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Google Friends Newsletter

There’s a newsletter that I get from time to time from Google called the “Google Friends Newsletter”. The content is farily good, but out-dated for anyone who has 200 search engine related RSS feeds or that runs a SEO agency. That represents, what .005% …continue reading

Alaska Airlines, Bloggers, and the death of truth

There’s a lot to really like about how blogging and citizen bloggers are changing the world of communication, whether it’s the ability to connect with like-minded folk through your writing or whether its how individuals can now help keep companies in check as they publicize …continue reading

Am I Too Hard On Norton Products?

Here very recently, I had a concerned Gnomie ask me why I have such a beef with Norton products. And you know what, they brought up a great point: If I am to spend so much time ripping on them, would it not make sense …continue reading

Take it with you

A humorous reminder of just how out of touch the mainstream media really can be. Today, we look at the wonders of owning a notebook PC over the desktop. o be fair, maybe I am being too harsh here. On second thought…

MatrixStream to Showcase High Definition IPTV over Powerline at CES 2006

Man, why don’t I ever get to review stuff like this? I would LOVE to take one of these for a test drive…

XM To Offer HD Sat Radio Stations

Honestly, I would have to hear the difference for myself before forming any sort of opinions on this I think.

“Why I won’t buy a Mac”

Come on, are the Macs really that underpowered? Well, I would have to agree to a certain extent that they seem sort of weak in the performance realm of things.

Linux Advisory Watch – December 30, 2005

There is some good stuff here. Well, in the sense that you might want to get yourself caught up on the all the latest advisories, anyway.

Linus tells Merkey, “Cry me a river”

As the penguin turns? Could be a great title for the soap opera happening in the article below.

Getting Rooty

You know, I would not be at all surprised if one of the machine behind them happened to be an Altair…