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Gnomedex Is Coming, Gnomedex Is Coming!

Gnomedex is coming, Gnomedex is coming! Yup, the one convention of the year that I make the time to attend is about to spring to life once again! Alright, perhaps it is not set to happen until this summer. Yet one should be aware …continue reading

NVIDIA GeForce and NVIDIA nForce Products Sweep Editorial Awards in January Issue of Maximum PC Magazine

NVIDIA has a lot going for them. From the SLI technology to nForce4 chipset. One area that I am beginning to see an issue is with their drivers, though.

ClearCube, DataSynapse Add Grid-Enabled PC Blade Platform

Hey, just so long as security is a major focus here, then it sounds like these folks are on the right track to server the financial industry’s needs.

IBM Exec Sees Open-source Boom in 2006

I would agree that there is likely to be an OSS boom this year. But I am going to reserve judgement about Linux adoption on a wide scale in the US for now.

New Open-Xchange “OXtender” Enables Replacement of Windows Server

Oh this is pretty juicy. Could Open-Xchange Server 5 be the collaborative environment that we have all been waiting for? I am going to say yes…

The Revolution Will Be Televised… With Open Source

Could it be that OSS will power the video on the Internet revolution? Yes, as a matter of fact it is already happening…

Google Confirms Using Ubuntu Linux, Won’t Say Why

I knew I was right! There is more and more growing evidence that Google is exploring the idea behind a Linux desktop!

Turnabout is Fair Pay?

Definitely some interesting thoughts on how the Internet is affecting newspapers and book publishers. But the real question is how they are going to work with the changing technology?

Search Engines Excel At Turning Shoppers Into Buyers

I agree when it comes down to price and seller rating. Otherwise, eh…not so much. It really depends on the product or service be sought after.

Google misses Street targets, shares tumble

Uh oh, could this be the writing on the wall? Nah, it just means that their shares at Google are going through a rough patch.