Archives for March 2006

Business 2.0

Yesterday I came across an interesting article that someone posted to an internal company blog that I read from time to time. Well, the basis of it seems to mainly encompass the idea of a new kind of management style; a manager 2.0 if …continue reading

Torvalds and OSDL launch new image initiative

Well, some people out there say that image is everything! Apparently Linux creator Torvalds believes this to be important as well. He and the OSDL are launching a brand new image for Linux itself…

Setting up Linux compatibility on FreeBSD 6

Are you using FreeBSD for your OS? Then today is your day to shine. Yup, since we spend so much time talking about Linux and the like, I figured that it might be high time to toss some FreeBSD goodies into the mix for a …continue reading

UK city to move 5,500 desktops to StarOffice

One of the easiest conversations is to move people from MS Office over to one of the many Open Source alternatives. In this case, we see one UK city over to the Open Document compliant software known as StarOffice. Personally, I think that it would …continue reading

IBM challenges Microsoft with huge ad buy

Very gutsy. Apparently IBM believes that if they can level the playing field with Microsoft in an evenly matched ad campaign. It also does not hurt that IBM is offering cold hard cash for converts, either.

Linux growth ‘to outstrip Windows by a factor of 3’

Could this be an April Fool’s Day trick? Nope, Oracle really does believe that Linux will ‘outstrip’ Windows in the long haul. To be honest and with much love for Linux, I will have to strongly disagree that it will ever surpass the Windows foothold …continue reading

AJP M590K-H 19in SLI Notebook

I will be the first to say, I figured that this SLI Notebook would have fared a lot better for overall performance. Oh sure, I have seen worse. But honestly I have seen better, too.

MPGlass 230M: Movie Glasses for the Masses

You know, this might actually be more pleasant to watch than true TV alternatives such as the video iPod or Sony PSP? Hey, I am just saying!

Mini-ITX Part III

So you are done with ReplayTV and TiVo? Think you have what it takes to build your own PVR? Then I may have an article for you. Well, one to give you a step by step on how to get the project done without too …continue reading

The cheap Solaris 64-bit box pending rebates

Since it is Fri, I figured that some of you might be spending your weekend working on some PC building projects. So, just to get you into the right mindset I have located a great article about one man’s journey into this realm of building …continue reading