Psystar Is The Real Deal?

This actually surprised me, as I was fairly sure something was clearly not right about selling OS X on a non-Mac. But as you can see from Engadget, the Open Computer is indeed very real. So I guess this means we can put aside …continue reading

Apple Shouldn’t Bother

suing Open Computer-producer Psystar, as the delivered product shows Apple has nothing to fear from these purveyors of trash.

Perhaps they should be called Rotten Apples, and come complete with a Worm on the box.

On ZDNet, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes took …continue reading

A Barbara Woodhouse Quote

“There is no such thing as a difficult dog, only an inexperienced owner.”

Barbara Woodhouse

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Review

Last weekend I was playing some Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles before I got Mario Kart Wii on Sunday more on that game tomorrow. Now this game is different from other Resident Evil games, this game is more like Time Crisis where you only point and …continue reading

Google Home Page Becomes Colorful

Google’s home page is a tribute to minimalism. It is simple and to the point. Some would call it bland. Well, now art meets Google:

“SAN FRANCISCO — Google Inc.’s once-austere Web site is turning into an eclectic art gallery.

Hoping to spur more customization …continue reading

Iron Man Comes To Mobile

Ready your repulsor rays because Iron Man is coming to mobile! Hands-On Mobile, Inc., the world’s leading developer of connected games and applications, and Marvel Entertainment, Inc., today announced the availability of the mobile game and personalization content around the forthcoming big-screen adaptation of Marvel’s …continue reading

Cafeteria Food

Well as we know life wouldn’t be complete without nasty food. Yea that’s right the all known notorious cafeteria food. We have all had it at some point and time, and we would all like to avoid it. The cheaper the foods seems to …continue reading

Stargate Worlds Closed Beta Registration Now Open

Stargate Worlds, the massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) from new publisher FireSky, is now taking registrations for closed beta at

The closed beta is an invitation-only test of the upcoming science fiction MMORPG Stargate Worlds. Invitations will be sent out this …continue reading

Gal Civ II: Twilight of the Arnor has arrived!

The second, and last, expansion pack to Galactic Civilizations has been released!

The new expansion pack, Twilight of the Arnor, adds hundreds of new features, gives each civilization a unique technology tree, a unique set of planetary improvements, star base modules, ship parts, and …continue reading

Casino Vs. Online Texas Hold’Em

Gnomie Brandon Tindel writes:

I think playing Texas Hold’em in a casino is a great place to learn. Nobody is going to tell you that you played a hand lousy online (or if they do it won’t be to help you but rather to make …continue reading

Indiana Jones And The Lost Emails

Do we take email reliability/deliverability for granted? I’m talking about email that traverses the Internet (e.g. outside of internal corporate email delivery, which there should be no question about reliability).

It seems to me that I’ve had an increase in the number of complaints/reports …continue reading

Hackers Learn To Threaten Computer Hardware

As if computer viruses and worms aren’t enough of a nuisance, malicious hardware, which will be much more difficult to detect, could soon become a threat too.

Today, computer viruses, which are programs downloaded either as an email attachment or when someone visits a website, …continue reading

The Internet and the Next Wave

The BBC has an article where prominent people in the development of the internet look back and look ahead. For example, Sir Tim Berners- Lee says:

“…The future is always in the past and for the web particularly. In a hundred years, 15 years will …continue reading

Change and Status Quo

It has been a long time since my last blog posting on this blog, way to long. It was a hectic period in the meantime: I moved across the country, had to deal with an relationship that ended, changed work. Everything that I was used …continue reading

Google Earth 4.3 Beta Available For Download

Google has a new Beta version of Earth available for download or updating, depending if you have a previous version of Earth on your system or not. According to Google, their new Earth software includes the following:

New! in Earth 4.3 (beta) Photo-realistic Buildings

…continue reading

Kantaris Media Player v0.3.5

Kantaris can play almost anything you can throw at it: AVI (DivX, Xvid, H264), MPEG, MGEG-AVC, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, MP3, WMA, and OGG files. It can also play DVDs and audio CDs. The player also displays beautiful visualizations for music.

Kantaris is an …continue reading


Blogging is a global phenomenon, and people from every corner of the globe have taken part in it. If you think reading blogs by people that are close to you geographically is interesting, then you should try reading blogs written by people from other countries …continue reading

Top 5 List For Making Your Web Browsing Useful To Others

Dear Chris,

My name is Yaser Sulaiman. I’m a Syrian graduate computer science student who is studying in Saudi Arabia.

Although I have been watching your great videos for a couple of months now, I didn’t “formally” join the community until recently. I …continue reading

Remove Icons From Vista's Notification Area

The Notification Area, located in the bottom corner of your desktop, displays several icons, some of which you may never use. You can clean up the Notification Area in Vista by removing such icons.

To remove an icon from the Notification Area in Vista:

Right …continue reading

WD Caviar SE16 750 GB Hard Drive

WD Caviar SE16 drives combine 16 MB cache with 3 Gb/s transfer rate for lightning-fast performance in demanding desktop and workstation applications. Technologically advanced acoustics minimize noise and cool drive operation and enhanced reliability features help protect the drive and the data stored …continue reading

Another try at Linux

I’ve decided to give it a go again with Linux. Installed an extra hard drive on my computer and have installed Ubuntu’s Hardy Heron. So far it seems to be working ok. One thing that is irritating is that Firefox 3 Beta is loaded so …continue reading

The Move Towards Better Customer Service

Over the past few months, I have been subject to some customer service encounters with various companies. While most have been good, one has been a total disaster. It seems that most companies are started to move towards better customer service. Companies are starting to …continue reading

Researchers Explain How Birds Navigate

It has long been known that birds and many other animals including turtles, salamanders and lobsters, use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate, but the nature of their global positioning systems (GPS) has not been completely understood.

One school of thought hypothesizes that birds use …continue reading

EA Land Closing Just 3 Weeks After Debut

On April 7, 2008, I posted a blog called The Sims Online is Back, and it’s Free This Time. I was excited about this, because I loved The Sims Online. Unfortunately, EA …continue reading

Golden Wheat Greens Drylands In Kenya

Hot and barren, Kenya’s dry lands have long been unfit for agriculture, at best merely a grazing area for wild animals and livestock.

Today, the landscape is more picturesque and productive, lined with golden stalks of wheat yielding precious grain for Kenya’s farms and families. …continue reading

The NBA Should Apologize to The Phoenix Suns

During the 2007 NBA playoffs between the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs, Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw were suspended for one game for leaving the bench. Steve Nash had been knocked down. Stoudemire and Diaw had stepped away from the bench area. …continue reading

Chemicals Hidden In Our Food Change How Our Tongue Tastes

Oh, goodie. The chemical companies are at it again, this time adding chemicals to change the flavor we taste, by blocking the taste receptors on our tongues. By doing this the food companies can reduce sugar, salt or whatever than block our tongues from tasting …continue reading

Apple Releases New, Faster iMacs

The updated all-in-one iMac introduced today offers the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors and the most powerful graphics ever available in an iMac. The ultimate all-in-one desktop computer includes faster processors with 6MB L2 cache, a faster 1066 MHz front-side bus across the entire …continue reading

Updates With A Clue

Attention Windows XP users, there are some items of interest that are sure to tickle your fancy once SP3 goes live. Yes, there is a delay, but I applaud Microsoft in this instance as it shows that that are playing this one smart. Hence NOT …continue reading

New Movie in Theaters: Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Last weekend I went to go watch the second Harold & Kumar movie and I gotta say it’s just as good as the last one. This movie picks up right after the last one after they go to White Castle and are planning to go …continue reading