Time To Kiss The TiVo Goodbye?

As I sit here typing this, I am giving more and more serious thought to building a MythTV box for my own use. I have already covered the advantages of selling them from your own repair biz, but will it work with satellite TV …continue reading

RPictureResize v2.4 (alpha)

After taking a few digital pictures, I like to dump them onto my computer and then decide where I want to upload them online to share with friends, family, or other Gnomies. Going through a big assortment of pictures, and resizing each one for the …continue reading

Complete Freeware Collection

To be completely honest with you, I hate paying for software. I almost always look for a free alternative, and in the majority of cases, you can generally get the same amount of basic functionality in the free alternative as you would in the paid …continue reading

Sorry, Rootkits Have Nothing To Do With Cheerleaders

Stephen writes:

What are “rootkits,” and how can I tell if I have them?

Anyone who surfs the Net on a regular basis knows about all of the digital “grime” that can be picked up in the form of spyware, viruses, Trojans and worms. As …continue reading

Changing The Visual Effects In Windows XP

You may not be aware of this, but the visual effects settings configured on your computer may be affecting performance. Instead of having to watch as menus and windows slowly appear you can have them appear more quickly.

There are many different settings you can …continue reading

Working With The Windows XP Registry

You often read or hear that you should always proceed with caution when working with the Windows registry. Although this is very true, you can help alleviate some of the jitters of modifying the registry if you understand a little more about it.

First of …continue reading

Imation’s Padlock-lookalike USB Micro Drive

Love or hate the brand, this micro drive is nothing short of cool! Seriously, isn’t this thing just killer?

Graphics processors supercharge everyday apps

Hey cool! I never even thought of graphics processors helping with non-graphic needs on the PC. What a novel idea!

Porting LinuxBIOS to the AMD SC520

I have often wondered what it would take to get Linux PCs to boot faster! After reading this article below, I now know that it comes down to custom BIOS.

Help buying 64 bit

If you are in the market for buying a new notebook computer, this article might just be the place to start off at before sinking large sums of ‘bling’ (money) into the next purchase.

Sprint and Motorola Plan a Joint Effort on Wireless Technology

Ack! Tell me that this is not the preemptive move as a merger lingers in our future! While I see no real evidence of it, working this closely together always makes me distrustful of mobile carriers.

UTStarcom 860 Cell Phone

Eh, I am sure that the UTStarcom 860 is quite adequate. But I am generation X, I want cool in addition to functional!

To Teach Or Not To Teach!

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! Today, Tommy writes:

I am going crazy here! I am constantly being bombarded by customers asking me to train them on basic computer skills. I have shown them where they can take classes for this sort of thing, but am …continue reading

Motorola RAZR Black Cell Phone

Boy, it seems like ‘ol Motto has been kicking butt and taking names lately with their newest phones. The new RAZR certainly sounds like it could be part of this proud tradition. Yet, I have yet to see a picture of it as of this …continue reading


Sort of reminds me of some sort of cool information manager, but not really of the PIM variety.

Siemens SL75 Cell Phone

“We’re missing buttons, Jim!” That was my first thought when looking at this otherwise stylish mobile phone. The phone itself looks just about killer, but will the lack of buttons (physical ones anyway) take some getting used to?

Web 2.0 – Brendan Eich

Could an episode of IT Conversations actually prompt folks to switch to Firefox? I think it is certainly within the realm of possibility.

The Strange World of Blogspot Spam Blogs

I have heard of trackback spam. Heck, I have even had to remove my fair share of it! But for someone to create a Blogspot blog just to create posting spam…that is simply sad.

The Web Framework Shootout

Well, this framework shootout was bound to happen eventually. Better to do it here on the Web instead of having programmer drive-bys!

XML Editor & XSLT Debugger

OK, I will admit it. Editing XML by hand gives me a headache. But after looking into this program I have to wonder if there might be some help after all…

Today’s forecast calls for good chance of RAIN

I think it is funny how people get caught up in the politics of the OS wars. So far, this article is one of the best examples of how some people just take things way too seriously. The part about Ballmer and Red Hat made …continue reading

Ubuntu Linux: Power for the People

To be honest, I have not had a chance to actually try Ubuntu Linux, but I have heard good things about it. Definitely a distro of the people, which is great I suppose. But ease of use has always been a lot more important with …continue reading

Microsoft’s new plan to monopolize Word

If you are a fan of Open Office, you may want to listen up. It seems that Microsoft has a new plan to make sure that that the core of MS Word stays in their midsts.

Red Hat 1Q Earnings Beat Analysts’ Views

While Red Hat’s shares may never be high enough to truly make investors happy, at least they were higher than expected this time around.

U.S. Phisher Implicated in Global Phish Netting

In case you had any doubts about the global nature – the complex world-wide intricacies – of phishing networks, doubt no more.

Wireless, Wireless, Wherefore Art Thou, Wireless? Shakespeare in the Unwired Round

But, soft! What light through yonder Windows breaks? Windows Mobile that is, as historic Stratford-on-Avon goes not only digital, but unwired to boot.

Google Sued for Not Protecting Adsensers from Click Fraud

You may recall that earlier this year Aunty lectured you about click fraud, and even mentioned that Google was suing an outfit over their alleged click fraud. In fact, last month Aunty showed you a news release from a company which …continue reading

Remove Scratches From CD Or DVD?

After sending out three newsletters last week that dealt with watching downloading movies on a DVD player / entertainment system, I received two (somewhat related) questions from Gazette Readers over the weekend. The first question comes from reader Manny K., who writes:

Dear Dennis,

…continue reading

How to Go from Spamming to Prison in 6 Short Months

For all of you naysayers who insist that the Federal anti-spam law should be called the “YOU-CAN-SPAM” act instead of the CAN-SPAM act, and who say that it will never be a useful tool, Florida spammer Peter Moshou just might beg to differ.

Why are office romances such a bad idea?

For a lot of people, dating in the workplace is a very important topic, indeed, it’s also one that I’ve been asked about a number of times in my various companies. While the logic is obvious — we spend more time at work than just …continue reading