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Unboxing Live 021: AXBO SleepPhase Alarm Clock

We know how much everyone loved our SLEEPTRACKER Watch review, so we made sure that when we heard about the Axbo SLEEPPHASE Alarm Clock, we got our hands on it. The SLEEPPHASE Alarm Clock works in conjunction with wireless bracelets which can be worn …continue reading

And Now, Back to “Spammers. Are. Stupid!”

So, I was at my main site, making some overdue posts when I realized there were 50 posts marked as spam in Akismet, the plugin that auto-moderates spam. I went through to scan the list as I always do when I catch it under …continue reading

Simple Ways to Backup Online

A good review by Frantic Industries

Dreaming 101: Lucid Dreaming Part One

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming(LD) is the art of being consciously aware one is dreaming, while they are dreaming. It can occur spontaneously, from childhood to adulthood, often as the result of a nightmare. In ancient times, until the present, some aboriginal people’s practice/d …continue reading

Divorce Software

Perhaps, in the technological age, this software taps into the cultural zeitgeist. With divorce, there are assets to split and this software helps with sorting through that entanglement:

“The computer program combines artificial intelligence, game theory and an electronic or human external mediator to help …continue reading

The Chronicles of ShadowMyth: Faces

Images silhouetted, hazy aspects of the self…some making appearance when the mind is unaware of subtle changes in the spirit; changes I cannot see, but only feel as reality. Visions without form, words never spoken, emotions seldom formable in descriptive terms of everyday vocabularies.

…continue reading

Believe The Dehype: Separation Of Media And Community

Upon receiving the invite for this week’s Seattle-area blogger meetup with KOMO TV, Dave Newton put things into perspective for the community-at-large:

I’m flattered that I made a list of Seattle area bloggers, but not starry-eyed enough to accept the invitation to come and …continue reading

Looking for Suggestions for the Flash Chat Applet used on

I have been working on the updated version of the IRC Flash Chat Applet used on Chris’ live page, and I was looking for some more feedback on the original, bugs, features, and annoyances people have with it, and what they would like done about …continue reading

Howto – Use Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser to quickly update multiple computers

Microsoft ofters a free tool that allows you to scan your computer (or via the network, any computer you have administrative authority over) for any security vulnerabilities, these include:

Administrative Setting Vulnerabilities Weak Passwords IIS Vulnerabilities SQL Vulnerabilities Missing Microsoft Updates (Windows, Office, .Net, etc) …continue reading

It’s My Damn Channel!

I haven’t had the chance to look at it yet, because I’m working my tail off this week, but I noticed a press release coming up about My Damn Channel, a new online video offering in an Associated Press article I saw on …continue reading