Launch And Run Windows Applications Directly From Your Mac Desktop!

An update for the Parallels Desktop for Mac has just been released and is a free upgrade for all existing Parallels Desktop for Mac users.

The Parallels beta allowed Windows to run simultaneously on any Intel Mac, but with this update Parallels can bypass …continue reading

Hasta La Vista, Vista

Seems I’m not alone in my feelings about Vista! Australian Gnomie David Flynn writes:

Hi Chris…

Mate, you’re NOT Robinson Crusoe here!

I’m a well-established tech writer (albeit for the ‘msm’ rather than the blogging crowd) with 8 years of editing newspaper tech …continue reading

Vista – Even The Experts Are Giving Up On It

Here at Lockergnome, there are some computer savvy folks who are either holding out on installing Vista OR people like Chris Pirillo who have just plain given up on using it at all. I think what Chris says is unfortunately true. It seems that Vista …continue reading

Sometimes Old Is New Again

Chris has discovered that sometimes, the next version of the OS we prefer (Windows in his case), may not always be better than the version we are using now. Not because it offers less than its predecessor. Rather the younger of the two …continue reading

Speed Kills, But Differential Speed Kills Better

Last week I reviewed “The Probability of God” by Stephen D. Unwin, and mentioned that he isolated six parameters to use to compute a series of better estimates of his probability starting from the usual “I don’t know, and therefore the probability is 0.5.”

…continue reading

AdventureCon 2007 To Celebrate 30 Years Of Gaming Adventures

Before there was Sam & Max, Broken Sword or even Myst there was Colossal Cave Adventure, Adventureland, Leisure Suit Larry and, most famous of all, Zork.

AdventureCon 2007 in Las Vegas will celebrate thirty years of adventure game fun and entertainment with 10,000 square …continue reading

Most Ridiculous Invention Ever

This has to be the most hair brained product idea I’ve ever seen. The Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler looks a bit like underwear but it is worn on your head and you attach your TV remote and other remotes to it using Velcro. Yes, you …continue reading

Adobe To Take Photoshop online

Martin LaMonica and Mike Ricciuti of CNET report:

Hoping to get a jump on Google and other competitors, Adobe Systems plans to release a hosted version of its popular Photoshop image-editing application within six months, the company’s chief executive said Tuesday.

Can Google be …continue reading

SimCity DS Coming Soon

Electronic Arts announced today that the SimCity franchise is returning with SimCity DS, developed especially for the Nintendo DS platform. In addition to creating and growing their very own pocket sized city while being on-the-go, players will be able to leverage the unique action features …continue reading

T-Mobile Hates Third Party Apps, Too

Last week I wrote about Columbia Professor: Cell Phone Carriers Limiting Innovation and ranted a bit about Verizon’s silly policies on third party apps. Apparently, T-Mobile is playing the same game.

This means T-Mobile feature phone users are prohibited from surfing the Web with …continue reading

Word Perfect Lightning Beta – FREE Software Download

Microsoft must be sleeping with one eye open at night. First Google comes out with its online apps, and now Corel jumps in the fray with its free WordPerfect Lightning software. So what is WordPerfect Lightning?

Corel WordPerfect Lightning is not a trial version. You …continue reading

Software Patch Makes Car More Fuel-Efficient

A car wastes energy almost continuously. Whether it is running in first, second, or a higher gear, there is only one position of the accelerator that guarantees optimal performance. Accelerating a little less or a little bit more can cause considerable loss of energy. John …continue reading

Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day

Gina Trapani’s Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day clearly advertises the book as cross-platform, but in actuality a good portion of the book focuses on Windows applications. However, this is my only major complaint about this manual as overall it does deliver what …continue reading

Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day

Gina Trapani’s Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day clearly advertises the book as cross-platform, but in actuality a good portion of the book focuses on Windows applications. However, this is my only major complaint about this manual as overall it does deliver what …continue reading

Upgrade Your Memory – Scanner Tells You Exactly What You Need

Memory comes in a wide assortment of flavors and speeds, and knowing what to buy sometimes may be difficult. And without having to crack open your case, you can use a handy software tool that will show you what you need.

I had completely forgotten …continue reading

Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the PSP (PlayStationPortable) system. Monster Hunter has quickly become one of the most remarkable and successful series for Capcom, with sales in excess of 2.4 million units …continue reading

Don’t Blink

I like to advertise the fact that I don’t watch TV, but there’s a new kind of TV out there, one that may be harder to ignore.   YouTube started out as a video blogging platform, a way for ordinary people to communicate with each …continue reading

doPDF – Free PDF Converter

When it comes to creating PDF files, there really has not been an easy way on the Windows side of things. Sure there are a few plugins here, a few programs there, but nothing you could point at and say, “Wow, that was easy.” Well …continue reading


I’ve lived in my current house for about eight months now, and I’m glad that the buying, moving, and settling process is complete. If you’ve been reading Chris Pirillo’s blog, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that he’s been busy dealing with New House Syndrome. …continue reading

Sometimes You Have To Laugh

Since several weeks have passed since I last indulged in a rant about Time Warner, perhaps you have been thinking that all is well. Not so. My clients are evenly split between those who use DSL and cable. None of them are on dial-up. However, …continue reading

Dark and Creepy – Sharp Objects: A Novel by Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn’s first novel, Sharp Objects: A Novel, is a surprisingly well-written yet disturbing book, made even more so by its plausibility and the dispassionate self-mutilating cutting episodes that the protagonist indulges in as a means of coping with life in a cliquish Missouri town …continue reading

Your Gmail Address Could Change

If the Independent International Investment Research Group has its way, Google could lose the Gmail name. The group already won the rights to the Gmail trademark in the United Kingdom and is now bringing its fight to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO.)

IIIR …continue reading

62 Freaking Gigabytes?

I’ve been a bad admin and it’s caught up with me. I’m moving some home directories to a new server and I looked at one of the problem users I have and was floored. I don’t have quotas on the current server, and this user …continue reading

NASA Finds Another Use for Duct Tape

I associate NASA with high tech and leading edge gadgetry for space exploration. I did not think that the astronauts would be carrying duct tape with them to outer space:

“It turns out NASA has a detailed set of written procedures for dealing with a …continue reading Deals Of The Day

Symantec Norton 360 Software Suite – Total Protection + MORE!

Symantec has announced that its Norton 360 protection suite is ready to go after an extensive beta program. The new security suite promises total protection form viruses, hackers, and also a total backup system all wrapped in a single package. Symantec states on its Web …continue reading

Fair Use Bill Introduced In Congress

Representatives Rich Boucher (D-Va.) and John Dolittle (R-Calif.) introduced the “Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship” Act to Congress. The bill dubbed, The Fair Use Act, should make it easier and legal for consumers to copy content for their own personal use, if passed and …continue reading

The Nibiruan Council

In the past the Warped sites we have looked at have been pretty far out – some were way out, and some were just plain outta this world. Well, today we have one that would have appealed to Captain Kirk and the crew of the …continue reading

Blast From The Past!

It’s been so long since I have even looked at a swap file for Windows, I hope I am not too rusty here. But regardless, here is the question recently sent into the old JustAskMatt queue.

Tony writes:

I’m looking for ways to …continue reading