New Drug Free Treatment May Help Control Asthma

A new study is showing hopes of being able to treat and control Asthma for up to 12 months.

Bronchial thermoplasty uses radio waves to burn away excess smooth muscle from the airways to make breathing easier as this muscle contracts and narrows the airways …continue reading

Another nice software to compliment Windows Explorer

mtExplorer is a minimalist multi-pane file explorer. I have tried quite a number of dual-pane and tabbed file explorers, but none of them could give me four to six Explorer panes simultaneously in a single window.

So I wrote mtExplorer, which can be configured to …continue reading

The experienced need not apply

Circuit City to Cut More Than 3,500 Store and IT Jobs, Cut Wages

Circuit City isn’t just laying off workers. These days that would hardly make the news wires. They are doing something unusual. In my over 20 years of retail management I’ve never …continue reading

How To Sync Your Blackberry And A Mac

You can sync your Blackberry with your Mac pretty easily thanks to Mark/Space’s Missing Sync for Blackberry or PocketMac for Blackberry.

Missing Sync is $40 for new licenses, $20 for cross-grades from other Missing Sync editions. PocketMac for Blackberry is free.

Both programs sync your …continue reading

The Jester by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

Set in France during the Holy Crusades of the 1100s, The Jester is a tale regarding a quest for justice by the common person and manages to combine a love story, adventure, and mystery all into one.  While far from Patterson’s usual fare, this work …continue reading

Intel Begins Shipping Their Classmate PC

Intel has started shipping their Classmate computers to emerging markets in the hope of bringing technology to those students who can not afford it. The Classmate computer is currently being shipped to such countries as Brazil, Chile, Nigeria, China, India, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, , Pakistan, …continue reading

The God of Animals: A Novel by Aryn Kyle

The God of Animals is a wonderful debut novel written by talented young writer, Aryn Kyle who manages within the confines of this work to explore the clashing together of old versus new cultures and while pulling no punches leave the reader with a sense …continue reading

Ongoing Pet Food Recall

On one hand, it does not surprise me that the ongoing dog food recall story has had the greatest reader response of any issue with which I have been associated. What does surprise me is the sheer volume of email from people. It has gone …continue reading

HP or Dell – Which Would You Buy?

During the past several weeks there are been several surveys which seem to indicate that the public is favoring HP systems over Dell and that HP is still maintaining a slight lead in new PC sales over its rival. Also notebooks are maintaining their edge …continue reading

Sugar Alcohols, What Are They? Are They Bad For You?

If you spend time looking at nutrition labels, like me, you’ve probably noticed Sugar Alcohols listed on a few and probably wondered what exactly they are. They’re typically found in soft drinks, chewing gum, cookies, and some sugar-free hard candies.

Sugar Alcohols are a type …continue reading

The MSN Experience

Today, I am going to highlight one of the reasons why I have chosen no longer to associate myself with the PC repair industry. For those of you who have never been down this road, this is article is for you.

Imagine that you are …continue reading

Google Adds More Tools To Google Pack

Google has added more tools to its every popular Google pack of software, making Google even more powerful. The recent additions of Norton Security Scan and Spyware Doctor Starter Edition both provide free tools to keep your system free of critters and bugs. And their …continue reading

The Bathroom Sessions

There are naked ladies in my bathroom!

Ha! Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking specifically about one of my favorite bands, Barenaked Ladies – although they’re not really in my bathroom. Still, they’re in someone’s bathroom – and they’ve recorded a …continue reading

Loki: A Mythological Hack & Slash Fantasy Adventure

Loki, an astounding Action RPG game for the PC, is an incredible journey through four great mythologies.

Take on the role of one of four potent heroes. Become a mighty Norse warrior, a fierce Greek fighter, a powerful Egyptian sorcerer or a skilled Aztec …continue reading

Boot Camp 1.2 With Windows Vista Support Now Available

Apple has released Boot Camp version 1.2 which offers support for the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows Vista.

Lots of driver updates, and many new features have been added:

Changes in Boot Camp 1.2 beta Boot Camp 1.2 beta contains several updates and is intended …continue reading

Dry Pet Food Included in the Recall

The pet food recall has been expanded:

“WASHINGTON – Federal testing of recalled pet foods turned up a chemical used to make plastics but failed to confirm the presence of a cancer drug also used as rat poison. The recall expanded Friday to include the …continue reading

The Perfect Keyboard

I search for the perfect keyboard. – Really. I have looked for years and I have not found a truly great keyboard yet. I want a keyboard that fits my hands and has the key-travel sensitivity that I want. It seems that most keyboard manufacturers …continue reading

Merscom To Release Ingenious In Stores

Merscom announced today it is releasing Ingenious in retail stores under its ShadeTree Games label. Based on the work of internationally renowned game designer Reiner Knizia, the board game version of Ingenious has been an international best seller.

In Ingenious, players place hexagonal chips of …continue reading

Free Software Foundation – No To Microsoft & Novell Deal

I’m confused. Isn’t Linux free, like in open source free. And if the word free and open source seem to be what Linux advocates all say is the best of both worlds, than how can a group say they own a part of Linux? I …continue reading

Cradle and All by James Patterson

Cradle and All, reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby, is a reworking of James Patterson’s 1980 apocalyptic thriller, Virgin that manages to pit the intensity of faith against the certainties of science.  As the action progresses the reader is speedily drawn between the hallowed halls of the …continue reading

Cleaning… Blech

Bruce and I have been furiously cleaning the apartment the last few days. It was supposed to be done earlier this month, but life got in the way. Now we have a deadline: Company arrives in just a few hours. The place won’t be up …continue reading

Something Fishy In Human Blood Could Save Lives

Thousands of people with liver and kidney disease die every year from too much ammonia in their blood, and scientists from the United States and Japan have found a possible solution. In the April 2007 issue of The FASEB Journal they report that a protein …continue reading

Gmail Space v0.5.6 (For Firefox)

Gmail Space is an extension to the Firefox browser that turns your Gmail account into a Web drive so you can share your content from several systems through a simple-to-use interface.

[59.76k] [Win95/98/Me/2k/XP] [FREE]


One of the most exciting and disturbing things about the Internet is that it makes it very easy to keep track of what people are doing. So many of us are openly volunteering information on our blogs, social networking profiles, etc., and because of this, …continue reading

OQO 02 Handheld Shipping?

The brand-spanking new OQO 02 Windows-based handheld computer is shipping (so say the good folks at and I’m dying to get my hands on one of the nifty little beasts. Just take a look at the tiny model 02 and …continue reading

Drive-By Pharming

Q: I heard there is a new way for hackers to get into my home network called “farming” or something like that. Is this true? – Julian

A: The bad guys are always looking for ways to infiltrate “easy targets” and residential customers are perceived …continue reading

Find Your Email Address In Outlook

If someone sets up Outlook on your behalf, which often happens in businesses, you may not even know what your email address is. There is an easy way that you can quickly find it in Outlook without having to do too much digging.

To …continue reading

Serious Vulnerability Affects All Recent Windows Versions

Another day, another serious Windows Flaw. This one is very serious though and affects all recent versions of Windows, including Vista.

Microsoft has confirmed the vulnerability in a security advisory and stated the flaw exists in how the system displays animated cursors.

“Upon viewing …continue reading

Technique Creates Metal Memory And Could Lead To Vanishing Dents

Crumpled kitchen foil that lays flat for reuse. Bent bumpers that straighten overnight. Dents in car doors that disappear when heated with a hairdryer. These and other physical feats may become possible with a technique to make memory metals discovered by researchers at the University …continue reading

Identifying Your Learning Style

There are an abundance of different materials available for exam preparation. Knowing how you learn can definitely help you to choose material that will complement your learning style. For example, if you are more of an active learner who best learns by hands-on experience, you …continue reading