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The Unbelievable Beardo

We love getting our locks coifed. There’s no place quite like a strip mall hair salon. The measured rhythm of clipping clippers, the rancid smell of goopy hair product, the itchy sensation of hair fluttering down your shirt, and the screams when the stylist takes …continue reading


The Live 8 and Post Katrina phenomenons were wonderful displays of Hollywoodism. Take Brad Pitt, for example. This ageless wonder stands on a stage and tells us why it would be a good idea to donate our money to a cause. Why don’t he and …continue reading

Expired Domains

I came very close to losing a pair of treasured domain names this week. I’ve been sitting on (not squatting, mind you) these two domains for a few years. Boy was I shocked when I logged into my favorite cheap domain registrar to find …continue reading

Getting Ready To Send/Receive Email On Your BlackBerry Device (Part IV)

The BlackBerry Desktop Software is required to activate your handheld is wireless activation is not supported. This means you will have to install the software on your computer using the steps listed below. In order to install the software, you must be a member of …continue reading

Age Of Conan Enters First Phase Of Beta Testing

Funcom announces that ‘Age of Conan’ is entering the first phase of beta testing. The ‘Age of Conan’ Beta will evolve gradually with more and more external testers being added as the game moves closer to launch. The first stage of Beta will include …continue reading

New Super Mario Bros.

Prepare yourself for an all-new adventure, which will have the waves of nostalgia flowing. Mario makes a welcome return to the Nintendo DS in his first 2D Scrolling game in more than ten years. New Super Mario Bros. launches across Europe exclusively on the Nintendo …continue reading

Alienware Ushers In New Generation Of Notebook Systems

Alienware, the leading manufacturer of high-performance notebook, desktop, media center, and professional systems has enhanced its notebook line and addressed the diverse needs of on-the-go gamers, students, professionals, and other mobile users with two versatile new systems: Area-51 m5550, and Sentia™ m3450. Ranging in screen …continue reading

I Be Thankful, And I bLaughing

I swear, I’m not leaving anybody out intentionally (if I do, I will edit the post if corrected appropriately). I hate naming names because I really want to give everybody credit for the help they’ve given us for Gnomedex 6 activities. If your name …continue reading

Last Chance To Grab Vista Beta 2

Jimmy Daniels of RealTechNews writes:

Microsoft will soon be pulling the download link for the latest beta of Windows Vista, beta 2; it is scheduled to end today.

In case you weren’t aware, we are only providing a limited number of copies of Windows …continue reading

Cell Phone Users As Drivers – As Bad As Drunk Drivers?

Michael Santo of RealTechNews writes:

You may recall my earlier story about a proposed complete cell phone ban in Lawrence, Kansas. Well, strengthening that proposal, a study by the University of Utah has determined that people who use cell phones while driving, even …continue reading