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AT&T Prorated ETF Take Effect Today

Today AT&T begins prorating ETF (Early Termination Fees).  This means that any contract entered into today and after will include a clause which will lower the initial $175 early termination fee by $5 every month the contract remains active.  Any contract entered into before today will not …continue reading

Browser Speed Test

This os the test I ran on Firefox and Safari while opening this page from an empty tab with no other pages open.

Safari: 18 Sec. Firefox: 25 Sec.

Children’s birthday parties: What do you do when you’re invited to many on the same day?

Today has been one very busy day.  We were invited to two large birthday parties for our friends’ children.  Both of these families we consider close friends and want to be a part of the lives of their children.  But what do you do when …continue reading

Usain Bolt: World’s Fastest Man

Usain Bolt became the world’s fastest man. In a race that is not his specialty, Usain Bolt set the present world record:

“…The Jamaican runner, who doesn’t even consider the 100 meters his best race, set the world record tonight with a time of 9.72 …continue reading

How to Get Found Online Part 2 – Why Go Beyond Search?

So you probably already know that I’ve been out of pocket due to my on-going illness. The tide is shifting, though, and I’m having a bunch of really good days. I’m gonna continue this series now, though it may not be a daily update. …continue reading

DS Download Service inside the Nintendo Channel

I talked about the Nintendo Channel earlier this month here on my blog now I will talk more on the DS Download Service that’s inside the Channel. The DS Download Service let’s you download demos for you to try out on your DS. Now while …continue reading

CAPTCHA Broken At Microsoft – Who’s Next?

A couple of students at the School of Computing Science, in Newcastle, England, have gotten a success rate of 92% on attacking the CAPTCHA validations for such sites as Hotmail and Windows Live.

In a recently published paper they describe how it was done, and …continue reading

2008 NBA Finals on ABC

Fatigue should not be a factor in the championship series between the Lakers and the Celtics. The first game, in Boston, is not played until June 5. And the games are spaced so there is ample time to recover from one game to the next. …continue reading

Apple Missing the Mark

It is a mere oversight on my part, but disturbing none the less. It was made blatantly clear to me yesterday that, unless activated, the iPod Touch features of the iPhone are locked. What is Apple thinking? This may not appear to be an issue …continue reading

Microsoft Windows 7 – Is Touch Technology The Only Difference Between Vista & 7?

Over at ZD-Net they are sharing with all of us a press release from Microsoft which addresses the changes between Vista and Windows 7, that appears to indicate that Touch Technology will be the main difference between the two operating systems. Microsoft also goes on …continue reading