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Rock Band 2 has been officially announced

Earlier today Harmonix announced on the Rock Band website that they are releasing Rock Band 2 later this year. Now a lot of gaming sites already talked about that there were making Rock Band 2 but they haven’t officially announced it until now. Now this …continue reading

PS3 Firmware Update 2.40

Earlier Sony on there Playstation Blog talked about the new firmware update and all of the things that was going to be included. If you want to know what they talked about you can go check out there blog by clicking here. Now one …continue reading

Is Apple Ripping You Off?

If you were to take the article seen here at face value, my article’s title may very well be the reader’s conclusion. Once you get past the rabid Mac fans who have made their perspective clear in the comments, there is finally one comment …continue reading

Will your body be on display after you pass?

One of the most spectacular anatomy exhibits that I have ever seen in my life has been the Body Worlds exhibit in Phoenix Arizona.  Body Worlds is an exhibit that shows real humans, who have been preserved through a process called plastination.  Each exhibit showcases …continue reading

Nikon Releases New Gear!

This evening, Nikon released the anticipated FX full frame sensor DSLR, the D700.  Its basically a lighter version of the D3 workhorse.  They also released two PC-E Micro lenses and the SB-900 AF Speedlight.  You can see the details of the release at the  …continue reading

Doctors in a Small Community

In a theatre of war, there is a term that is known universally to all military personnel. That term is “the golden hour”. Simply it means that the first sixty minutes after a trauma are critical. It means life or death.

People living in cities …continue reading

Writer’s Block – How to get over it?

I’m not sure what happens.  Everything is going along fine one minute and the next I’ve completely lost the words.  I thought that maybe if I read a bunch of interesting articles from other authors that it might bring me to the point where I …continue reading

Fido, A Pleasant Suprise

There are very few decades as ripe for satire as the 1950’s. Director Andrew Currie takes note of this and delivers something truly unique in his oddball comedy, Fido. In a decade full of fears, fear of communism, fear of falling behind the Jones’s, Currie …continue reading

Headplay Personal Cinema System Now Available

The Headplay Personal Cinema System combines its revolutionary design with proprietary, high-performance optical technologies to deliver a portable, personal viewing experience not currently available in the market. Connecting directly to game consoles, DVD players, iPods, PCs and cell phones, the Personal Cinema System is …continue reading

Summer Footwear Linked to Problems

Choice of footwear is important for many reasons. Now it appears that a bad choice may have further reaching implications than previously known.

from Popular Science

For non-metrosexual men, they’re one of three pairs of shoes on the closet floor. Between the dusty brown loafers …continue reading