Archives for November 2005

Security threats of the 21st century

As I read through the latest tech news, I find myself pondering the likelihood of computer viruses being something that will become passe as time marches on.

Robot or Human? Here’s ACTROID

“No mom, she’s not a piece of hardware for my PC. She’s my date for the Prom!” From the looks of this ‘Actroid’ below, this might very well become a real conversation in the near future…

The Cyberhand

To someone who has sustained an injury to a limb, this sort of cyber technology could very well be a life changing experience.

Blu-ray Plans to Be Revealed at CES

For the folks working with Blu-ray, it sounds like things are on track for spring. That, and the showing of their stuff at CES.

The Blu-ray DVD group said on Tuesday it still planned to roll out a high-definition disc format in spring 2006, though …continue reading

Would You Believe… A Chip-Controlled Butter Dish?

Wow, this might very well be the proof that we need to show that we’ve all lost our minds here. Butter dishes with brains…now I have seen everything.

A first look at the GP2X

While some folks might say that the GP2X is a must have, I would have to agree with the ending comments made below. Wait, there are still bugs to be worked out…

How-To: Stream almost anything using VLC

Curious about streaming video yet not sure where to begin? If you are looking at doing it from the hobbyist perspective, then this article below might just what you are looking for.

When one OS is just not going to cut it

You have to admit it. Sometimes it just pays to use VMware. While I’d hardly say that it is perfect, I would suggest that it can save time when used properly.

How Do Scammers Exploit Store Gift Cards?

There’s always an angle, right? Always a mechanism by which criminals can exploit the system for their own gain, often at the price of innocent consumers being hurt or defrauded. The rise of plastic gift cards that you see at stores like Victoria’s Secret and …continue reading

Mail Backup in Gnome Evolution

Speaking as a Thunderbird user myself, I was wondering about the ability to backup email from Evolution in Linux. Thanks to the article below, I now having a working guide. Oh wait, never mind. It looks like I am back to square one much as …continue reading