissions gives you some network security, but it doesn’t secure your PC desktop. When you use the NT file system (NTFS) in Vista, however, you can set file permissions at the local PC level. That means that a user sitting down …continue reading

LittleBigPlanet Developer To Be Interviewed Live By Eurogamer

Eurogamer Network and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are happy to announce that David Smith, Co-Founder and Technical Director of LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule, will face questions from readers on Wednesday, 2nd July from 4pm BST (UK time) / 5pm CET.

Eurogamer LiveText interviews …continue reading

Reducing The Carbon Hoofprint

Milk goes green: Cows that receive recombinant Bovine Somatotropin (rbST) make more milk, all the while easing natural resource pressure and substantially reducing environmental impact, according to a Cornell University study to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (June 30, …continue reading

Wake-Up Call To Business: Tighten Up On Information Security

According to the Department of Trade and Industry there are 4.5 million businesses in the UK of which 99.3% are small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), employing 0-49 employees. These comprise 58.9% of the total workforce of 24.4 million and account for 51.9% of the …continue reading

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500K Impresses

When the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500K was announced back in March I was very impressed by the specs, so much so I was doubtful if it would really be as good as it sounds. My wife’s friend recently got one and allowed me to mess …continue reading

Intrepid Ibex – Catering to the Wrong Users?

Ars Technica has an article expounding upon the changes to the next revision of Ubuntu, arguably the most popular operating system of the Linux variety.

The tale begins with news that the upcoming release will include support for the sub-notebooks based upon the Intel …continue reading

Research Yields Pricey Chemicals From Biodiesel Waste

In a move that promises to change the economics of biodiesel refining, chemical engineers at Rice University have unveiled a set of techniques for cleanly converting problematic biofuels waste into chemicals that fetch a profit.

The latest research is available online in the journal Metabolic …continue reading

Microsoft Apologists, Unite!

Bill Gates is gone. For most, new computers with Windows XP are gone. Things with Vista are not much better than they were a year and a half ago. So, what is happening?

The Microsoft apologists are all coming out of the woodwork – it’s …continue reading

Geek Power!

So, you’re outside and you need a power source for your laptop.  what do you do?  Until now, you would need a gas powered generator.  A little bulky to carry around don’t ya think?

Enter the Solar Generator Briefcase!  Cost is $149.00.  The two solar …continue reading