Archives for February 2006

Vista Might Not Be Such A Bad Upgrade After All

Even though I have not been offered a chance to try the new Windows Vista OS myself just yet, the more I hear the more I like. For the first time in a very long time, it appears that we have a truly fresh kernel …continue reading

Bad Motherboard? Help Troubleshooting PC

Troubleshooting a motherboard takes time and skill. As you will discover from this forum post made recently, sometimes it also takes a little teamwork, too.

Mini-ITX motherboard aims for industrial uses

Not something that you have likely read about thus far, the MB877 Mini-ITX motherboard is seeking to become a player in many aspects of business level computing…

Epox EP-9GF6100MJ Review

Look, sometimes AMD fans do not have a bundle of cash to blow on a new MoBo. In situations like this, perhaps a new board like the Epox EP-9GF6100MJ would make sense?

TiVo CEO May Aim To Make Hardware Free

Now we are talking! Heck, I would be all over a TiVo if they’d give away the hardware along with the purchase of service! Makes sense to me…

Phoenix makes a compelling case for the Open Source BIOS

Compelling might be an understatement! They actually have a lot of outstanding points to consider. Yes, the idea of Open Source BIOS may sound insane to some. But to companies like Phoenix, the logic is there for those who wish to see it.

Develop your own filesystem with FUSE

Be a hero, create your own file system! Thanks to FUSE, you can in fact make this potential dream a reality! The best part is, there no kernel programming required.

Longhorn vs. Linux: the server battle of 2007

As much as I hate to say it, it feels like desktop Linux is pretty much stagnant until the release of Novell 10. But the race for server supremacy will heat up with the release of Vista, no question there.

Tux-shaped computer runs Linux

Appropriate and cool! Yes, this is not just a case for those of the penguin variety. This Tux case as it were, is a clever combination of modding and branding – all rolled up together.

Mandriva to help build “Social Semantic Desktop”

A Social Semantic Desktop? What the heck is that? Well, if all goes well it could create a truly collaborative environment for the PC world for starters.