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Sometimes Work Comes Before TV

Normally when my phone rings, I either take the call or allow my machine to take a message. Today however, my actions were slightly different. For some reason that I am still not clear on, something prompted me to pick up the phone after the …continue reading

Microsoft Listens

Hi Chris, I run a small in team in DevDiv that is responsible customer connection across the division. Our scope includes things like closing the customer feedback loop, aka using Ladybug / ProductFeedback / Connect to make our products better and customers feel more a …continue reading

Dell Says Meet Me Half Way On Free Shipping

Oh this is bound to tick off some people I am willing to bet. Apparently free shipping is too much for Dell and to be honest, I don’t really blame them as they have to sell a zillion PCs just to make a profit.

PDAs expected to change healthcare in future

Personally, I believe that PDAs allow many fields to have access to data without wires. Easy to hold in one’s hands and easy to read, this makes a lot of sense for a heck of a lot more than just the healthcare industry.

Old computers increasingly find new life

I am a firm believer that for the most part, older computers are best kept in the trash – that’s it. But after reading this article on making those old PCs come to life again, it appears that I might have been misguided.

Music Jamming At A Distance Becomes Reality

What I thought was just a silly-fantasy of a passionate amateur musician like me, has surpassed my wildest expectation and has now turned into an actual product.

After the recent debut of Ninjam, which premiered the immense opportunities available to those who, like …continue reading

AOpen box inspired by Mac Mini

Oh come on! This is such a Mac Mini rip-off! Still, it would give PC users some of the size advantages of this form factor without having to settle for a Shuttle PC, I suppose.

A $100 laptop might not be for everyone

After some debate throughout the blogosphere, it would appear that there is much apprehension in regard to those proposed $100 notebook PCs. I guess just because it sounds good on paper does not mean that the idea is totally sound.

Treo shows new tricks

In many cases, add-ons for certain devices can prove to be more fun than the devices themselves. In the case of Treo, I think that the article below sort of proves this point quite well…

Mobile games take a step forward

Yikes! Sims on mobile devices. Oh yes, this is just what we need in the mobile gaming world. OK, it may seem a little harsh. But you have to understand that it feels like this game is popping up everywhere!

Google offers S.F. Wi-Fi

Well, if anyone could bank roll a Wi-Fi effort for an entire city, it would be Google. Still, is this the direction that they should be going in, though?

iRiver Customers Take TiVo to Go

Wait a minute. Is iRiver looking to get into the PVR market all of a sudden? Well, not exactly. They do appear however, to be interested in seeing what can be done in the support market for Portable Multimedia Centers.

Microsoft loses in Eolas patent ruling

Oh this has just got to tick off MS a little bit. It seems that Microsoft has in fact, lost the Eolas patent case after all. Better luck next time, guys.

Can Sun, or anyone, make DRM better with open source?

Hey, making DRM Open Source might be a cool idea in concept, but I am just not seeing how this could float. DRM by its very nature means that it is restrictive and annoying. Therefore, I believe that this pretty much counts out OSS as …continue reading

Mozilla Zaps Thunderbird Security Bugs

Thunderbird security concerns have been zapped away with the latest updates. Hopefully things will calm down some in the security dept for the OS email client. Then again, if things did calm down with the security holes, that could indicate that we are simply missing …continue reading

NetBeans open source tools getting refreshed

Sun’s NetBeans app looks like it is a truly dynamic way to for developers to create and customize apps of their own. While I have never tried it myself, I do like what I am reading thus far and would also include that there appears …continue reading

SchoolBell Calendar Server

It has long since been established that many OSS apps can be of real benefit to schools as a whole. But what about a decent calender system? Those who doubt that there is anything in this area for schools might want to check out SchoolBell …continue reading

Identity Theft’s Tangled Web

A rather detailed look at identity theft and how it can happen to anyone. If you are someone that uses a Web browser, and you obviously are, then you ought to take a moment and read the following article below…

Download We Love Katamari Desktop Buddy

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (September 29, 2005) Leading video games developer and publisher Namco Hometek Inc. today announced that a We Love Katamari desktop buddy program is available for download from the game’s official web site, A small file that visitors can …continue reading

Gizmondo Heading to the Mall

Gizmondo Europe Ltd subsidiaries of Jacksonville, Florida-based Tiger Telematics Inc (OTC: TGTL , OTC: TGTL.PK) has appointed leading brand innovators and marketeers, ID Agency, to spearhead marketing activities for the forthcoming Gizmondo multi-entertainment handheld’s launch in North America.

NCsoft announces “Killer” Lineage II promotion

Friday 30 September 2005… NCsoft Europe has announced a new retail package for Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle while simultaneously unveiling an amazing audio visual collaboration with sensational band The Killers.

PlayStation Receives Emmy Award

FOSTER CITY, Calif., September 29, 2005 Marking its 10-year anniversary in North America, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced today that the ground-breaking PlayStation game console has been awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Advanced New Media for pioneering the 3D polygonal-based …continue reading

The Price Is Right: Linux In Schools

One of my current projects is to re-outfit a local private school’s computer lab. The current hardware is tired; the software is a Swiss cheese maze of security holes. I am the administrator, and I cannot keep up with the dying hard drives and Windows …continue reading

Square-Off v2.0

Square-Off is a puzzle game based on the japanese “nonogram” puzzles (sometimes called Griddlers, or paint by numbers).

Your object in the game is to uncover all the black squares in the grid. To help you solve the puzzle, the number of black …continue reading

Mega Man On PSP

Remakes are great things in our ever-advancing world of videogames. It seems like the PSP has been out for ages and when it made its debut, all I heard about were accessories and old PS1 remakes. However, I had yet to see anything worthwhile – …continue reading

XP's Files & Settings Transfer Wizard

Windows XP makes it very simple to move from an old computer to a new one. Many people are often reluctant to get a new computer because they do not want to lose their existing files and settings. Fortunately, Windows XP includes a nifty utility …continue reading

Societies Worse Off ‘When They Have God On Their Side’

While it’s doubtless there are more factors that contribute to social ills than the findings of this particular study, it’s interesting, nonetheless. Even if its premise may be motivated by the author’s politics (in academia, as any other field, isn’t that always the case?), this …continue reading

Blog Optimization with Tags

One of the most important things you can do to optimize and promote your blog is to use tags. Many web sites use tags to help users organize information.

Technorati is probably the most famous for using tags along with and …continue reading

What's Running v2.1.1

What’s Running provides you with detailed information for all system processes, services, programs, modules etc. that are currently running on your system. Furthermore, it includes information for currently active IP/Internet connections, as well as an interactive Startup Manager to to view, edit, and disable …continue reading


When you listen to music, do you actually take time to dissect and study the meaning behind the lyrics, or do you just rock along with it? Granted, a deep study of most of the lyrics in music today would be totally futile. Lyrics in …continue reading