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AMD Quad FX PC for Me

For years, people have been telling me to go with an AMD processor on my desktop. Well, that may have happened today – with the launch of AMD’s new Quad FX platform (formerly known as 4×4). I’ll be replacing my current system (running a slightly …continue reading

CNET Editor James Kim, Family Missing

When this news rolled into my inbox today, I was speechless. James Kim, formerly of TechTV and now CNET, has gone missing with his family. According to the information emailed to me today, Kim and his family were on their way …continue reading

XP Pro Drawbacks?

Today, Mike writes:


I have a question for you but before I ask it I would like to let you know a little about me. I have my A+ and MSDTC and right now I work as a Dell Service Provider on the hardware …continue reading

I *Heart* My OfficeJet G85

The inkjet printer market cracks me up. So many advances in print quality and technology, and yet most major manufacturers seem to design their printers to drive the sale of ink cartridges. Why do you think they are so eager to give many printers away …continue reading

Europa Universalis III Units

Europa Universalis III, which delves deeply into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy, is an epic strategy game where players take control of a nation and guide it through the ages to become a great global empire. Unparalleled in its depth and …continue reading

BlasterBall 3, The First Ever Web 2.0 User-Authored Video Game

The WildTangent Games Network (WGN), the fastest growing online games network in North America, today announced the release of the first ever Web 2.0 video game, BlasterBall 3. In a first for gamers worldwide, WildTangent Studios, the production arm of the WildTangent Games Network, …continue reading

SwapGame Announces The SwapGame Wii Giveaway

Leading online video games subscription service to give away one Nintendo Wii console to every 50th subscriber until December 31st, 2006! Ltd, the UK’s leading online video games subscription service, today announced the “SwapGame Wii Console Giveaway” promotion, awarding one brand new Nintendo …continue reading

Mozilla ActiveX Control

Okay, I came across something today that I have seen before, but haven’t looked at for quite a while now. It is the Mozilla ActiveX Control. Which is pretty nice in and of itself. For those of you familiar with the IE embedded …continue reading

WiWait for Apple for WiReless iPod Sync When It’s Here Now?

I’ve been saying since last Christmas here at SvenOnTech that iPods need Wi-Fi for an assortment of reasons. One very strong case for it is wireless syncing. My dream is to have the car parked in the garage and sync from my glove box, but …continue reading

Clues To How Diet Affects The Immune System

“This study may help explain the link between dietary fat consumption and inflammation and could be one of the critical links between metabolism and immune responses,” says senior author Professor Charles Mackay, Director of Sydney’s Garvan Institute’s Immunology Program.

Our intake of fats (fatty acids) …continue reading