Fred Langa And The Langalist – WE MISS YOU, FRED!

A open letter to Mr. Fred Langa of the now defunct ‘solo’ Langalist Newsletter:

Dear Fred,

For years I read your magazine column and then continued to follow you when you went on your own and started the Langalist newsletter. Like thousands of other subscribers, …continue reading

Another Crack In Vista's Armour – Pirates Circumvent Activation

Windows Vista operating systems will require that the product must be activated during the first 30 days of operation, or the product will automatically reduce functionality until activation takes place. Well it seems that a second crack is appearing that maintains Vista in a constant …continue reading

Google – U.S. Government Search

I just can’t get enough of Google and just when I think I know everything about it, something new pops up. If you are not aware (I wasn’t), Google has a specific search engine just for the U.S. Government.

And if you have ever searched …continue reading

Must-Have Tool: WinSock XP Fix – Free

There are some tools that we should all have in our arsenals to keep our systems running at peak performance. And one of the tools that I have used on broken systems that refuse to connect on the Internet is WinSock XP Fix. This tool …continue reading

Computer Classes On Our Honeymoon

On our cruise to Alaska, I remarked how they were wasting computer lab space by not offering basic classes to passengers (aboard a Holland America liner). Regent Seven Seas Cruises is doing it! I should poke my head in just to see how well it …continue reading

Google And Trust – Lost In The Shuffle For 2006?

Even as 2006 comes to a rapid close, the signs that 2007 could be even rockier for Google are already beginning to show some significance.

First up on the block, Firefox’s own Blake Ross has some rather pointed, while be it valid concerns, …continue reading

Steel Inventory v1.2

Steel Inventory is a program written and used by the people who are in the mainstream network and system administration field. The program has been written based on the ideas and necessities faced by every network/system administrator.

As a key feature, Steel Inventory provides …continue reading

The Value Of IT Certification Boot Camps

There is no career field expanding quite as fast as the Information Technology field. Most experts predict this field will remain one of the fastest growing segments of the job market for many years to come. There is hardly a job that does not use …continue reading

3D New Year's Countdown

With this 3D New Year’s Countdown Screensaver, Hourglasses and timepieces float around as the clock softly counts down to the New Year. When midnight comes, confetti falls and a flashing Happy New Year greeting is played with an orchestral rendition of Auld Lang …continue reading

MoveOnBoot v1.95

MoveOnBoot allows you to copy, move, or delete files on the next system boot. This can come in handy if you need to replace or delete files that are locked by other applications, loaded into memory, or cannot be changed until next system boot.

…continue reading


TIME Magazine has named you (yes, you) the Person of the Year for 2006. That may be hard to believe if you’re just a small blogger who occasionally records a quick podcast and contributes to Digg on a fairly regular basis, but the truth is, …continue reading

Install IIS On Vista

If you are running a small workgroup of computers, you may want to use a computer running Windows Vista as a Web server. You can do so by installing Internet Information Services (IIS). It is included with Windows Vista but is not installed by default. …continue reading

Pop-Up Blocker In IE7

Once you install IE7, you get the functionality of a pop-up blocker without having to download any third party software. The Pop-up Blocker is automatically enabled IE7 so most pop-ups should be blocked on your computer.

You can change the settings of the Pop-up Blocker …continue reading

Patch Management For Home Users

For server administrators, patch management can be a way of life. But for home users, patch management is a distant thought in most home computer users. Knowing when to patch products and how often patches need to be applied are some of the questions that …continue reading

Rumor – Microsoft Gives Away Free Laptops With Vista

Before you get all excited and want to know how and where to get a free laptop with Vista preinstalled, you need to understand the ins and outs to this rumored giveaway. First of all, the rumor goes that certain people on the Internet who …continue reading

Setting Your Default Browser – Tool To Force Default Setting

Normally, setting the default browser is a snap. You just set which browser you wish to be in charge, and the browser will make the necessary registry entries. But every once in a while, no matter what you do, the settings won’t take and your …continue reading

Set Up Your Home Wireless Network – In Four Steps

Most everything we do on a computer is procedural. Skip a step and we have learned that what we are trying to do on the computer will not work. It’s the same in setting up a home wireless network. Skip a step and you won’t …continue reading

How Google Works – In Depth Look At The Company

Ziff Davis publishes a magazine called Baseline, to which I am a subscriber. Back in July, 2006 it published an article about Google and how the company operates. The story is somewhat long, but if you are so inclined to read it, it …continue reading

A Geeky Honeymoon

What happens when you put a newly-married geek on a cruise ship with 699 other people for approximately two weeks? Controlled chaos. The honeymoon is on, and I intend on bringing technology with me every step of the way! Yes, I realize the moneymoon isn’t …continue reading

Technique Quickly Identifies Bacteria For Food Safety, Health Care And Homeland Security

Researchers at Purdue University have used a new technique to rapidly detect and precisely identify bacteria, including dangerous E. coli, without time-consuming treatments usually required.

The technique, called desorption electrospray ionization, or DESI, could be used to create a new class of fast, accurate …continue reading

Safety Experts Ill-Equipped To Handle Nanotechnology In Workplace

A strategic plan and more resources for risk research are needed now in order to ensure safe nano-workplaces today and in the future. That is the conclusion of Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies Chief Science Advisor Andrew Maynard in a new article, “Nanotechnology and Safety” …continue reading

Game On Special Events Announced For 2007

The Science Museum in London, UK has announced details of the Game On evening events for January and February 2007. Coinciding with special late openings of the acclaimed exhibition, the events see expert speakers from the videogames industry taking to the stage to provide …continue reading

MMO Portal Launches Sale Of Calendar To Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

MMO Portal is proud to announce that MMO Calendar 2007 is now on sale!

This unique 12-month calendar features the original artwork of some of today’s hottest and most anticipated upcoming MMOs, each dedicated to its own month. As if that is not …continue reading

Divorce Is Not A Game, But A New Computer Game Can Help Deal With It

Years of research have led a small group of dedicated child psychologists and therapists to develop the first game that is specially designed to help children of separated and divorced parents to cope with the new reality in their lives. Introducing the launch of …continue reading

Hello world!

Hello, world! is a computer programming tradition – the first code a programmer writes says this to announce oneself. You won’t see any programming here (I passed my college course without turning in any projects), but you will see what I find interesting or notable …continue reading

Do You Trust Your ATM?

Pretty frightening, eh? No one these days likely thinks that it will happen to them when they happen to pop into the “Quicky Mart” for a fast snack and some gas. But are you really sure that using that store offered ATM is …continue reading

No Rush For Vista Just Yet

Not too long back I made the claim that any enterprise move to Vista was going be lackluster at best. Sure enough, enterprise migration has been off to a pretty slow start. Much of it has been claimed to be security oriented, however …continue reading

Visual IP Trace 2006

Trace and report hackers, investigate Web sites with Visual IP Trace:

Knowing where a suspect intruder is located, where a malicious email originated, or validating the location of a Web site is key information to identify security threats, and track and report abusers.

While …continue reading

Income Tax Calculator v1.1

This tax calculator instantly estimates your U.S. federal income tax and finds your tax brackets. Tax brackets show percentage of tax that you pay on additional income. Income Tax Calculator shows current and past tax brackets and estimates federal tax for years 2000-2006. It …continue reading


I enjoy attending technology conferences whenever my schedule and financial resources allow me to do so. It’s nice to actually see and interact with people in person once you’ve talked to them on the Internet through e-mail, instant messaging, or some other means for quite …continue reading