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The Tech Behind Weather Alerts

After reading Chris’ post on preparing yourself for severe weather, I thought I might go ahead and chime in with some thoughts of my own regarding the tech behind keeping yourself prepared.

Using a NOAA Weather radio with S.A.M.E. technology. I have to agree …continue reading

High Wattage: Is It Necessary for Quality Reproduction?

So many people today are trying to help the planet by trying to be green. energy saving is usually a good thing, as it means less heat is being produced, and less carbon is being emitted as carbon dioxide during the production of that energy. …continue reading

Creative Has A V8 Moment

When I discovered this post, it became fairly apparent that Creative has completely screwed themselves. Not with their market share, as the rumblings on the Internet will not have as much impact as those angry about the driver issue might like. But with the …continue reading

Sudden Strike 3 Ships To Retail Outlets

cdv Software Entertainment USA and Fireglow Games today shipped their exciting WWII RTS — Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory — to North American retail. Sudden Strike III is the latest in the critically acclaimed and best-selling series of Sudden Strike WWII RTS games that …continue reading

Is Graphene The New Silicon?

Research results from University of Maryland physicists show that graphene, a new material that combines aspects of semiconductors and metals, could be a leading candidate to replace silicon in applications ranging from high-speed computer chips to biochemical sensors.

The research, funded by the National Science …continue reading

Ski Resort Data Breach

Hackers have compromised a computer system at a ski resort and thousands of credit card files may have been exposed. Okemo Mountain Resort is reporting the security breach:

“…The ski resort said Monday that hackers broke into its computer network and potentially gained access to …continue reading

What Are You Doing to Save Energy?

It’s all about the green. We’re all getting squeezed these days. Even if you’re not worried about the environment, you’ve got to be concerned about the green that’s flowing at an ever-increasing rate from your wallet.

Kids can be forgiven for their cluelessness when it …continue reading

MySpace, A Lawsuit, and Personal Responsibility

A lawsuit against MySpace may go forward. A judgment is pending in an Appeals Court. It is a horrid crime. However, the onus of responsibility is debatable:

“NEW ORLEANS – The family of a teenage girl who says she was sexually assaulted by a 19-year-old …continue reading

USB Hubs

If you are like most geeks, you probably have many USB devices. Once you get too many USB gadgets you will need more USB ports on your computer. An easy solution to this problem is to purchase a USB hub.  A USB hub plugs into one port and splits …continue reading

Tips Before buying a printer

Tips before buying a printer.

Make sure you are not being ripped off. Don’t buy a crazy expensive printer unless you are sure it is the one for you and that it’s the cheapest price you can find. Search the internet to prevent having …continue reading